Comments Were Broken Since Christmas! They’re Fixed Now. Comment Away!

I noticed the comments stopped at December 25 and there hasn’t been a single one since. I finally thought that was odd and I went to check by leaving my own comment. It gave me an error message! It smelled like my Jetpack plugin, so I went and deactivated it and got a new error message.

Tried it again and the comments all vanished along with the ability to even leave one in the first place! So I deleted Jetpack. Same problem. Then I got an idea and closed out the site and logged onto my site again. The login screen looked like it used to before Jetpack “upgraded” it (really a downgrade). I went and tried to leave a comment and it took.

So comment away people! Comment all you want! I love all of you, I really do. Especially Polar Beat and Claudius – there’s a special little place in my heart for both of you guys. I have some other favorite commenters and some of them are absolutely superb, but they don’t comment nearly as much as those two.

The comments, especially the more erudite and fascinating ones by some commenters with very interesting intellects, are what really make this site go round. I actually missed some of you.

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