Was Ernest Hemingway a Misogynist?

From the Net:

It seems Hemingway speaks after a life of unresolved trauma himself resulting in major identity challenges, misogyny, and his eventual suicide.

Hard disagree on the misogyny. That’s just stupid feminists. They call all sorts of male writers misogynists.

Hemingway loved women and he was actually rather passive with his wives who nearly mothered him instead of being the macho asshole you would assume.

And some of his female characters are the finest female characters I have ever read! He really got inside of the pure, actual female mind that many do not wish to know exists, and he laid it out masterfully.

  • The short attention span
  • tendency to digress
  • tiny emotional eruptions of all sorts
  • pinball-like changes in micro-emotions
  • pettiness in both good and bad ways
  • preference for intuitive as opposed to logical thinking
  • basic goodhearted and kindheartedness and incredible capacity for nurturing at their core
  • chatty talkativeness about not much of anything (talking just to be talking) or what I call thinking out loud
  • dream-like state of mind
  • importance of dreams as in fantasy
  • use of fantasy and denial as defenses
  • calculating mindset of young women with short biological clocks and a lot to do in only as bit of time
  • child-like (not childish!) behavior
  • tendency towards adultery
  • preference for masculine successful men and contempt for failed men seen as less masculine
  • capability of immense cruelty, though profoundly dwarfed by male cruelty and sadism

For the last three check out The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber for these three),

It’s all there. How the Hell does a man get into a woman’s head like that?

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