Jewish “Control” over the US Government Is a Consensual Affair

The problem here is that way too many Americans support Israel. US support for Israel is not all down to ZOG and Jewish money controlling the US government, etc. Anyway, if it’s Jewish control, it’s consensual because the people in government like it just fine that way. And consensual control isn’t control at all. If you want the person to control you, he’s not really controlling you or if is, it’s no big deal.

A lot of the US government have a personal investment in Israel. Joe Biden is one of them. A lot of people around Biden have doubts about all these wars for Israel that we are fighting right now, but they all say “no one can control Biden or get through to him on this question.” It’s like talking to a wall and he doesn’t seem to see the humanity of Israel’s enemies over there.

A lot of the reason we are so wrapped up in Israel’s wars right now is because of Biden’s deep personal commitment to Israel that dates all the way back to the 1970’s. He said at that time he had a long conversation with Henry “Scoop” Jackson, the Washington “Senator from Boeing.” Jackson was a super-hawk advocate of the military-industrial complex that gets us into all of these militarist fiascos overseas. He was also more Zionist than a lot of Jews at the time.

It is from a group of Jews around Jackson’s office in the 1970’s that the neoconservatives themselves were actually birthed via Jews who had turned against the Democratic Party over Vietnam and especially the 1967 War in Israel.

So Biden’s been an ardent Zionist for probably 45-50 years!


A recent poll found that 5

A poll found that 5

Americans supported the Iraqi War for Israel to the hilt. There never were large demos against it. Even now, the Iraqi government has ordered us to get the Hell out two times. Both times we told them to go pound sand. The American people could care less! The Iraqi Army is now attacking us for refusing to leave their land and even 2/3 of 18-24 year olds support the US attacking back! So the public is still on board with this insane occupation.

Americans support the Syrian War for Israel to the hilt too. There has been nary a peep of protest against it. We are illegally occupying their land we have basically annexed 1/3 of the country and given it to the Kurds. We are stealing 9

There is not even one single peep of protest from any American about this outrage. In fact, Ilhan Omar supports our war on Syria, I’m guessing because she hates the Shia. 2/3 of 18-24 year olds think we should fight back against the Iraqi Army that is attacking us for our illegal bases on Syrian land.

Now we have started another war for the Jews. This is the Yemeni War for Israel. I haven’t seen any polls, but I’d gather that most Americans support what we are doing over there.

Perhaps fighting all of these wars for Israel is the right thing to do. A lot of Americans seem to think so. So does Joe Biden. Perhaps Israel is this great country that deserves all of this treasure and risk. Perhaps Jews are the best minority in the US whose value far exceeds their

The thing is that no one ever gets told that these are wars for the Jews or more properly wars for Israel since they are not being fought for Diaspora Jews because they have no literal skin in the game. I think they should be told that we are fighting all these wars for Israel, as Americans don’t seem to be aware of that. Then they can make up their own mind about what to do.

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