I’m Published on The Unz Review Now

Ron Unz is letting me post stuff on his website, The Unz Review, now. It’s one of the biggest sites on the Internet. Well, he let me post one article, the one on the 10-7 death toll. We will see if he lets me post anything else. I do correspond with him fairly regularly.

There were comments on here that he’s maladjusted. I don’t get any sense of that at all. Socially he’s very appropriate. He’s extremely intelligent. His IQ was supposedly tested at 190 earlier in his life. For what it’s worth, Thomas Pynchon and Elon Musk are also said to have 190 IQ’s. He’s a pretty nice guy too. He never fights you if you are decent to him.

I also don’t get the idea that he’s an antisemite at all. Sure, he’s critical of a lot of Jewish behavior and he engages in a lot of hyperbole, but he doesn’t act like a self-hater. If anything else, he is a “completely logical” person in the sense that he wants to know the hard truth about just about everything. There’s a lot of good material critical of US foreign policy on there, so there’s a lot for a Leftist or at least an Alt Leftist like me, to chew on.

Of course the place is chock full of obsessive and conspiratorial antisemites, including a number of the authors. But this is good in a sense because if you read their stuff with an open mind, you can see just how nutty this “Jews control everything so we need to inflict harm on them” nonsense is. I’ve said before that if this type of antisemitism were true, I would just believe it. Problem is it just isn’t.

The place is also now swarming with White nationalists who of course often tie the Jewish Question in with their White nationalism with the theory that Jews are the enemy of the White race. Just as Unz is not an antisemite, he’s also not a White nationalist at all. Why he gives these folks a forum is beyond me.

Not everyone on there is a rightwinger, an antisemite, or a White nationalist. In fact, there are a number of what I might call “Alt Left” writers on there, or more properly anti-imperialists. These people are coming from the place where the Far Right meets the Far Left so to speak. Horseshoe theory is correct.

Sure most of the commenters are rightwing idiots, but so what? I’d like to see if he lets me post more stuff on there, preferably some Left stuff.

I’m not ashamed to be published on The Unz Review. Hell, I need to get published somewhere and I’ll take anything at this point. Earlier, American Renaissance wanted me to write an article for them, but they rejected it after I criticized White nationalism. And they told me I could go ahead and do that, too.

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9 thoughts on “I’m Published on The Unz Review Now”

    1. He certainly is (although I never use terms like “self-hating”) as well as a pro-Hitler Nazi apologist and enabler of fascist subhumanity and violence.

      1. You say that about a lot of people.

        I don’t entirely get Ron Unz but he’s probably less anti-Semitic than his commenters. He could be friends with a modern equivalent of a Nazi though, so he’s not your typical Jew.

        1. I communicate with Ron now all the time, and of course we do talk about Jews, but his comments about Jews are very rational and measured. They don’t at all sound anything like the raving antisemite kooks in his Comments section. He comes across more like a Jewish self-critic like Israel Shahak. You just don’t get that feeling of HATE that most of his antisemite commenters and even some of his writers give off.

          He’s also a pretty nice guy or rather should I say he’s absolutely not hostile at all. He’s unfailingly polite. He’s more like that than actually warm.

          He’s this totally rational guy, almost like a human computer. You almost wonder if he has any feelings because he’s so logical. He wants to be absolutely correct about everything he writes, and he dismisses all sorts of evidence as poorly sourced.

          And he doesn’t like going out on a limb and making assertions he can’t back up with fact. But you will certainly never hear an unkind word from the man (or at least I’ve never elicited one). He’s definitely not a “sensitive” man who blows up all the time or even part of the time, like, well, everyone!

          You don’t hear him make jokes. I suspect he’s not a huge joker. But he doesn’t come across as dour, depressive, and too serious either.

          He’s definitely not maladjusted as some insist or at least he doesn’t come across that way. He has very good social skills at least as far as email goes.

        2. His commentators (Robert and very few others excepted) are largely animals, the lowest forms of filth imaginable in contemporary society. This is also true of such authors as Andrew Anglin, E. Michael Jones, and many other regular contributors.

          Although I’m generally an anti-Tankie democratic socialist type, I would actually favor the kind of hate speech laws enacted in places like Germany and (to a lesser extent) the UK be used against them. Many are clearly willing to engage in targeted racial violence against Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, LGBT etc. and are just on the brink of doing so. Certainly a blatantly Stalinist/Castroite/Maoist society would not tolerate this.

          1. I don’t think they are violent. Trannies killing kids seem to be an odd shooting pattern lately. Pro-White Whites aren’t very violent. A few odd outliers who get immediately get disowned by the pro-White community happen. I watch every documentary available on this topic, reformed racists dressing up like caste based Sikhs because of one shooter. Possibly the only case of a Sikh temple being shot up by a White man in history.

      2. I guess I’d best not comment on Mr. Unz now that I communicate with him regularly and have at least once written for his publication. Right now we are trying to figure out who killed whom on 10-7. So far I have Israel killing more people than Hamas!


        As far as this latest publication though, this is his most forceful statement yet on Holocaust Denial, and let’s just say I don’t agree with him on this.

        Honest Guy, how good are you at taking about Holocaust Deniers’ assertions? They have to be wrong obviously there were a couple of new ones in there that I had no answer to. If you want to help me out, let me know.

    2. I really should not commenting on stuff like this now that I’m talking to him all the time, and he’s run at least one of my articles. He’s not this vindictive type where if I criticize him or say something bad about him, he’s going blow his top and throw me out of his life like most people would. Ron’s too “cerebral” for that. But still better safe than sorry.

      I wouldn’t say he was crazy though. Maybe naive.

      1. Ron Unz seems very tolerant. While I know little of him, I suspected him of being a Saint. He exhibits some Jesus like behavior. I believe he takes a shine to some of his published authors treating them as privileged friends. Yeah, some of them are basically neo-Nazis but show they show him respect at least. I’m sure you’re fine as you care enough to have concern.

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