Israeli Death Tolls for the October 7, 2023 Palestinian Attack on Israel (Fourth Update)

As you can see, I’m still working on this. One thing is for sure: the Palestinians killed a lot of people and committed a lot of horrific acts and horrendous war crimes during this attack. But Israel appears to have killed even more of their own civilians while fighting back. Some of this was simply confusion or crossfire but a certain amount of it was also the invocation of the Hannibal Doctrine. An awful lot of this is still very much up in the air. In particular, the Palestinian may have killed more and Israel may have killed fewer than my current figures.

We may never get to the bottom of this to where we can get a true estimate of  just who killed who.

Let’s go through the list:

Israelis Killed on 10-7

1,147 Israelis, soldiers and civilians, killed on 10-7.

Israeli Security Forces Killed on 10-7

340 Israeli soldiers killed on 10-17.

59 Israeli police killed on 10-7. Probably 30 of these were killed by the IDF at the Sderot police station by Hannibal Doctrine.

13 Israeli Shin Bet officers killed on 10-7.

12 Israeli first responders killed on 10-7.

Subtotal: 84 other Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

Total: 424 Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed on 10-7

723 Israeli civilians killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Israel

296 Israeli civilians killed by IDF at the festival (estimate based on photos of burned out cars) via Hannibal Doctrine, crossfire, and confusion.

154 Israeli civilians killed by IDF in kibbutzes by Hannibal Doctrine and crossfire, including:

97 killed in Be’eri. 90 by IDF.

39 killed in Kfar Aza. 52 killed, 3/4 killed by IDF (my estimate) for 39 killed by IDF.

21 killed in NetivHaAsara.

4 hostages in a vehicle as it was heading back to Gaza.

450 Israeli civilians killed by Israel.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Palestinians

68 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians at the festival.

206 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians in other places, including:

46 at Nir Oz.

16 at Kfar Aza.

16 at Alumim.

14 at Kissufim.

12 at Nahal Oz.

12 at Holit.

7 at Be’eri.

5 at Nirim.

3 at EinHashlosha.

274 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians.


Civilians Killed in October 7 Attack

Israel 450

Palestinians 274

As you can see, Israel killed more civilians on October 7 as the Palestinians did.


15 Israeli soldier POWs and civilian hostages killed in Gaza by Israel.

216 Israeli soldiers killed since 10/7.

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One thought on “Israeli Death Tolls for the October 7, 2023 Palestinian Attack on Israel (Fourth Update)”

  1. One Israeli said people are more mature in Israel from serving in the military. It likely does change the tone.

    Killing your own civilians seems insane. A lot of stuff in Ukraine was cringe like that. I thought Israel was better.

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