Election Disaster Coming Up: America as a Fascist Country

Trump will not end US democracy, but he will start us down the road:

Trump Won’t Be a Dictator, But He Will Set America on a Multi-Election Path to Tyranny

Commenter 1: Somehow we need to educate the majority of this country as to the permanent dangers of Republican fascism. This party ABSOLUTELY needs to be destroyed. For the survival of our very nation and way of life.

Commenter 2: They are not going to give up on their extreme goals. It is in their Republican DNA. No more repeating the cliche that “this is the most important election of our lives.” That will be true forever. We have to drill into people’s heads why the election is so important so that they understand the consequences.

Commenter 3: Brilliant diary!! This is EXACTLY what I have been saying! ANY of the fascists running would gladly implement Project 2025! And when Trump loses, it will become Project 2029! The traitors who wrote this shit need to be exposed!! I would prefer public political hearings on this! And we need to ensure that NO Republican EVER occupies the White House ever again!

Commenter 4: Agree wholeheartedly, and the army of true-believers elevates his threat. I go another step deeper. I believe that the individual threat of Trump pales in comparison to the threat of the mass of Trump voter (the vast majority of Republican voters). With his example, who else wouldn’t they voter for? And this crowd of nuts and bigots thrives in our system of minority party rule and hostage taking.

So this will take decades to combat, even in a best case scenario. We have seen the enemy and it is the Republican voter.

Commenter : Nothing but a MASSIVE repudiation of the Republican Party at the polls this November will suffice. We need to keep these people out of power until they finally give up on their extremist goals. This really is a fight for our lives.

I especially agree with the last comment. I’m not saying quit voting Republican forever. But we need to quit voting Republican as long as this fascist agenda is in control. If they lose enough elections, maybe they will back off, but I’m quite dubious. Anyway, no one should vote for this party ever again until they drop the fascist agenda.

So this will take decades to combat, even in a best case scenario. We have seen the enemy and it is the Republican voter.

I also agree with this comment. We are probably going to have to fight Republican fascism for decades, which is very sad right there. That’s because the fascists are not about to renounce fascism. If anything, as time goes on, more and more Republicans will hop on board the fascist train.

Excellent article on Daily Kos. Hey, sometimes they’re right. All of these out of breath pronouncements about this election being the end of US democracy are overwrought, not that there isn’t something there. Trump poses a very serious risk to democracy, but one Trump term won’t be enough to dismantle it. As the article notes, the turn to fascism in democratic countries tends to be a multi-year project. The author uses fascist Turkey as an example. Of course Erdogan is a fascist dictator, but Turkey’s been a fascist country since Ataturk. 8

Look, I really hate to use the word fascism. It’s abused by the idiot Left and the antifascist Left. They grotesquely exaggerates what fascism and Nazism is and how many people subscribe to it. They paint far too broad a brush. Nevertheless, fascism is a very real thing, and if we refer to fascism as any sort of rightwing authoritarian regime or dictatorship (my definition), it is an absolute fact that the Republican Party is a fascist political party. Sure there are the Liz Cheney’s, the antifascists. She’s been run out.

The whole party is on board with Trump from what I can tell. DeSatanist ran as Trumpism without Trump. Haley will inherit a fascist Republican Party and be controlled by it, so to me, she’s a fascist too, plus she plays the part very well. All of the other Republican contenders except maybe the fat boy from New Jersey were also fascists.

I’ve been watching Republicans my whole life and I’ve hated them since I was 18 or probably even sooner. I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life and I never will unless they’re more liberal than the Democrat. I’ve been a man of the Left my entire adult life and I’m not getting my conservative with age like most folks. Well, not to the point where I will vote fascist, I mean Republican. I’ve always noted a fascist tendency in Republicans and in Americans in general. I’ve known mostly Whites in my life and the fascist tendencies of US Whites have been obvious to me since the late 1970’s.

I grew up in hardline Republican White suburbs and it was clear to me as far back as high school that these people had fascist tendencies. Sadly, just about every White person I grew up with was a Republican. Even the Democrats were pretty damned conservative. The party has always worried me. I never considered the Republican Party to be an actual fascist political party until the onset of Trump. They were definitely getting there since the Contract on America in 1996, but like I said, I hate being promiscuous with the use of that term.

Trump is absolutely a far rightwing authoritarian, the most rightwing president we’ve ever had. All Republican politicians who support Trump are fascists. If you support fascists, you’re a fascist. If you vote fascist, you’re a fascist. There’s nothing else to add. The Never-Trumpers are generally speaking not fascists as that seems to be their major beef with him.

But they’re a tiny group as 8

The ones who left the Republican Party have almost all become independents. Polls show that a majority of Americans, by ~3 points right now, support Trump against Biden. Therefore, Americans are a fascist people, even if only by small margins. But in a winner take all system, small margins take it all home.

The press has been utterly against Biden since the start of his Administration. The press is simply capitalist, and it is always rightwing as all capitalist media is everywhere and and at all times. The media and the capitalists don’t care. They don’t care if America goes fascist.

The media only cares about money and the capitalist class. If capitalism allows them to continue to get rich, the media will all line up behind fascism like they are doing now. If the media were truly against fascism, they wouldn’t be beating up Biden like they are. The media portrayal of Biden bears no relationship to reality.

The capitalists care absolutely nothing about fascism and every time fascism comes to a country, 10

The coming election looks catastrophic. As I said Trump is up by 3 points, though some recent polls show him up to 1 point and a couple have Biden ahead by a point. Generally the polls show Trump up by 1-5 points, with a good 3 point average. Sure, Biden’s an awful candidate, but I’d rather have Biden than Trump. Speaking of dementia, Trump is starting to show some serious signs of dementia himself.

Biden’s advisors say he is very much on the ball, extremely intelligent and with it, and shows no signs of cognitive decline in terms of doing his job. However, we’ve all seen the videos where he looks completely lost (a sure sign of dementia), or where he tries to shake hands with people who are not there (another sure sign of dementia). So Biden does have some dementia, but it doesn’t appear to be effecting his actual ability to lead the country.

Much worse is when Kennedy and Cornel West run too. In those cases, Trump wins by 5-8 points. Obviously both Kennedy and/or West are drawing support exclusively from Biden and only benefit Trump. Both men need to drop out of the race at some point and simply endorse Biden. The very fate of our country lies in their impetuous and unthinking hands. It’s Biden or fascism. Which way will you choose, Western man.

The Republican Senate is also completely fascist at this point, though Romney may be an outlier. Polls show the Republicans favored by 5

The House is another disaster zone. The Republican House is even more fascist than the Republican Senate. Democrats keep saying that they’re going to take the House, but that’s a fantasy. Republicans are currently favored by 52.

Current polls have Trump winning the electoral vote 283-255. That’s not a bad prediction, however, I disagree with putting Michigan and Nevada in the Republican column.

Michigan has 16 electoral votes. If Michigan goes Biden, the vote will be 271-267 for Biden.

If Biden wins Nevada’s six electoral votes, that will be 277-261.

But Michigan is looking very scary with so many Arabs refusing to vote Biden over his support for the Jewish-led genocide in Gaza.

What bothers me about Kos and all the other sites of the Democratic base is that there is no idea of how to turn this election around and make it a Democratic victory. My question is what exactly does Biden and the Democratic Congress have to do to turn this around? Why are so many people supporting Trump and Republican fascism? What if anything can be done about this? Do we need to change anything? Are we doing anything wrong? Total silence on both questions.

Maybe ease up on the woke crap? Of course not.

Support for Israel isn’t a loser, and Trump will be far worse.


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