Israeli Death Tolls for the October 7, 2023 Palestinian Attack on Israel (Fifth Update)

Another major revision in this ongoing tally. This tally is still extremely premature and so many things are unknown about it, mostly because the Israeli government has lied so much and no one in Israel has done a proper investigation of these deaths to determine who killed who, assuming that can even be done in the first place. A good tally of these figures may never be available due to war propaganda and a very poor investigation of this incident. This is the best I can come up with so far, but as usual, it is up for possible major revision in the future

Israelis Killed on 10-7

1,147 Israelis, soldiers and civilians, killed on 10-7.

Israeli Security Forces Killed on 10-7

340 Israeli soldiers killed on 10-17.

59 Israeli police killed on 10-7. Probably 30 of these were killed by the IDF at the Sderot police station by Hannibal Doctrine.

13 Israeli Shin Bet officers killed on 10-7.

12 Israeli first responders killed on 10-7.

84 other Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

424 Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed on 10-7

723 Israeli civilians killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Israel

275 Israeli civilians killed by IDF at the festival (estimate based on photos of burned out cars), partly by Hannibal Doctrine, partly by confusion.

192 Israeli civilians killed by IDF in kibbutzes by Hannibal Doctrine and general confusion, including:

97 killed in Be’eri. 70 by IDF.

52 killed in Kfar Aza. 3/4 killed by IDF (my estimate) for 35 killed by IDF.

21 killed in NetivHaAsara.

4 hostages in a vehicle as it was heading back to Gaza.

62 killed elsewhere by Hannibal Doctrine and confusion.

467 Israeli civilians killed by Israel.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Palestinians

89 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians at the festival.

168 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians in other places, including

46 at Nir Oz

27 at Be’eri

17 at Kfar Aza

16 at Alumim

14 at Kissufim

12 at Nir Oz

12 at Holit

5 at Nirim

3 at EinHashlosha

16 killed elsewhere.

257 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians.


Civilians Killed in October 7 Attack

Israel 467

Palestinians 257

As you can see, Israel killed more civilians on October 7 than the Palestinians did.


15+ Israeli soldier POWs and civilian hostages killed in Gaza by Israel

210 Israeli soldiers killed since 10/7.

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