MAGA Against For Israel and Against Antisemitism!

11 thoughts on “MAGA Against For Israel and Against Antisemitism!”

  1. Neocons really look stupid on Israel.

    Yeah, the anti-Semitic extreme looks better. I agree with Robert on anti-Semitism. It’s probably a bigger waste of time than gender and racial differences which even basic AI can recognize.

    I like anti-Semites though. They’re at the forefront free speech and edgy comedy.

    1. The ones over at Unz are a rather humorless and dour bunch, but some Nazis can be funny. The ones over at VNN had me in stitches some of the time. Mostly Nazis and White Supremacists are too serious and mean to be funny though.

      I was on a couple of pro-Palestinian Telegram groups for a while there, and one was full of terrible antisemites, though most were not exterminationist. Those that were tended to be more White European out and out Nazis than pro-Palestinian Arabs. It was full of antisemitic memes, though I don’t like Nazi antisemitic memes about Jews in most cases as it hits a little too close to home, a lot of their antisemitic memes were hilarious.

      The problem with antisemites, especially Nazis, is that they see the “Jew problem” as one of the most earnest and dread seriousness. However, some of the memes with Le Happy Merchant are pretty funny. Every time I see that guy I start laughing.

      Anti-Black racists are funnier because they rely a lot more on ridicule.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been to most racist corners. I was avoiding a woman on VNN but I’ve been there. Unz is a bit of an older crowd. I had fun trolling as a Jew there and had a pretty good routine. I figure literal Nazism is a dead movement. Alt-right memes were funny and sort of went unanswered. Woke suck at humor by comparison. Anti-Semites, anti-Blacks, and the like are more open to humor. Hell, even anti-White comedy can be funny. Clean comedy in general is a downgrade. It’s a fools game to limit yourself.

      2. Literal Nazism is a waste but you cross lines you’ll be called a Nazi. So it’s a label for rebels. Certain Jews are too into censorship and are fighting humor with their woke allies.

    1. There’s a range of Nazis and I respect highbrow Nazi philosophers. They’re a minority but they’re the best they have to offer. It’s quite romantic and doesn’t need anti-Semitism or Nordicism at all. Germans need to at least embrace a “Des Past” attitude towards it.
      Not being an anti-Semite is to as fun. It’s like being stranded on a more boring island with a couple of Judeophilic WASPs. Truth is it doesn’t have a lot of appeal.

      Anti-Semites are more appealing on many levels but Robert is right, anti-Semitism itself is a lot of bullshit. Get rid of the anti-Semites on Unz and what do you have? Not much, honestly. There should be a alternative for frustrated Whites. Sadly, it likely will not catch on like wildfire of anti-Semitism.

    2. There’s something to modern Northerners being a bit more hygienic. A friend went to Morocco and the gym mats looked like they were covered in pubes. Even worse with streets in India being covered in shit. This is unheard of further north. This is primarily modern phenomenon but Vikings were also more into hygiene than those they conquered.

  2. Attacking Spencer was all they could do. Actual warriors and their pet pitbulls rarely get attacked. Most think twice before attacking a guy that’s really muscular or much bigger than you. I would fight a pack of Western antifa before some Nazis I’ve seen.

    Toughest anti-racists are retarded ghetto gorillas. Urban Zulu is tougher than Carl the Cuck. The loud and stupid street Blacks are all muscle and no brain, though White cucks are even more loathsome. I wouldn’t waste my time on either of them.

  3. Step in for a street Jew getting beaten. I likely would, I’m picturing the Jew extra pathetic and weak. I’ve seen some real tiny diaspora Jews wearing kikels on their head. Israelis look much stronger. Arabs look bigger, though I’ve seen big Jews, they seem rarer. I believe most Whites would step in because it’s very human/Christian to protect the weak. The typical mannerisms and body types would make it seem like a big bully buck was beating a defenseless Woody Allen type.

    1. Jew may bite the heels that step in. I don’t see them as acting very grateful. I swear sometimes Jews whine about their allies as if they’re big bad Nazis.

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