Yes, John Travolta is Bisexual

This has been known in Hollywood for a very long time now. The rumor that he is gay is hitting the press now, but it’s been known for a very long time. He got in on it as a teenage boy as part of the LA Gay Mafia’s casting couch for young male movie stars. This has been a notorious problem for many years now in LA. A lot of these men have high positions at the studios and they’re virtually untouchable.

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3 thoughts on “Yes, John Travolta is Bisexual”

    1. It’s been well known for a long time now. Look for the picture of him meeting his boyfriend at the airport and kissing him on the lips.

  1. Travolta allegedly tried to seduce a male masseuse years ago.

    I believe that what you said about Travolta’s claim on why he’s fruity. You can get vampired into being gay. Gay Jews are known to swarm on attractive young men and boys in Hollywood. Hollywood is essentially a gay Jew’s boner.

    I believe think anti-Semites and homophobes have a more ground to stand on if they live there as there’s so much bad behavior by both groups all around you.

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