One More Reminder That You’re Being Gaslit All the Time If You Make the Mistake of Believing in Science


Why are women more emotional than men?

Feminist Woke answer: They’re not! It’s a misogynistic lie about women!

Of course given an answer like that feels a lot like gaslighting, so you end up being gaslit.

Are Whites as a group smarter than Blacks?

Antiracist woke answer: No, they’re not! Blacks are just as smart but it’s just that the tests are biased against them. Which tests? All the tests of course.

Ok, that answer smells wrong to me. I’d say all of these tests are biased, of course. I agree. Except I’d say they’re biased against dumb people, hence the answers come out the way they do. Once again, you’re being gaslit hard.

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