Meet the Cuckers

Polar Bear: Fuck a cuck, I’m not impressed.

I hate to say it but there is something disgusting about cucks.

I was really nice to the one guy* trying to get me to fuck his girl, but for sure there was a masochistic element in it. He jerked off like a maniac thinking about his wife fucking these extremely macho guys, which he was not, I’m afraid. Towards the end he wasn’t even having sex with his wife much. He was just letting her stay with this macho guy. They lived apart anyway I think. He felt totally dominated and humiliated as a man by these macho studs who were fucking his wife, and he literally got turned on by that!

I felt the same way actually, but I felt very uncomfortable.

Before he married this hot Hispanic woman, he had dated other women in LA. He always picked women, often Hispanic women, who had a thing for getting fucked by older men. He always let them do it and got off on it. He was deep into this thing.

He sure was a nice guy though. Very nice person, not an asshole at all.

I felt like his whole sex trip was pathetic though.

There was another guy* I talked to who was in this bizarre relationship with his wife where she was a BBC (big Black cock) slut and only fucked Black guys, I guess even at his own house. He had gone total cuck and hadn’t had sex with her or I guess any woman for 20 years. The wife had gotten the teenage daughter into this by talking about it when she was a minor, and for her 18th birthday, the mother arranged a gangbang for the daughter with five Black guys. The Mom participated.

That guy was totally pathetic.

These guys get off on being dominated and humiliated. Some of their wives lock their dicks in little dick cages and won’t even let them jerk off. The guy gets off on this!

It’s not unusual for the wives to degrade these guys further by making them clean up the creampie the Black guy gave her. Sometimes the guys even suck the Black guy’s cock. They’re not gay at all. They just do this to be degraded and they get off on that.

I met this 30 year old Thai woman* who lived with an older White man. They had some bizarre kinky relationship. She told me flat out that I was hot and she wanted to have sex with me. She also liked to be fucked in the ass and wanted me to do that to her. The older White man would film the whole thing. She said I also have to let him “suck my cock a little bit.” I told one of my friends about it and he said it would almost be worth it.

I turned her down. I’m not into guys sucking my cock, though straight boys and men letting gay boys and men suck them off is really common. They don’t consider it to be gay as long as they play the male role.

Polar Bear: I’ve watched most all socially liberal documentaries and the men are typically weaklings.

I’ve met some of these guys.

I have to agree with you, though one was a Black guy* and he told me he was just playing a role.

I met a 30 year old hot blond* who was into this, but her husband was a real man type. She sent me dirty pics of herself all the time. She told me she had a Black “bull” (that’s what they call the guys who cuck the wives) and she had sex with him every few weeks or so.

This has to be one of the stupidest lifestyle trips society has come up with in a long time.

*I met all these people recently, in the last several years. Two of the men wanted me to have sex with their wives and one woman wanted me to have sex with her.

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One thought on “Meet the Cuckers”

  1. I was thinking about some ideas for topics but forgot about them and I can’t just remember them right now. An interesting topic I can think about in the meantime would be about corruption.

    Corruption is a topic that I believe is worthy of discussion, considering that most people think about corruption as something spontaneous or comes out of nowhere.

    I hold the idea that corruption is inevitable in any kind of organized civilization, or in other words, it is universal. Dark triad-leaning people naturally have the capability of climbing up on social hierarchies, and thus, get into positions of power where they can start stealing in some way or another.

    I’m not sure if ethnicity could have an influence, however slight. I do know that some cultures and types of governance have an easier time combating it, or at least, keep corruption from affecting vital functions for the maintenance and development of a nation. Still, it’s not something that you can eliminate completely.

    I was reading through materialistic literature, looking for answers. Alas, nothing that I could find satisfying! Even in the classical, Marxist type of content, I couldn’t find dedicated content that tried to give a more thorough explanation of the mechanisms of corruption. I mean, as how it would affect some economic systems or how a socialist project should deal with it.

    Besides its potential origins and mechanisms, another neglected viewpoint would be about weaponizing it as a tool of destabilization.

    Just think about it. We all know about the manufacturing of product shortages, attacks on the currency and psychological warfare are the typical toolkits of the West whenever they try to attempt regime change somewhere. It wouldn’t surprise me if internal assets would be employed to corrupt important public servants as a means of sabotage, to negatively affect both productive and social institutions, generating dissatisfaction in the people.

    You mess up with the country’s stability, say that it’s their own fault, generate distress in the population AND have plausible deniability, doesn’t that sound familiar??. We could also point out that an environment rich in corruption would be more favorable for foreign intelligence operatives and their devious schemes. They would rat out their country for money, after all.

    Even putting aside the context of color revolutions, we could also discuss the benefits that a private actor would get by inducing corruption.

    Let’s say that I’m the owner of a telecommunications company. Now, there is a national telecom company that is subsidized by the state with the objective that they provide mass coverage for cheap. The services are quite basic, yet enough for the requirements of most of the population.

    It doesn’t matter if the company is in the country (capitalism) or external (neoliberalism), I could put people in high positions of both the national company and the government to essentially destroy the national company’s performance and viability.

    Eventually, we would say that said company was brought down by mismanagement and corrupt individuals and would be better off privatized. I would own the company and effectively get a monopoly in the sector. Now, the only thing I would need to do is partake in financial capitalism.

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