Qualities of a Narcissistic Psychopath or Malignant Narcissist

A commenter said all Jews were narcissistic psychopaths. Clinically of course, that’s not true, although a lot of the Jews in academia and business do have a thuggish quality about them that one could call sociopathic.

But they aren’t diagnosed sociopaths. They may indeed have elevated scores in the PCL Psychopathy checklist. The scale is 0-40. 20+ means you are a psychopath. Most people score between 0-5.

But as you can see, anyone scoring 6-19 would have an elevated score and would be more sociopathic than average but would still be within the normal range. Even a score of one implies that one has at least a hint of psychopathy. So psychopathy may be on spectrum and not Manichean like so many qualities. It’s an odd implication that most of us are even slightly sociopathic, but maybe you have to be to survive. I have no idea.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of Jewish men can be quite narcissistic. In fact, Judaism itself is almost a Narcissistic Personality Disorder with claims of specialness or chosenness, disdain for persons not part of the self – in this case the group – and a permission to exploit other people – in this case, those outside the group as the group substitutes for the self in this analogy.

I believe that elevated narcissism and psychopathy levels in Jewish men, though in most cases within the norms, are caused by their upbringing which forces them to succeed at all costs and burdens them with a terror of failure that follows them though life.

Narcissistic psychopath isn’t a diagnosis, but malignant narcissism is a known disorder. Trump definitely has this dangerous mental disorder, described by one of its early theoreticians as being “close to pure evil.” Ted Bundy was a malignant narcissist, so they can definitely be dangerous. Another famous serial killer was one too. I think he was German but he committed crimes in the US.

It’s also been described as “the personality disorder of the dictator.” Once again, note Donald Trump, would-be dictator.

The following list of symptoms was given:

  • They are wound collectors, constantly ruminating over grievances they never forget.
  • They believe that others are always seeking to exploit or harm them in some way.
  • They use psychological projection to justify their immoral behavior.
  • They are adept at character assassination and ritual humiliation.
  • They feel what is acceptable for them is intolerable in others.
  • They will try to make their victims look crazy and aggressive.
  • They are prone to envy and sudden bouts of intense rage.
  • They will never take responsibility for their actions.
  • They believe all interactions are zero-sum games.
  • They expect special privileges and protections.
  • They will use blackmail to get what they want.
  • They have an extreme sense of entitlement.
  • They think rules don’t apply to them.
  • They are drawn to positions of power.
  • They are master social manipulators.
  • They always have an ulterior motive.
  • They are unable to take criticism.
  • They see themselves as victims.
  • They are natural chameleons.
  • They are never at fault.

I will go over most of these above in a minute.

Also found on the Net:

Right out of the narcissist’s handbook: lies, lies by omission, half-truths, projection, baiting, gaslighting, manipulating, triangulation, creating chaos and confusion, corruption, bribery, blackmail, threats, smearing a person’s reputation. Devoid of empathy and remorse, they will stop at nothing.

Motive: power and control.

The above was found in the same place. Hopefully I will go over these in a minute. Some qualities are repeated, but others are not.

It’s going to be hard but you really need to try to not do any of these things too much. You’re probably going to do some of them anyway. After all, I feel that we are all “personality disordered” in some way. No one gets out of this unscathed. We probably all project, but the less you do it, the better. I don’t have anything against acting like a chameleon, but it’s definitely a suit you can put on to fool people in a malicious way.

Really most things on that list are pretty terrible. Those aren’t just ordinary personality flaws. Those are some seriously messed up traits.

“They believe that others are always seeking to exploit or harm them in some way.”

Note the paranoia. Paranoia is a quality of malignant narcissists that neither narcissists of psychopaths alone have. Another quality is sadism, which isn’t listed here. Notice how obsessed Trump is with his enemies? That’s the paranoia. Ever noted his tendency towards sadistic attacks on others?

“They will try to make their victims look crazy and aggressive.”

This quality is the same thing as gaslighting. I’ve noticed more and more that people do this a lot, especially in arguments and fights. How many times have you had an argument or fight with someone and the person called you crazy?

“They always have an ulterior motive.”

This was an interesting one too. It implies that they are never genuine, sincere, or even playful and carefree.

“They believe all interactions are zero-sum games.”

This was also interesting. Zero-sum game means either I get everything and you get nothing or you get everything and I get nothing. This means there is no sense of compromise with these people and they will always have to win it all and make you lose it all. I tend to get this impression with Trump too. Everything is win or lose. Nothing is win-win or lose-lose.

“They are natural chameleons.” This is simply the psychopath. The psychopath blends in, wears new suits and hats, so to speak. The can play roles like an actor in a movie and it’s hard to get a good read on them.

“They believe that others are always seeking to exploit or harm them in some way.”

There’s the paranoia. This means there are no innocent or good-hearted people. Everyone’s a conniving psychopath just like you.

“They are prone to envy and sudden bouts of intense rage.”

This is known as narcissistic rage. They also use this to control others and in this sense, they are what I call “emotional terrorists.” I suppose Trump does throw rage attacks in his social media posts. I believe aides said he blew up all the time in his office too.

If you criticize me, I will throw a rage attack.

They terrorize people in that way. They’re waving a sword over your head. It’s like hostage-taking.

Give me what I want or I will do something terrible.

It works very well to stop people from criticizing you, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. My youngest brother did this all the time, but he constantly criticized me. But could I even suggest a mild criticism of him? Of course not.

First of all, you shouldn’t terrorize others into not criticizing you. It’s emotional blackmail. This is especially true if you’re acting like an asshole, and these people are always doing that.

I’ll add one thing and that’s that they get to criticize you all they want to, often in a pretty aggressive way, but you don’t get to criticize them back. I’ve seen this in so many people, it’s ridiculous.

My father and the younger brother I had living with me until recently were like this. My depressive sister was like this for a long time too, though lately she seems to have finally grown out of it, especially after my mother died. I’m not sure how that helped her mature, but maybe she finally realized that she’s on her own in life and not a child anymore and she needs to take some responsibility.

Likewise my aunt also has this “I can attack you but you can’t attack me” quality. I’d also like to add that just about everyone like this is not a very nice person. They’re usually assholes or bitches and they’re generally pretty damn mean.

My other brother, who obviously has full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder, also has this quality, but he doesn’t throw a rage attack, even a mini one, if you criticize him. Instead he rather blows it off in an odd way as if it doesn’t effect him but you can tell it does. Sort of a phony indifference. But he definitely dismisses the critique, that’s for sure.

As you might expect, he’s a pretty big asshole, but he can be nice on occasion.

But if he’s visiting you, he always has to “get his burns in.” He has to burn you or attack you in an unpleasant way at least once. I’m not sure why that is, but it happens every time he visits. I think he’s showing you what he really thinks of you and that the pleasantness was all for show. It’s also a way of one-upping you or  better yet, getting one last Parthian thrust in before he departs.

Sort of like someone punches you in the face and then says, “Ok, fight’s over,” and walks out the door. It’s also a show of superiority and pointing out that you are inferior because everything is a superiority-inferiority contest with these people. Nothing’s on the level. No one’s equal. Everyone’s either above you or below you, and yes, narcissists do think there are people above them, and they either worship them like gods or they envy and hate them passionately.

The envy is a classic symptom of narcissism. I suppose we are all envious but it’s a very bad quality and the less envious you are, the better.

“They think rules don’t apply to them. We say this above with the”

“I get to criticize and attack you all I want to, but you can’t criticize or attack me back”

game. One set of rules for them, another set of rules for everybody else. Obviously this is a very shitty way to live your life.

“They are prone to envy and sudden bouts of intense rage.”

Of course, all narcissists are envious. This has led to such things as narcissists beating me over the head with baseball bats. As you can see, narcissistic envy is a serious thing. When I got a Master’s Degree, my brother very quickly started telling everyone that he had a Master’s Degree too (he doesn’t). I said that anyone who is envious of me is pretty pathetic because there’s not a lot to envy about me. But once again, it’s an obsession with the idea that everything in life is on a hierarchy scale.

“They are drawn to positions of power.”

Ever noticed how many assholes like this there are in positions of power? Like moths to a flame.

“They are never at fault.”

My younger brother who just moved out had this quality. My mother pointed it out. I also had a cousin who was like this. My father was like this and so is my aunt. The thing is, most people like this are assholes in other ways, and they are typically aggressive or hostile people. I suppose there are nice people who are never at fault but I’m not aware of any offhand. Ever noticed that Trump never admits to any failures or wrongdoings? Everything is someone else’s fault.

“They will never take responsibility for their actions.”

This goes along with never being at fault, of course. You really need to be able to take some criticism without flipping out, blowing up, or even, I would say, getting devastatingly hurt, which is what used to happen to me. It doesn’t happen anymore though. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing because I feel like I lost some part of myself.

“They see themselves as victims.”

Same thing. Never wrong, take no responsibility for their actions goes right along with always being a victim of other people. The latter follows right from the former.

“They are adept at character assassination and ritual humiliation.”

Notice how often Trump does this, or should I say feels the need to do this? All the time.

“They use psychological projection to justify their immoral behavior.”

Trump does this all the time. I think my brother did it too. Usually aggressive, unpleasant, hostile, or mean people act outraged if you point out that they’re aggressive. There is something about aggression that blinds the person to the fact that they are aggressive. I’m not sure why that is. I think in a lot of cases, they know they’re being aggressive but they just don’t want to admit. It’s a rare asshole who acknowledges that he’s acting like a dick. I almost respect those types more. Want to know what Trump is like? Look at what he accuses others of being like or doing. That’s really what Trump is acting like or doing!

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