A New War for Israel! This Time in Yemen

Another war for the Israel*! Right now we are engaged in five different wars for Israel over there:

The Gaza War for Israel: US intelligence is helping the Genocide Jews’** genocide the Palestinians over there.

The Syrian War for Israel: This one started a long time ago, but it was mostly just providing aid to ISIS and Al Qaeda against Assad’s government. The US has established illegal bases all over Syria, and we are currently stealing 9

The Iraqi War for Israel: This one was also started a long time ago, and it’s never stopped. Right now we have bases in their country even though they have repeatedly ordered us to leave country. With incredible arrogance, we told them to go pound sand. Right now our bases and embassy in Iraq are being attacked by the Iraqi Army.

The sane and decent thing to do would be to evacuate all of our illegal bases in Syria and Iraq. We are truly “occupiers” over there the same way Israel is in the West Bank. But instead, Biden has ordered 1,500 more US troops to both Syria and Iraq! Good God, Democrats are far more militaristic and hawkish than Republicans nowadays.

Now a new one!

The Yemeni War for Israel: On the basis of a fake “protect shipping lines” lie (its a lie because only Israeli and ships going to Israel are being prevented from using the maritime waters), the US and UK have started yet another war for Israel. These two countries are now bombing Houthi targets because the Houthis tried to stop Israel from genociding the Arabs in Gaza.

The Lebanese War for Israel: This one hasn’t started yet, but we keep warning and threatening Lebanon and Hezbollah not to get too involved in attacking Israel. We even stationed an aircraft carrier off the coast to protect Israel from Lebanon.

*If you don’t mind being a bit more antisemitic about it, you can call these wars for the Jews instead of wars for Israel. But I’d rater play it safe for now.

They are truly both if you think about it, as the US Jews are the ones dragging us into all of these wars, let’s face it. However, they have the help of a majority of US Gentiles who support them. It’s not like the US government is full of antisemites who are only supporting Israel because the Jews are putting guns to their heads and saying do it or else. Nevertheless, no matter who is supporting it, all of these wars are being fought for Israel and their ethnic brethren in the US who feel such a passionate attachment to the state.

**This refers to Israeli Jews, not Jews in the Diaspora who aren’t harming a soul, much less genociding anyone.

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