Support for Israel in the US Continues to Decline

I look over these polls about Americans’ support for Israel all the time nowadays.

Prior to October 7, 7

Even more striking is the decline in Americans who support Israel as opposed to supporting other choices.

After October 7, US support for Israel had dropped to 4

But two months into the war, this figure had already crashed. It went from 4

A poll after October 7 found 5

The question about supporting the way the war was fought was not asked again, but the military aid question was. And incredibly, support for US military aid to Israel has fallen from 5

After October 7, 6

Two months later, support for a ceasefire had fallen to 5

Presumably if he did this, the Jewish Lobby and wealthy Jews would fail to contribute to Democrats or might even give money to Republicans instead. As Ilhan Omar said, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” She was called antisemite over that statement and forced to apologize, but she was right. She told the straight up truth. There’s nothing antisemitic about it as truth is a defense against antisemitism.

Instead, Biden is trying to have it both ways, shoveling weapons at Israel and at the same time claiming to be pressuring Israel to minimize civilian casualties. As far as the latter request goes, Israel has said,

Sure, we’ll do it. Right-o!

Then they went ahead and kept on doing it anyway. In other words, they lied again. I could have told you they would act that way because I know what these people are like. They don’t listen much to anyone.

The problem as in so many cases where one is trying to have it both ways, is that you end up getting no one’s support and instead you anger both sides. Biden’s playing a game here, a con, a scam. He thinks he call fool his base with this, but it’s not working.

Israel is hemorrhaging support in the US and a majority of Americans are now in support of cutting off military aid to the Jews’ little hate state in the Levant. However, 2/3 of Americans have a positive opinion of Israel and only 1

As you might guess, the youngest cohort, 18-25, is where Israel is hemorrhaging support in the worst way. However, the 26-34 age group doesn’t support Israel a whole lot either and in some cases, neither does the 35-44 age group. The 45-64 and 65+ age groups quite reliably support Israel, with support being particularly dramatic in the oldest cohort. In general support for Israel climbs with age in the US.




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