The Completely Fake “Out of Control Border Crisis”

I admit that there are many things that I still do not understand about this issue. See this site here? That’s Biden’s base. Go to Daily Kos. They never met an illegal or an asylum seeker they didn’t love and want to let them stroll right in. Biden’s base in the pro-immigrant, pro-illegal, pro-asylum seeker, pro-refugee crowd. It limits what he can do, but he’s done quite a bit on this issue. Biden has issued 535 immigration-related executive orders. That’s more than the 472 Trump issued. I’m still very confused about this issue and if anyone could answer some questions for me, I would appreciate it.

All this crap you are seeing about an out of control US border is BS.

The Biden Administration is not “letting illegal immigrants come into the US.” They caught and expelled 2.4 million of them just last year. How’s that letting them go? Yes, 300,000 got through but that’s about normal for any given year.

The whole problem is with asylum seekers. 2.4 million people have been allowed into the US as asylum seekers under Biden. Granted, it’s a problem, but what are you doing to do about it. Also asylum seekers are not “illegals.” Republicans are lying!

Many would-be illegals are now claiming to be seeking asylum. I have seen reports that up to 9

Now granted Biden could put back in the wait in Mexico program of Trump. This was a new program as asylum seekers always got to wait in the US before. Now they had to wait in Mexico. But he won’t do that for political reasons.

Biden has not “lost control of the border.” It’s bullshit. We are instead simply being flooded with asylum seekers whom the law requires us to evaluate. We don’t know what to do about this very new problem. We are in new territory here. “There are millions of illegals crossing our borders!” The Republicans lie about this like they lie about everything. In order for an illegal to get caught, they have to cross the border. “2.4 million illegals crossed the US border last year!” So the Republicans scream. Yeah, but they all got caught. See how they are playing games with words?

Furthermore, last time I checked, the Republicans also refuse to fund the immigration courts where asylum claims are adjudicated. Hence there is a years-long backlog of 1.8 million cases and a lot of them never show up in court. The Republicans want the system to not work so they can blame the Democrats for a failed system.

They’ve done this same sleazy thing with so many other government programs. Defund it and then claim it doesn’t work. There’s nothing worse on Earth that a US Republican. As bad as an Israeli Zionist or a Ukrainian Nazi, lower than pond scum.

Commenter: IF a person claims asylum it must be done at the 1st safe country so your entire argument is shit.

That rule is optional. Countries don’t have to follow it. Some countries do and some don’t. The US has chosen not to follow that rule so asylees do not have to stop at the first safe country before they come to the US. If they did we could turn most of them away.

Commenter: If the system is so game-able by simply claiming asylum, then everyone will just claim asylum. Which is what they are doing.

But they’re not, We caught 2.4 million illegals at the border and sent em packing. The Republican lie and say “2.4 million illegals came into the country last year” implying that that’s how many made it past the Border Patrol. It’s a lie and they know it, but it looks like everyone is falling for it. 300,000 more made it past. So there’s 2.7 million who weren’t claiming asylum. We also let in 800,000 asylum seekers last year, but I don’t know what to do about that.

There’s a flood of people trying to come across the border for whatever reason and we are being swamped by the problem. We don’t have the resources to deal with it. That’s the crux of the matter right there. Without a lot more funding, this state of affairs will continue.

Of course the asylum thing is a scam for the most part. Many people who would have been illegals in the past are now claiming asylum. A lot of other people who would never have tried in the past due to being too far away are now claiming asylum because they think the doors are open.

The refugee asylum thing was not abused in the past. This is a recent scam on the part of would-be immigrants to the US that started under Trump. Of course it’s basically a scam, but these people will do anything to get in.

This is a brand new problem we never dealt with before. The Democrats are total idiots and are claiming that these people need asylum because they are fleeing “poverty and crime (violent crime).” Well those things are sad but poverty and crime, even violent crime, are not reasons to be allowed refugee asylum to the United States, and they never have been. If they were, we’d have 2 billion people on our borders in no time.

You have to have a valid fear for your personal safety due to threats. Maybe if your country is gang-infested and you are getting real and credible threats or attempts on your life from violent street gangs, you get in.

If you are a member of some persecuted ethnic or sexual minority or opposition political group who is seriously threatened with imprisonment on an unfair basis, you get in. Gays facing a real threat of persecution get in. So do persecuted minorities and political activists who are selected for persecution.

You have to document all this stuff and it’s not easy.

This is a brand new area of law, and it has nothing to do with “illegals.” We’re doing great when it comes to catching illegals at the border. There is no illegal immigrant crisis.

Another scam they tried was sending their minor kids to cross the border. As we were not allowed to turn away unaccompanied minors at the border for humanitarian reasons, illegal alien scammers started sending their minor kids across because they were assured of getting in. Trump started locking up these minors, and all Hell broke loose. Once again we are dealing with a whole new area here because no one had ever tried the unaccompanied minor scam before. We are treading in new waters and don’t know what to do.

Biden is screwed. He ought to be tougher on asylum seekers. Wait in Mexico would be great. Funding the courts would be great. But a lot of his base are Hispanics who love illegals. Many of the rest are liberals who never met an illegal alien they didn’t love.

If he cracks down, no matter how hard, the people furious about this issue will never vote for him anyway, so there’s no upside to cracking down.

And he risks a lot of his base staying home if he cracks down.

He can’t win.

Also if he cracks down in Texas, he looks like a dictator. If he backs down, he looks weak, so he can’t win there either.

Biden’s just a mushy Centrist. He’s not even a liberal. Most Lefties despise him.

I think it’s mostly the Republicans who want the system to fail. They obviously love illegal alien labor, and once they get into the US, Republicans usually don’t bother to deport them. Neither party ever raids businesses who hire illegals. Trump almost never did this although he bitched and moaned about illegals the whole time.

E-Verify was a great idea but liberal idiots shot it down. I hate DeSatanist but at least he put in E-Verify. I think the Democrats just love illegals because that’s what their base, heavily Hispanic, demands. Some of them love to go on about “jobs Americans won’t do” but that’s bullshit. There are no jobs Americans won’t do. Where I live, a lot of Americans and legal immigrants do farm work!

Both parties totally suck on this issue, and neither party wants to solve the illegal alien problem. The Republicans want to pretend they are doing something about it to get people to vote Republican, but then they never do anything about it because it will hurt their business base that relies in illegal alien labor.

The Democrats don’t want to solve the problem either because their base will massacre them if they try.

Also, contra this article, illegals can’t and don’t vote.

The reason they come here is simple economics. They’re coming from poor countries for the money. Pretty much. Some are fleeing violence but even those could stop in Mexico where the violence rate is much lower. Or they could go to Costa Rica or Panama. They won’t because they’re coming for the money.

Republicans keep saying that the asylum seekers are all criminals because a lot don’t have valid claims. But they’re not violating any laws, so they’re not criminals. 9

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3 thoughts on “The Completely Fake “Out of Control Border Crisis””

  1. Biden, Bill Clinton, etc. we’re conservative years ago. I suspect Centrists used to lean more right. Been watching an abortion documentary, it said Republicans made it legal. Politicians flip-flop on issues like pancakes. Many are like Senator Patrick Geary from “The Godfather.” Behind the scenes someone has them by the balls.

  2. How is it that we put rovers on mars but we can’t secure our own borders? It’s such a paradox. Illegal immigration became a controversial and partisan issue because of sb 1070 in 2010, because “racial profiling”.

    1. We are securing our borders. Our borders are just fine. We catch 90% of illegals and we are setting records for catching the most # of illegals every year.

      The whole problem is that 800,000 asylum seekers are flooding the borders every years and we don’t have the infrastructure to deal with this flood. But that’s not the matter of an unsecured border.

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