Epstein Was a Hebephile and Was Sexually Normal

Epstein wasn’t a pedophile. He liked teenage girls as all normal non-dead non-gay men do.

A lot of completely normal, healthy, moral, men with no sexual oddities will have sex with teenage girls, especially the older ones at 16 and 17. After all, it looks exactly like a woman. Once a girl gets secondary sex characteristics, all normal men will look at her and their caveman brain will say, “Breed it!” The only men who will not think like this are either gay or dead.

In a lot of ways, we haven’t advanced much from the Paleolithic, and we still have a lot of leftover heritage from that era. Consider this: In primitive tribes, the average age at first pregnancy was 16, and the father was typically an older man. For instance, among the Blackfoot, the typical marriage was between a 15 year old girl and a 35 year old man. These relationships have been going on since history was recorded, and no harm or damage to the girls was ever recorded.

Consider something else: in my area, a burial site for the local Indians from the mid-1700’s was discovered. They were all female and had all died between ages 27-33. So the average woman lived to be only 30 years old! In addition, all of their teeth were ground down to nothing. That is because the Indians ground acorns in holes in rocks and bits of stone always got in the acorn. I’ve eaten this acorn before. It’s rather tasteless, something like Hawaiian poi. The people I was eating it with didn’t like it, but I didn’t mind.

Looking at this local tribe, if all sex between adult males and 13-17 year old girls is inherently extremely harmful to the girls, how did this tribe survive for all this time? If this tribe waited until everyone was an adult before having kids, people would be dead before they were barely even parents.

Even in the case above, every child had a mother who died when they were 11-17 years old (average age 14). That sounds very traumatic but I suppose in a group like this, you just get used to such things. Can you imagine growing up in a society where you and all your friends lost their mothers when you were barely teenagers?

The fact that this attraction is so normal and utterly non-pathological is why it’s so easy to rope so many men in with these honeypots. If Epstein were setting them up with 12 year old girls, I imagine there would be few takers, and those folks wouldn’t be very normal sexually or morally.

Epstein was a hebephile, however, that’s for damn sure. This is how you can tell. Epstein denied being a pedophile. Most pedos will straight up admit it. I’ve worked with them in counseling before and that’s exactly what they all do. And he said,

Once the braces come off, I lose interest.

The thing is that that is precisely what a hebephile would say. A pedophile would never say such a thing.

Braces probably come off at age ~16, and preferential hebephiles do indeed have no interest in 16 year old girls. They call them grandmas LOL. I’ve been in their chatrooms out of curiosity and this is exactly how they act.

But that’s not disordered and it’s actually considered within the range of normal. Sexually speaking, Epstein was considered within the normal range according to the American Psychiatric Association*. The problem with Epstein was a moral problem of good and bad, right and wrong.** Those of us who work in mental health don’t deal with stuff like that. Leave it up to the legal system and the moral philosophers. All we care about is:

Are you crazy (disordered)?

Are you sane (nondisordered)?

Actually there is a movement afoot to take both pedophilia and Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopathy, psychopathy) out of the DSM on the grounds that they aren’t mental disorders. Psychopaths aren’t nuts. Ever met one? They aren’t crazy at all. They’re simply evil!

*Actually I consider primary preferential hebephiles to be sexually disordered. But I’m glad they kept it out of the DSM because the pigs will just abuse it to lock schmucks who banged some teenage girl in a mental hospital for life.

Which is completely unconstitutional, by the way. There’s no crime called “dangerousness.” You can be as dangerous as you want, and if you break no laws in that sense, no one can do a damn thing to you. There are time bombs everywhere.

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11 thoughts on “Epstein Was a Hebephile and Was Sexually Normal”

    1. Ignore Blanchard and his pet hebephilia proposal. Blanchard’s a gay old man who doesn’t understand normal male sexuality. He believes straight men find 35yo women more attractive than teenage schoolgirls because that’s what his crappy willy machine tells him.

      The two most important things when it comes to female attractiveness are face and BMI. The facial proportions men find most attractive are those typical of girls about 14 and the BMI then find most attractive is about 18-20 which again is typical of girls about 14. Cute faces and slim petite bodies. More typical of teenage schoolgirls, not adult women.




      It’s no coincidence that girls suffer the most sexual harassment and assaults around that age.



      Ever seen this vagina contest? Look how the most attractive minges look partly child-like and as you go down the board they get more adult-looking with bigger beef curtains.


      It simply isn’t true that men prefer “fully developed adults” as Blanchard and the CAMH team insist. In general men prefer partly child-like features such as cute faces, smooth hairless skin, slim petite bodies. Women want to look young and cute but there wouldn’t be much demand for a product that promised to make men look and smell like little boys.


    2. Boy I sure don’t! I’m not that interested in most of them until they’re around 17 unless they are very developed for their age. 16 year old girls look good too, but a lot of them are fairly immature in a cute way, but still. A few 15 year old girls look good, but they are often quite immature and silly. 14 year old girls? Just forget it. Their bodies are sticks, they look like little girls, and they are incredibly immature. I can barely even talk to them.

      I think the age that turns me on most is 18-24.

        1. I’m not into little girls bro. 12-14 year old girls are little girls. I should know. I’ve talked to a number of 13-14 year old girls in recent days. There was a 14 year old girl on this group I was on who was claiming she was 18 and posting all these striptease pics, and I could not be less interested. No tits, little girl face, stick body. I don’t even want to keep the pics on my drive even though they were pretty legal because they looked so sketchy.

          1. Whenever they start budding, which’s earlier these days. I was hardcore not into spinners in my youth. “Get your bony ass off me.” If one sat on my lap.
            I believe Robert wants some budding, it’s natural. I work with a budder and she gets attention from every guy. That’s the obvious ideal, a young budder. There’s more excitement for that than anything.

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