The Nakba: Anatomy of a Crime

There was no excuse for the Jews throwing the Arabs off the land in 1948. We conquered Germany and Italy in World War 2, right? So did we throw the Germans and Italians out of their towns and cities and annex them to the US?

We’ve fought plenty of wars since WW2 against all sorts of foes and we never threw the residents out of their towns so we could steal the land and make it part of the US. You don’t get to do that in wars! All wars of conquest were made illegal after WW2 at the Geneva Conventions. You can defeat an enemy, sure, but you can’t throw him off his land and then steal it for yourself!

I’ve been through a long list of Arab towns “depopulated” by the Jews in 1948. Bottom line is that in almost every single case, the Arabs were literally driven out of town at gunpoint. In a number of cases they were packed into trucks and taken to Gaza or Lebanon.

They only fled in a few cases, and in those cases, they fled because the Jews were committing massacres and then sending spies to Arab villages to tell them about the murders to get them to leave. So they terrorized them into leaving. And the ones who did leave voluntarily often tried to come back. Even the ones who were thrown out often tried to come back, in a number of cases petitioning the government to be allowed to return. Some Arabs were allowed to return to their villages, especially in the Galilee, but most were not.

Some cities were cleansed of Arabs, and Arabs were forced to march through the desert out of town. One famous march was out of Jaffa, where the Arab population was expelled. A number of Arabs died on the trek through the desert.

In most cases, after the Arabs have been thrown out, the Jews dynamited all of the buildings in the village. You can see that the Jews are doing exactly this in Gaza right now. What’s going on in Gaza right now is simply Nakba Part 2. There are even massacres and mass executions just like there were then. It’s the exact same project. Nothing has changed from 1948 until now.

Bottom line is the Jews fought this war for the expressed purpose of throwing all of the Arabs off of the land. Even all the way back in the 1890’s, Zionist Jews were saying that in order to make their Jewish state in Palestine, they would have to throw out all the Arabs.

There was obviously no way to make a Jewish state in a land full of Arabs. How in the Hell are you going to do that? So Zionism was a settler-colonial project from Day One.

However, it only officially started in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration. Furthermore, the Jews who came to Palestine up until 1946 didn’t steal an inch of land. This is where the Arabs are lying saying “the Jews stole our land!”

After 1947, sure they did. In 1967, even more. In 1973, more. With the West Bank settlements in the 1980’s, even more. All of the land taken in the 1948 war was absolutely stolen from Arabs.

However, in 1946, Jews owned

If someone comes to your country and buys some land, he didn’t “steal” it. He bought it. He’s not a colonist. He’s an immigrant.

A radical antizionist nut (also a raving antisemitic kookjob) runs the Telegram site Global Resistance News. He also runs an radical antizionist and wildly antisemitic site called something like Moqawama (Resistance). From what I gather, he’s an Iraqi Shia Arab immigrant to the US who speaks perfect English and has even mastered hip (especially hip hop inner city) culture slang.

This guy is flat out wrong in going all the way back to the 1500’s and calling every Jew who immigrated to Palestine from 1500-1890 a “colonist.” Immigrants aren’t colonists! These Jews simply moved to Palestine for all sorts of reasons.

There had been a small Yishuv there since Antiquity, and periodically, European Jews would move to Palestine to join the Yishuv. Some were of course motivated to immigrate to their ancient homeland, but that’s not colonization! If an Italian-American or Swedish-American wants to immigrate to Italy or Sweden (his ancient homeland), is he a “colonist?” For God’s sake no.

Everybody who moves to the US is a “colonist?” Every non-Arab who moves to an Arab land is a “colonist?” Any foreigner who moves to any foreign country is “colonizing” the place? Get real!

Recently some Jews have moved to Bahrain to join the small community already there. They were welcomed with open arms by the monarchy. This GRN loon described these Jews as “colonists.” I guess every time a Jew moves anywhere in the Arab World, he’s a “colonist,” eh? They’re immigrants, you idiot! They didn’t move there to set up some settler-colonial Jewish state.

Jews can’t catch a break with this guy. He even hates anti-Zionist Jews due to their Jewish religion, which he utterly despises. Granted there are serious issues with this religion in its Orthodox form as there is with most fundamentalist religions. He hates Code Pink and leftwing anti-Zionist Jews. I’m trying hard to think of a Jew this guy might find acceptable or get some slack from, but I can’t think of one. He probably hates antifascist Honest Guy.

As you might expect from a raving antisemitic kook, he’s a Holocaust Denier (natch). I believe he even lauds Hitler and the Japanese fascists in WW2 (!). He quotes a prominent Romanian fascist from the 1930’s who was very active in the murderously antisemitic Iron Cross on the Jews. I hate to call Arab antisemites Nazis because it’s not appropriate in most cases, but in some cases, the shoe fits.

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  1. Never thought of Arabs as Naziesque. One thing about Jews is they aren’t as foreign to Western Whites. Arabs we know much less. We know a Lebanese pornstar but we weren’t even supposed to have that. The Arab world is closed to us. As infidels we cannot enter many of their Mosques. Jews are more available in every way, from sex to just turn on the TV and see one.

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