Israeli Death Tolls for the October 7, 2023 Palestinian Attack on Israel (Third Update)

The first post is here. Here is the second post. This is the third version of the death toll from that date. It indicates that slightly more than half of the Israeli civilians killed on that day were killed by the IDF, many due to the Hannibal Doctrine and others simply due to mass confusion by helicopter and drone pilots.

1,147 Israelis, soldiers and civilians, killed on 10-7.

Soldiers and Other Security Forces Killed on 10-7

340 Israeli soldiers killed on 10-17.

59 Israeli police killed on 10-7.

13 Israeli Shin Bet officers killed on 10-7.

12 Israeli first responders killed on 10-7.

Subtotal of 84 other Israeli security forces killed on 10-7.

Total of 424 Israeli security forces killed on 10-7

Israeli Civilians Killed on 10-7

723 Israeli civilians killed on 10-7.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Israel

159 Israeli civilians killed by IDF outside of the festival.*

248 Israeli civilians killed by IDF at the festival.**

407 Israeli civilians killed by Israel.

Israeli Civilians Killed by Palestinians

114 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians at the festival.

201 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians in other places, including 11 at Kfar Aza and 7 at Be’eri.

Total of 315 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians.


Civilians Killed in October 7 Attack

315 or 4

407 or 5


As you can see, Israel killed more civilians on October 7 than the Palestinians did.


15+ Israeli soldier POWs and civilian hostages killed in Gaza by Israel.

183 Israeli soldiers killed since 10/7.

*88 in in Kibbutz Be’eri and in a vehicle (four in a vehicle) via Hannibal Doctrine. Also two more hostages killed via Hannibal Doctrine in a car heading back to Gaza .

97 killed in Be’eri. Preliminary investigation indicates that 9

63 killed in Kfar Aza with 52 killed by IDF and and 11 killed by Palestinians.. 5/6 killed by IDF. My estimate based on video below in which 5/6 buildings where deaths occurred were either shot up by heavy automatic weapons fire, rubbled via tank or artillery shells, or burned to the ground by tank shells. The buildings where Palestinians killed people showed few if any signs of internal damage.

**Estimate based on photos of burned out cars.

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