A Rundown on Teenage Girls, Mostly for Informational, Not Actional Purposes

Polar Bear: Whenever they start budding, which’s earlier these days. I was hardcore not into spinners in my youth. “Get your bony ass off me,” if one sat on my lap.

I believe Robert wants some budding, it’s natural. I work with a budder and she gets attention from every guy. That’s the obvious ideal, a young budder. There’s more excitement for that than anything.

All girls under 18 are illegal in my state, and I won’t touch them. I recently had a 16 year old girl begging me to have sex with her and trying every trick in the book to get me to cave in and do it, but I turned her down. So I’m just talking here about what I’m attracted to. It has nothing to do with who I would have sex with because they’re all illegal here, unless we are talking about someone in another state which I could possibly visit.

The bottom line is the more it looks and acts like a woman, the more interested I am. I’m also turned off by immature behavior. When I was young, I used to dump JB’s for this. I just couldn’t handle their immaturity. It drove me crazy and made me very anxious to be around them because a part of me really didn’t want to be there. I’d be stuck with this 16 year old girl, horny as Hell, crawling all over me, and my body would be rebelling and telling me, “Get me the Hell out of here!”

The result would be an anxiety feeling of dueling impulses and feelings. You’re being pulled in two directions at all, there’s a war in your head, and it doesn’t feel good at all. Plus you can also be impotent in a situation like that. The impotence is your body saying, “Get me the Hell away from this woman who is repelling me in some way.”

By repelling I mean there is a part of your body saying that this chick doesn’t turn you on at all, and your body wants to move away from her. You’re trying to stick around to get laid, but it doesn’t necessarily work, and you often end up with this weird, anxious, “get me out of here” behavior.

You’re trying to fight it off, but dueling impulses like that don’t really mesh, and the resulting feeling is quite uncomfortable, like trying to wear a suit that doesn’t fit, and you keep trying to shrug it off your shoulders, but you keep wearing it anyway.

“Get your bony ass off me,” if one sat on my lap.

They’re sticks. It’s a turn-off. They have the flat body of a boy at 13-14 for sure and even a bit at 15 still. We men like curves!

15 year old girls’ bodies sometimes just look funky like they are misshapen. They also often appear psychologically awkward too. The legs or arms seem too long for the rest of the body, and it looks odd. My Mom said the body doesn’t grow at the same rate, and some parts grow faster than others, so in a 15 year old girl, you might see body parts maturing at different rates, which gives the result of a strange body that’s put together wrong.

I like em around 16-17, to tell the truth. Of course, anything 18+ is awesome.

Too many 15 year old girls look and act like little girls. It’s a turnoff. Some of them are kind of cute though. A lot of 15 year old girls have small breasts. They’re not fully developed. And some still have those turnoff little girl faces*.

13 year old girls are ridiculous. That’s a little girl. Anyway, most of them won’t even talk to you, and if they do, I assure you they won’t have anything interesting to say. Typically they have absolutely zero sexual experience at all, nor do they seem interested in acquiring any. And those little girl faces* just wreck it for me.

I have no idea why older women seem convinced that we men are after these girls.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind have a few words with one some of the time, but I wouldn’t pursue any involved conversation. But older women are always swooping over them like hawks shooting dagger eyes at all of us men and herding these girls under their wings. It’s ridiculous how many idiot women think we men actually want to fuck these girls. Why don’t they lighten up and quit being so weird and paranoid?

Even 14 year old girls are underdeveloped and extremely immature. Turnoff. They also have those little girl faces, and I can’t stand that. It makes them seem like children and you’re turned off the same way most of us are to little girls.

Further, they don’t talk much and when they do, they seem very young, almost like talking to a little girl. It’s a bit cute but it’s also a huge turnoff. Anything that reminds me of a little girl is no-go. It feels pedo to me and that creeps me out and turns me off. 14 year old girls look like sticks and their tits are really small and lame. It looks and acts like a little girl. Not interested! Also, most of them won’t even talk to you, and they aren’t very interesting when they do.

I’m convinced that 13 and 14 year old girls are not nearly as horny as 16 and 17 year old girls, or maybe it’s just that the older ones are more confident about sex. Also, most 13 and 14 year old girls and even some 15 year old girls have very little sexual experience. Quite a few have never had sex, and you would be surprised how many have never been kissed. But nowadays you can meet 18 year old girls who have never been kissed. I dated one a while back.

13-15 year old girls are totally illegal anyway, so why even bother talking to them? What’s the point? On the other hand, 16 and 17 year olds can be interesting to talk to, and if she’s in another state, she may well be legal.

If a 15 year old girl looks and acts older, I like her. Some 16 year old girls are pretty immature, though others are not at all.

A lot of teenage girls, even say 17 or 18 year olds, hardly know how to flirt at all. They seem awkward and lame when they do it. It’s a bit cute but it’s also a turnoff in its lameness. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing.

Most 17 year old girls look fantastic. In particular, 17 1/2 year olds are very mature psychologically. 17-18 year old high school girls strike me as very mature compared to other high school girls. They’re basically adults. It’s a night and day difference between them and younger high school girls.

A female’s body is mostly fully developed by 16-17. There is an additional change that occurs at ages 18-19 in which the hips widen, but this doesn’t really make them more attractive.

However, there is something odd about a teenage girl’s breasts. They’re not quite developed like a woman’s breasts. They’re just as large, but there is a difference in the areola. I noticed it a long time ago but never made sense of it. What happens is that the areola gets raised in a younger teen but the nipple is not raised along with it, so the nipple is on the same elevation as the areola and is not raised above it.

You will probably see this most in a 15 or 16 year old girl. Later on, the nipple itself is raised and sticks out from the areola. I’m not sure when this occurs, but you can see it in some Tracy Lords movies, so the change may occur around 17, as she was 16 when she made her movies.

I wouldn’t say these underdeveloped tits look better. They don’t look bad but they look a bit weird if you are used to grown women. I think most of us men like a nipple that is raised above the areola. It looks hot.

*13-14 and even some 15 year old girls have “little girl faces.” This means that they still have baby fat on their faces. All little girls have baby fat on their faces, which is what makes them look like little girls. By age 15 or certainly 16, the baby fat has disappeared, and in its place, we start to see the more bony, sharply defined, often striking features of a grown woman. That’s much preferable to me.

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