Why Conservatism Is Barbarism (Law of the Jungle, Social Darwinism, Survival of the Fittest)

Commenter: First, let me say I take issue with your definition of conservatives as being barbaric retards.

Thanks, I changed that. I still think conservatism is backwards and barbarous. But it’s definitely not retarded.

Not only that but conservatism and conservatives will never go away. It and they will always be with us. My brother told me that and that’s one of the smartest things he ever said to me. I think we Lefties have to reckon ourselves to that.

First of all, conservatism is always and only rule by aristocracy or rule by the rich. It used to mean “the divine right of kings. Read Leviathan for more on that. Locke was one of the first people to call bullshit on that obviously ridiculous notion.

After royalty vanished, conservatives simply substituted money, power and stuff for the aristocracy, so conservatism in our modern age is never anything but the rule of the rich over everyone who’s not rich (although the upper middle class does benefit). It’s always the rule of the top 2

Liberalism, by contrast, has never been anything but the rule by the people themselves as opposed to the rule by the aristocracy. Why anyone would oppose rule by the people, a group they are a part of, in favor of the rule by a top 2

I understand intellectually when people are conservatives, but on an emotional level, I just don’t get it. Unless they’re rich and the only reason they’re conservatives boils down to money and a desire to keep more of it for themselves and not share a nickel of it with any other soul. I get that. I see why corporate types are conservatives.

If I were rich, upper middle class, or corporate, I like to think I’d be the liberal outlier.

I see why warmongering psycho assholes are conservatives.

I see why science-hating idiots are conservatives.

Conservatism is the ostrich response to life. It’s the monkey response: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, so therefore, somehow…there’s no evil! LOL. If the emperor’s walking naked down the street, the conservatives are the ones who are ranting about how great his outfit is. Conservatism seems to boil down to self-delusion and denial of reality to me, usually because reality threatens to make their lives less comfortable or gets in the way of their pocketbook.

Conservatives seem to be saying:

LOL yeah life is shitty and sucks but so what! Just be a winner and beat everyone else and it’s all good! But please, God forbid, don’t ever try to make anything better because that’s called “interfering with the natural order of life,”

which, to conservatives, is never anything but the Law of the Jungle, which they think is the greatest thing since  radical tires. Conservatism is social Darwinism. It always has been and it always will be. There’s no way it can be anything but.

Why on Earth they love this horrorshow notion of human life as the literal jungle writ large and all of us are simply greater or lesser mammals either being preyed on or predating others is something I will never understand. Except I suppose conservatives think they’re winners. They think they’re the winner predators killing and eating all the weak, lame, and stupid (all self-inflicted of course) lesser mammals and delighting in their mass homicide and cannibalism.

Like I said: Barbarism.

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One thought on “Why Conservatism Is Barbarism (Law of the Jungle, Social Darwinism, Survival of the Fittest)”

  1. I’ve dabbled in barbarianism. Even Hitler said something Germans were barbarians. Though they were reaching for Rome in some ways.

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