About the “Zionist” Slur

I really do get tired of antisemites using the word Zionist instead of Jew. Gets old real fast. Furthermore, Zionism is an extremely popular politics with both Jews and Gentiles.

Keep in mind that being a Zionist just means you support a Jewish state in Palestine. It’s a fairly reasonable position on its face. Sure, the Arabs hate Zionism, but they’re pretty alone on that score as most people in the rest of the world are probably Zionists by that definition. The two state solution that most of the world is converging on is a Zionist solution, so all two-staters are Zionists de facto. That includes Russia, China, and many Arab countries like Bahrain, UAE, and especially Saudi Arabia.

The Overwhelming Majority of Americans and British, Including Gentiles, are Zionists

For instance, in an up or down vote 9

Among the US public, the figure is less. 8

I oppose a Jewish state in Palestine. It’s been a complete disaster, bar none. Nevertheless, I will settle for a two-state solution if it comes down to that. I still think that makes me anti-Zionist.

Among the British public, 9

I don’t have figures for any other places. However, with 85-9

Time for Post-Zionism

One thing that all decent humans should be is post-Zionist. The Zionist project, whatever we thought about it, has to come to an end. No more Judaization of neighborhoods in Israel. No more settlements in East Jerusalem, the West Bank or now Gaza. No more stealing homes from Arabs and giving them to Jews.

No more stealing Arabs’ lands and driving them off their lands so settlers can take over. No more demolishing Arab homes, roads, water wells, olive orchards, and businesses for not having permits or whatever other fake reasons they can come up with. No more demolishing Arab homes and add-ons in East Jerusalem and Israel proper. The whole colonization project has to come to an end. As it is, Zionism is an ongoing colonization project. It’s never stopped since 1948 and now it’s even accelerating.

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