Why Jewish Conspiracies Fall Flat Sometimes


First of all I would like to point out that it is not just Jewish machinations that backfire but that this may be the tendency of conspiracy in general. Several things may be at play. The law of unintended consequences. Blowback. Paybacks. Or perhaps simply karma and the laws of the universe which tend to reverse any extremes to steer them back to equilibrium, where nature wants everything.

Next, it is normal to conspire. Politics is nothing but conspiracy. So is the thing called “social skills.” So is “office politics.” So is dating. So is marriage.

So is seduction, which is so transparently a scam, a con, and a lie that one wonders how anyone can believe it’s not. It only works because a lot of women enjoy being fooled.

As people accumulate more money and power, they conspire more and more. I recently read an article about a woman who was a scion to a very wealthy family, and she said 10

So I’m not faulting Jews for conspiring. I just think they do it way too much, far more than is necessary, and it drives a lot of antisemitism. In other words, incessant Jewish scheming is not good for the Jews.

Extreme levels of Jewish machinations in the modern era are probably due foremost to their paranoia and support for Israel, which are closely linked. 

Jews conspire a lot more than most other ethnic groups, few of whom conspire at all because they are not a cohesive mass.

Why Do Jews Conspire So Much?

Jews conspire for several reasons:

Extreme clannishness and hyperethnocentrism. Jews are one of the most ethnocentric ethnic groups on Earth. A lot of antisemitism seems to stem directly or indirectly straight from this hyperethnocentrism and everything that flows from it.

A tight-knit group is much more likely to conspire than a fractionalized and splintered one, especially if they are broken into competing factions. Divide and conquer, right? Except it won’t work with the Jews because you’re never going to divide them.

High intelligence. Intelligence is not required for conspiracy, but it sure helps. Intelligent conspirators are a lot more successful than stupid ones. Other highly intelligent ethnic groups like Indian Brahmins and Chinese are also noted for being underhanded and conspiratory. In fact, both groups are often referred to as “Jews” – Chinese as “the Jews of Asia” and Brahmins as “the Jews of India.”

Paranoia. I think almost all Jewish conspiracy stems from paranoia. Antisemites say Jews conspire to acquire and consolidate wealth for the tribe so they can take over the world, which seems like a pretty evil thing to do. I’m not so sure. So every Jew on Earth gets a check from Jewish Central Control once a month? I don’t think so. Wealthy Jews care about themselves, not their tribe, else they would share their money a lot more, and they don’t.

I think Jews have in the past and may still at the moment conspire to control media outlets, but I don’t think they do this for nefarious purposes. It’s more to “control the message.”

The only use to which Jews direct their media power seems to be to protect the Jews and prevent the rise of antisemitism in society.

The Jews who conspired to take over most of US print media and Hollywood from 1880-1920 were quoted as saying precisely this. In particular, The Birth of a Nation panicked the Jews and led to a conspiracy of five Jews from a 50 mile radius in the Pale of Settlement taking over Hollywood.

The idea was to take over the movies to keep them out of the hands of the White racists who made that movie. Sure, it was about Whites who hated Blacks, but Jews aren’t stupid. They know that White anti-Black racism never stops with Blacks and that all White racism worms its way back to the Jews somehow. Hence they hate and fear it and who could blame them?

Of course all of this paranoia flows back to support for Israel, but support for Israel is based on paranoia more than evil. Jews don’t support Israel because:

He he let’s steal all of Eretz Israel from the river to the sea from these Arabs, murder them, steal all their stuff, put them in camps, mistreat them in every way, and finally throw them off their land so we can steal it for ourselves he he.

Most Diaspora Jews don’t support Israel so the Jews can conquer from the Nile to the Euphrates. Perhaps some do but it’s not common. Instead, they are driven first a lot by hatred of the Arab enemy, and let’s face it, the Arabs do kill Jews and not just ones in uniform. They don’t do it often but at times they kill and try to kill Jewish civilians inside Israel proper.

Over 9

In part the Jews mistreat Arabs because the Arabs are hostile and kill and try to kill Jews. Not that I blame them but still. The settlement project enables the Jews to destroy their enemies and steal land at the same time. Most of the support is driven by fear or paranoia of trying to keep Arabs from killing and hurting Jews. Fears of Holocaust Part 2 are prominent.

A paranoid and extremely cohesive ethnic group obsessed with its enemies is likely to be in a state of continuous conspiracy.

Underhandedness. You can’t conspire with dishonest communication, underhandedness, general sneakiness, and lying. Jews have been accused of this forever, and if the shoe fits, wear it. However, highly intelligent groups like Brahmin Indians and Chinese also get accused of being crooked, underhanded, and untrustworthy.

Humans are not a great species. There is a dark side of us that is very prominent even in everyday life. Sure, we have a good side that is glorious, but white can hardly exist without a black counterpart to differentiate itself from.

Perhaps as humans get more intelligent they get much better at lying and conning others, two things that are probably done better as intelligence rises.

Constant Jewish conspiring, deviousness, and underhandedness drives tsunamis of antisemitism.

Also, a lot of their conspiracies seem to blow back on them because they’re ill-thought out. They’ve scarcely hatched a new conspiracy before they are dealing with a blowback from an old one. How to deal with blowback from an old conspiracy? In the classic Jewish way of course: hatch a new conspiracy to stop the blowback from the old conspiracy!

The quote below is from a very interesting article by Eric Striker on Unz Review titled Jews are Defunding the Left – Or Are They? This is a superb subject for an article no matter if the author likes Jews or doesn’t cotton to them. I’m glad Striker wrote it.

Striker is an antisemite of course, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. The sad thing about people who hate you is that they’re often right about you. That’s why it hits such a raw nerve. Antisemitism, a form of hating people for picking the wrong parents, is wrong, but it’s easy to see how people get that way looking at the audacious, belligerent, aggressive, and abrasive behavior of so many Jews.

In other words, while a lot of antisemites are raving crazies, others are often correct to one degree or another about the Jews. Ad hominem won’t work. If your critic is telling the truth about you, it matters not if they’re Mother Theresa or Ted Bundy. The truth is still the truth, even when a bad person says it. Humans can’t seem to comprehend this for some reason.

The Latest Jewish Conspiracy to Fail and Blow Back on Them: The Cultural Left Woke Anti-White Project

The article itself deserves a good read but a comment on below in particular caught my attention:

Jewish elites have created an intractable problem for themselves. Since Trump came on the scene in 2015-16 and they hysterically perceived him as “literally Hitler” for daring to secure the border, they have intensified their anti-White propaganda into an all-out blood libel and 24/7 hate campaign.

Anti-White racial hatred and blood libel has now been institutionalized. Major media outlets owned by them are now filled with anti-White Julius Streichers.

But the sheenie elites are ignorant of how simpleminded and easily manipulated their goy plebs are because as a result of this Jewish campaign, these people have now come to see Israeli Jews as “White” colonizers and White racists who must be laid low just like European Whites.

Or the Jews were so desperate to craft a politically expedient and useful narrative to damage Trump and MAGA that they didn’t think through the consequences of it and how it might blowback on themselves, Jews, and Israel, since most Blacks and non-Jewish Lefty plebs view Jews as white or at least White enough to hate.

This is largely true. Some Jews indeed hate White Gentiles, and most Jews are terrified of White Gentile racism which colors their views of us. They have good reason to fear White Gentile racism and nationalism because whenever Whites go racist or nationalist against whomever and for whatever reason, sooner or later, they tend to turn on the Jews. The Jews know their history and they’re not stupid. Good for them.

However, I do not feel that Jews are the driving force behind the anti-White jihad in today’s society. The groups driving this are just the Cultural Left in general, which is probably 9

The biggest haters though are exactly who you would expect – the resentful Black, Hispanic and to a lesser extent Asian minorities themselves smarting from our blows and insults, real and imagined, and out for vengeance and paybacks. And as they say on the street

Paybacks are a bitch.

The entirely of the Left hates racist Whites, now conflated into White Supremacy and virtually married to Whiteness itself as an inborn taint from which we can never escape. The non-White minorities, for good reason, don’t like White racism one bit having born the brunt of a lot of ugly stuff from us in the past but not so much at the moment. They are correct to hate White racism, much as they blow it out proportion and hallucinate 8

All of these groups absolutely hated Trump anyway. I am a diehard Democrat. I wouldn’t vote Republican if you put a gun to my head. So of course I hated Trump too along with the rest of my people, not that I don’t have my differences with them. So it wasn’t just a bunch of Jews hating Trump as the article and comment imply. It was half the damned country.

But I always thought throwing him in with the White racists was a bit of an overreach, as Trump didn’t seem all that racist himself. The few records of Trump’s racism didn’t seem to be much more than things any White person who’s not blind and deaf might observe and note if they were honest enough.

I think he may well cynically use White racists as part of his base to acquire power, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with them or wants to implement their project. All of these White racists and White nationalists thinking Trump is their savoir are daydreaming and throwing good money after bad. He’s not going to come rescue you and your race. Get over it.

Or the Jews were so desperate to craft a politically expedient and useful narrative to damage Trump and MAGA that they didn’t think through the consequences of it and how it might blowback on themselves, Jews, and Israel,

That is indeed the best explanation of events. Never attribute to malice what can better be attributed to stupidity. Humans make this mistake all the time. It’s a major cognitive error of our species.

Jews also may incessantly conspire because they can’t do much else. In other words, they can’t help it. Pathological conspirators are like pathological liars. Neither one can stop. It’s a compulsion.

They both think they’re fooling all of us because we’re idiots, but they underestimate just how smart we marks actually are. You can conspire a little bit and lie a little bit. I surely do and encourage everyone here to do so also, with gusto. But be careful that you don’t conspire or lie too much.

Speaking from experience, sooner or later you will be caught in your lies. Also, you will forget your old lies and make up new lies that contradict them and look like a moron. I’ve experienced both things.

Problem with life is once you finally figure out how it works, you’re elderly, and you’re too old to put it to use and accomplish anything.

Too soon old, too late shmart.

as the Jews say.

Machinations? Same thing as lying.

When you are concocting conspiracies all the time, first of all, nothing you do is honest. However, many Jews may not be bothered by that.

Second of all, because you’re doing it all the time, you run the risk of falling quality via mass production. You’re rattling off too many conspiracies too fast, and the result will to be flood the conspiracy market with Made in China type cheap junk conspiracies that break too soon and are hard to fix.

What I’m saying is the Jews conspire too much so a lot of their machinations are poorly thought out. The result will be lousy conspiracies that fail badly because they never thought them though. Like pathological liars who lie just to have fun, sometimes I think Jews just conspire for no reason other than sheer kicks and because they can hardly do anything else.

Also, Jews seem at times to be incapable of long-term thinking. They’re too emotional and hysterical. Kevin McDonald says Jews are “emotionally intense.” I think it’s partly genetic. The problem with purely emo types like the emotionally intense is that they never think one single thing through to completion.

Everything they do will be a knee jerk, off the cuff, emo-driven decision. In a broad sense Jews are

Jews, being purely emotional creatures, sometimes seem to have you thought few things through to their consequences. At times, they seem to never think beyond tomorrow. In this way they are similar to their polar opposites in many ways, the ghetto Blacks.

What happens when Jews get caught in a lie? They feel guilty? Please! Surely you jest! What do you think they are? Christians? You know them not. They do exactly what you would expect a pathological liar to do once he’s caught in another of his lies.

They make up a new lie to cover up for the old lie!

And of course, they feel zero

Combine a purely emotional, completely illogical mindset with a tsunami of lousy conspiracies doomed to crash and burn, and there you have them folks, in center stage, right smack in the spotlight.

Meet the Jews!

The emcee enjoins the audience, arms to the skies:

Ladies and gentlemen, Give it up for the Jews!

A roar of cheers and a thunder of applause rock the theater.

Le Happy Merchant appears on stage, eyes gleaming, and, rubbing his hands together with glee, takes a bow.

The spotlight moves away and the show is over.

Until next time!

See ya then! That’s all folks!

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4 thoughts on “Why Jewish Conspiracies Fall Flat Sometimes”

  1. Media pulls me to anti-Semitism. The more media consumption, the more anti-Semitic. Feels logical. It does feel like media Jews are the enemy of White Christian men a lot. I consume way too much media. In fact, I take in a lot of media propaganda that I totally disagree with. I’d be better off in an island of carefully chosen books.

    Jerry Springer was not an elite Jew, but he’d say

    What about White Christians?

    when someone complained about Islam.

  2. UNZ level anti-Semitism is off-putting. Robert’s assessment of them is accurate. I believe he’s more right about Jews than most others on UNZ.

    The Jew media itself drives anti-Semitism.

    1. UNZ level anti-Semitism is off-putting.

      It is. It’s excessive so it’s wrong and that also makes it stupid. But there’s also a meanness and viciousness to it that I don’t like. And it may have Nazi overtones:

      We need to get rid of these Jews.

      It doesn’t matter what you mean by it but once you start using eliminationist talk when you speak about Jews, you’re getting towards Nazism, and that’s not a place I find appealing. That sort of rhetoric is upsetting and concerning to me. When you get to sheer Nazis, that’s just gross. It’s sick. Bodies piled up and all that. It’s disgusting.

      Robert’s assessment of them is accurate. I believe he’s more right about Jews than most others on UNZ.

      I’m trying to do a fair critique of Jewish people. When I write these posts, I try to think of Honest Guy and if he would object to it. It’s like I don’t want to make him mad LOL. So I try to write something he would find palatable. Honest Guy is keeping my antisemitism in check. Thanks bro!

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