Why Is the Arab and Muslim World Doing So Little to Help the Palestinians?

From the Net:

On the Israel/Gaza conflict; it looks like the Muslim nations have done ZERO to actually help Gaza. They haven’t even broken off financial or diplomatic ties. Seems likely that a significant percentage of the Gaza and West Bank people will be killed off this year. Life continues to be without hope for the Palestinians.

Muslim nations = Sunni Muslim nations, ok?

And that makes all of the difference.

Lebanon is supporting Hezbollah (Shia government, Sunni and Shia people but mostly Shia).

Syria is supporting Gaza and Hezbollah (Shia government, Sunni people).

Iran is supporting Gaza and the rest of the Resistance (Shia).

Iraq is supporting Gaza because the Iraqi military itself (!) is the group that is shooting at our bases on Syria and Iraq. They never tell you that, do they? And the government doesn’t try to stop them, either. Those are all battalions of the official Iraqi military! The Iraqi military has battalions and brigades inside of it that are mostly Shia and are very pro-Iran (Shia government, Sunni/Shia mixed people).

Yemen is poorly understood. Ansar Allah is actually real government of Yemen. They won a civil war and took over the state. The existing very unpopular state fled to Saudi Arabia where they continue to administer their fake state from afar. Most of the Yemeni military (~8

Malaysia has banned all Israeli ships from landing at its ports (Sunni).

Algeria is on board as its Parliament has declared war on Israel (Sunni).

Egypt (Sunni), Jordan (Sunni), Saudi Arabia (Sunni with Shia minority), and UAE (Sunni) are actually supporting Israel in this war. The first three are shooting down missiles heading for Israel. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have made an overland route so goods can go overland to Israel to avoid the Red Sea.

Bahrain (Sunni with Shia minority) has joined the US flotilla to protect Israeli ships and ships going to Israel.

Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, Mauritania, Oman, and Qatar have said nothing (Sunni).

Kuwait and Turkey had some harsh words (Sunni with Shia minorities).

Muslim Africa has said nothing (Mostly Sunni, small Shia minority in Nigeria) .

Pakistan (Sunni with Shia minority), Bangladesh, and the Stans (both Sunni) have done nothing.

Azerbaijan is allied with Israel (Shia)!

Look what is really going on here is a lesson in just how deranged the Sunni hatred of the Shia really is. It needs to be seen to believed. These Sunni governments would rather fight and kill the Shia then fight Israel. In fact they will literally ally themselves with Israel so they can fight and kill Shia alongside the bloodthirsty Jews.

That is literally how insane and stupid Sunni Muslims are.

Now it’s true that as you get towards the outlying areas away from Arabia it calms down a lot. Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia care nothing at all about the Shia, mostly because they don’t have any of them anywhere near them.

But Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Bahrain, Lebanese Sunnis, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, many Syrian Sunnis, Iraqi Sunnis, Turkey, and Egypt really hate the Shia. I honestly think this is going to tear Islam apart because the Sunnis will not get over this Shia hatred in my lifetime. I know these people. I’ve met them and talked to them.

I don’t think I will miss Islam when it’s gone, if it goes out, that is. It’s nice that it makes people fight so hard for their rights, but I don’t think all the rest of the baggage is worth it. Furthermore, it will never reform in my lifetime and it is probably incapable of reform.

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