What Does “Budding” Mean as Far as a Teenage Girl Goes?

Polar Bear: Developed breasts and ass.

Well, sure. That’s what any normal, healthy man is attracted to. The less developed she is, the less attractive she is to a normal, healthy man. Sure there are men who prefer less developed females but I don’t think that’s completely unhealthy. I wouldn’t say it’s disordered, but it doesn’t seem to be the norm for human males. Men want a female who looks like a woman, not a girl for Chrissake!

Fully developed breasts and ass probably occurs around age 16. I don’t think they change that much after age 16. The breasts change as far as the nipples go, but you can’t see that. They don’t grow much. I don’t think they become much more developed breasts and ass-wise after age 16, but I’m open to criticism. Around 18-19, the hips widen, but for most men, this isn’t really an improvement. It’s not a downgrade either; it’s just not an improvement.

However, she now has a natural, normal body, since most teenage girls do not have natural, normal bodies, as they are underdeveloped and not fully adaptive in terms of carrying a pregnancy to term. Before the hips widen, the body is not fully adapted to pregnancy, and there can be issues with carrying a child to term because the hips are too narrow to properly carry a baby.

There does seem to be an emotional maturation process after age 16 though, especially from 17-17 1/2 or 18. A lot of 16 year old girls sort of look like little girls and they definitely have a silly, girlish immaturity about them. Some might find it cute, but to me, it’s a turnoff.

By 17 1/2-18 most females are pretty much full-fledged adults. The contrast between high school seniors and those under them is quite remarkable in terms of maturity. I go to a coffeeshop where there are high school kids hanging out all the time, so I get to see them in their natural habitat.

And by age 17, especially age 17 1/2 (and up of course), I’m more than interested. She doesn’t seem too young, silly, or immature at all. In fact she reminds me of a lot of girls and women I used to date around that age as a young man.

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2 thoughts on “What Does “Budding” Mean as Far as a Teenage Girl Goes?”

  1. I believe ageism comes from wanting to safeguard young White girls. This theory isn’t mentioned a lot, but many subscribe to it subconsciously.

    No one cares if White men are with any other group unless it’s a White girl. Young Black, Latina, and Asian chicks with old White guys is the norm.

    Gays don’t care about age gaps either. A baby boy with a harem of older bitches was a mainstream commercial for awhile. A young male, a baby even, dating older women has little stigma.

    It amazes me how extreme the double standard is.

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