What Do Middle Eastern Christians Think of Israel?

I dated an Iranian Assyrian Christian woman a while back. While she definitely didn’t like Muslims (she said they would not let them touch the bread at markets because the Christians would “contaminate” it), I was surprised that she absolutely did not like Israel either one bit, and I also got the impression that she didn’t think a whole lot of Jews to boot.

I said the US is a Christian country and she laughed at me:

This is not a Christian country. This is a Jewish country. All you care about here is money!

Shades of Marx, n’est pas?:

Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist

Karl Marx, On the Jewish Question, 1845.

Some Syrian Christians were running the local corner market here for a while. They were fanatical supporters of Assad like most Syrian Christians. I was stunned by their utter contempt for Israel, as great as that of their Muslim counterparts.

They were supplanted by Maronite Christians from Lebanon, who are noted for their pro-Western, pro-Israel and anti-Muslim and even anti-Arab (they absurdly deny that they are Arabs and insist instead that they are “Phoenicians”) sentiments. He was talking to my brother, and even this guy regaled my brother with proud tales of serving as a sniper in the Lebanese Army and fighting against Israel.

Some Republican idiot politician was talking to a group of Arab-American Christians and he said something about American Christians needing to support Israel. He was stunned when the crowd roundly booed him.

Most Arab Christians are some form of Orthodox. The Orthodox have been less yielding on the Jewish Question than the Western Catholic Church. Greece and Armenia are Orthodox and both countries are very antisemitic. Russian Orthodox antisemitism has been well-known forever. Solzhenitsyn is a typical Russian Orthodox monarchist and he was not crazy about Jews at all. Check out 200 Years Together.

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