Nice Equation

Nice equation.

I’m afraid that’s about right. And I don’t necessarily mind Soros’ open societies except for his hatred of Russia. Ethnic nationalism, another word for politicized national heritage, often is fascistic! It’s hard to have an ethnic nationalist government without it being at least a little bit fascist.

Diversity is probably not good for the economy. Why on Earth would “diversity” benefit the economy? That doesn’t even make sense. What’s the mechanism for how exactly diversity benefits the economy? I’m not seeing it.

As far as replacement of Whites goes, well, we are being replaced. Is it deliberate? I have no idea. But I’ll tell you what. The whole SJW/woke crowd is absolutely ecstatic that Whites will be a minority at some certain date. They all sound like they’re going to have a huge party on that day. I don’t see what’s so good about. We may as well have a day or mourning as much as block party.

That this whole mess starts with capitalism, which logically only feeds into individualism and atomization as opposed to any sort of collectivism or even duty to society, is obvious. In fact, neoliberals hate society. Remember Margaret Thatcher’s famous words?

There is no such thing as society.

Margaret Thatcher.

Those may as well have been Reagan’s words too because he was a precise mirror image of Thatcher. Why do capitalists hate collectivism and any notion of duty to society so much? Because not only does it lead to some form of socialism but it also tends to break down the glue that holds capitalism together, namely radical individualism.

And Marxists have made a superb argument that capitalism is in fact not morally right at all. In fact, it is quite immoral! The main problem with Marxists is not their critique of capitalism, which is yet unequaled but instead in their proposing any viable alternatives to capitalism. In this sense they have been much less successful in part because they treat Marxism like a science that has to be correct.

Marxism will inevitably lead utopia. There’s no way it can’t. But says who? You can’t just write down a theory and say this is science and it works. You have to test it out first. I think Marxists lock themselves in a prison when they stick to standard Marxist doctrine. There have to be some different ways to be a communist. There are already many different ways to be a socialist.

His point is also correct. If capitalism is indeed morally superior, then its necessary ingredient – radical individualism – must also be superior to the other ways you can live your life. And radical individualism leads to a desire for freedom across the board in rights and economics, so Soros’ rights uber alles “open societies” follows quite logically from individualism. Collectivist societies are not so big on individual rights.

And yes, if we don’t want to be fascists, we have to worship at the church of diversity. And when we do that of course, we must open the border as closing the border or even limiting entry through it must be fascist. So you end up with this fake dichotomy called “fascism versus open borders,” and those are your only two choices.

And yes, diversity worship logically leading to mass immigration does lead to the end of a White majority in America. What I like about his neat little equation is that he makes a perfect case that neoliberal capitalism and radical individualism lead logically to diversity worship, open borders, and an end to a White majority. So why are all these White nationalists or pro-White groups all voting for the ultra-capitalist Republicans? Why do they all swoon when you mention capitalism and recoil when you suggest anything mildly socialistic? It’s really a case of:

The capitalist will sell you the very rope that is used to hang him.

Joseph Stalin

So, we have:

  • Capitalism is morally right. Really dubious and I’d go so far as to say it’s false.
  • The individual is everything. That there are serious problems with this should be obvious.
  • Soros open societies. I’m starting to wonder if these are always such a good thing. Notice that Soros refuses to push his rights uber alles in Israel? That’s because this kind of stuff leads to Identity Politics and tears society apart by ripping it into competing tribes. And in Israel of course, ethnic nationalism is good. Jews think ethnic nationalism in White countries is evil, but it’s fine for them. Hypocrites.
  • National heritages are fascist. This needn’t be so broad. A little nationalism goes a long way and it’s necessarily a bad thing nor does it always lead to fascism. For instance left nationalism absolutely does not lead to fascism. And there are issues with tearing apart your own society and the masochistic hating of one’s own nation that results. Look at Germany.
  • Diversity is good for the economy. They haven’t presented any evidence that this is true, nor do they have a theory on how it even might work. Color me dubious to say the least.
  • Whites become a minority in the US. As with everything else on this list, who says this is a good thing? What are you going to replace Whites with? Inferior people, people on their level, or superior people. It matters.
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