Got Published on Unz Again

Why Jewish Conspiracies Fail Sometimes.

An earlier publication:

Persecutions and Expulsions of Jews in Europe Correlate with the Onset of Gentile-Hating Talmudic Judaism.

Head on over and comment if you want! Granted a lot of people criticize that site, and while to some extent the critique is valid, at least I’m getting published on a huge website. Nobody else seems willing to publish me at the moment, so I’ll take just about any outlet that will publish me. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Also being published on Unz may lead to offers to be published on other websites.

Besides, there are indeed some leftwing writers on Unz who are not the tiniest bit antisemitic (in fact one regular Unz author banned from his Substack permanently as an “antisemite”), so just because you are on Unz doesn’t mean you’re a raving antisemitic kook. Ron says he wants to publish new and refreshing views from the entirety of the political spectrum, especially those the MSM avoids, He’s a rightwing libertarian, but as I noted, he publishes some Lefties too.

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