It’s Tempting for Adults to Act Like Children Their Whole Lives

It’s very tempting for adults to act like children their whole lives. Adulthood is pretty much of a drag if you ask me. I had a lot more fun when I was a kid. But then I have a silly, frivolous, fun-loving, “everything’s a joke” personality. I really can’t stand the extreme seriousness that is demanded of us as adults. I feel like I’m in a cage.

On the other hand, you do have to be fairly serious as an adult so as not to break social rules. You’ll follow social rules better if you have a seriousness about you. Other adults may respect you more if you act serious than if you don’t. You certainly won’t be accused of being immature or childish.

Let’s face it: the adult world is serious. You say or do one wrong thing and you’re fired and out on the curb. If you can’t find another job, you’re homeless. That’s some serious shit.

However, if you keep acting like a kid or a teenager your whole life, psychically you negate this serious terror of adulthood and you can pretend it’s not there.

But a lot of adults take this way too seriously, especially members of both sexes but especially mean from their late 20’s to early 30’s, especially if they are married and have a kid or two. A lot of them got married very young and had kids in their early to mid-20’s. I had a boss like like that. He told us he was living on a houseboat in the Netherlands and married by the time he was 19. Apparently anyone not showing this level of maturity at that age was an immature baby.

These people are just overcompensating. They’re trying to differentiate themselves “the mature ones” from “the immature ones.” They’ve divided the world in two in a superior-inferior way, which is a pretty shitty thing to do right there if you ask me. And if you do that, you might want to think about maybe changing it. You’ll be a better person. Life’s not a footrace.

The way I realized that they were overcompensating was that these people act far more seriously and are far more obsessed with being “mature” and “adult” then older adults are! You would think that if this was really an important quality for us to have, as we get older we should become more and more obsessed with acting mature and adult.

But I noticed that older adults slow down a lot and don’t seem to be obsessed with this at all. And as people get older, they tend to have a less serious, not a more serious attitude, about them.

This implies that seriousness isn’t a marker for adulthood either because if it were, we would get more serious as we age. Sure, you are supposed to obtain a certain level of seriousness as an adult, but once  you get there, you’re supposed to stop and if you get obsessed with it, you’re just acting like an ass. But we don’t get more serious as we age. We get more casual and carefree.

These people I mentioned are simply insecure about being mature adults, so they overcompensate for going overboard. Every time you see someone who is overcompensating for any quality, there’s a good bet that they are insecure about it. If you’re secure, you don’t need to overcompensate!

Why do people become less serious as they get older? I’m not sure. Notice I said less serious, not less childish.

Childishness is pretty much out if you’re an adult, though lovers often act this way or at least that has been the case with my girlfriends. The more in love with each other you are, the more silly and childish you act with each other at least when you’re alone. Being in love is fun. It’s not just this wonderful, fulfilling experience. It’s also a blast. It’s like a wild party every day, at least while the “wild love” phase lasts for at most a couple of years at the beginning.

You need to have a certain level of maturity though. One gag I do is a put a pen in my mouth and make it hang down vertically from my lips. It looks completely idiotic. However a woman I knew to told me to stop doing it and implied it was childish. This chick wanted to marry me! She was 27 and I was in my 50’s. Later I did it in front of my father and he gave me the same attitude of:

“Hey that’s childish.”

There’s also a good feeling when, as an adult, you start feeling like one and trying to act the part. It’s like you’ve accomplished something, and in a way you have. You’re now on a higher level and you’re trying to take care of yourself so you don’t make bad mistakes and get fired, arrested, or have other very bad things happen to you.

I do feel that a lot of adults take life way too seriously and get upset, annoyed, or offended at the tiniest little things. C’mon people! Life’s not that big of a deal! We’re all dead in the end anyway, so why the long face and the ultra-serious bullshit? Why get offended at every other thing someone says? Is it really necessary?

What they’re doing is overcompensating. They’re trying to prove their adults by going completely overboard on the “adult” thing. Everything you do is “immature” and “not grown up.” They demand that everyone around them act like an adult at all times. You better be moved out of your parents’ house too, even if you’re at university.

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8 thoughts on “It’s Tempting for Adults to Act Like Children Their Whole Lives”

  1. In view of your comment about people who marry young, usually right after high school, high school sweethearts who get married to each other at 18 or 19 years old can be so in love with themselves that they are no fun to be around. Also, they think they are better than those who never married, but they are not. In fact, they have been known to do horrendous things. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. BTW welcome back! Thanks for coming back! I missed you guys. I was actually lonely as Hell without you guys around for two weeks. Damn, I never knew I love you all so much LOL. Comments were broken for two weeks!

      can be so in love with themselves that they are no fun to be around

      What do you mean by that?

      Also, they think they are better than those who never married, but they are not.

      I noted that in my piece, right? Even by their late 20’s to early 30’s, they thought they were better than us or at least me at age 23, for having been so “mature” as to marry very early and start families in their mid-20’s. Their attitude was, like that boss of mine:

      I was living on a houseboat in the Netherlands with my wife when I was 19 years old!

      I guess he never went to university so this is also probably a defense because he feels he’s insecure for not having gone to college, so he has to overcompensate for the insecurity by saying he was superior for not going to college and instead marrying and moving out right out of high school. He’s saying I’m inferior for living at home, going to university, and not marrying right out of high school. In his mind, he was “mature” and I was “immature.”

      I got the same crap from that other idiot I knew. He had never gone to college either and instead had married at 19 or 20 and moved out with his wife. Then he had kids in his mid-20’s. He probably felt insecure for not going to college too so he had to overcompensate and act like what he did – marrying very young, not going to college – was superior to what I did – living at home and going to college.

      If they were secure and relaxed and chill, they wouldn’t care about what they did or what I did and they wouldn’t have to try to be superior and make me inferior.

      1. I only tell East Asians I went to college because they’re often such school heads. Some folks that never went to college loath college graduates. I can see both sides, the academic often lacks street smarts but people lacking formal education often loath the formally educated a little too much. When one starts loathing education itself, it seems a bit self-defeating.

        Some highschool sweethearts are very good-looking populars. Less popular ones are less storybook. Kinda lower expectations, the men can scoop up more popular women as their value falls with age and second string bf becomes first string. It’s not revenge of the nerds extreme; instead, it’s more that the social circle tends to be close.

        I saw a Black woman hit her husband recently. I’m guessing they can be crazy dominant. Most Black guys I know are with White women, so their Wakanda pride seems silly. I’ve had some heart to hearts with them recently, but it just reaffirms they are delusional. Black pride is sort of like a young girl believing in unicorns. It’s nice to believe in but at the end of the day it’s just not real.

        In a way Afrocentrics seem stuck in the past as if they’re still oppressed hard today, when actually it’s been awhile. Now if you can look past crap politics, culture, etc. there’s some value there. That stuff isn’t a big deal if you’re tolerant of anarchy. Blacks adapt well to unhealthy or backwards society well but gravitate towards ego massagers. Are Whites so different? Yes, but not so much as Japanese. Blacks seem the true opposite of Japanese, not Whites.

        1. Now if you can look past crap politics, culture, etc. there’s some value there. That stuff isn’t a big deal if you’re tolerant of anarchy.

          Don’t understand. Can you explain.

          1. Black culture, politics, ect. are less than ideal. There’s still things to enjoy about them. They can be funny. Like someone here said Western women aren’t really into higher thought, they can still be enjoyable though. You can focus on the positive however slight.

        1. LOL I was actually lonely for two weeks not talking to y’all. You guys are like my family nowadays! I never realized I cared about you all so much.

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