Some Male Writers Were Definitely Misogynists – And Assholes, Narcissists, and Misers Too

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It seems Hemingway speaks after a life of unresolved trauma himself resulting in major identity challenges, misogyny, and his eventual suicide.

Hemingway was not a misogynist at all. This is a huge misconception.

However, some male writers were – Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Norman Mailer, John Updike at the end, and of course, the postwar Philip Wylie. But some of those guys like Miller and Bukowski were also drowning in women.

Others lived misogynistic lives.

Norman Mailer tried to kill his wife.

David Foster Wallace stalked and tried to kill his girlfriend.

Of course there are the woman-hating homosexual men like William Burroughs, Brian Gyson, and Bret Easton Ellis. There are a lot more misogynistic gay men than most people realize. However, Oscar Wilde wrote beautifully about women, and I think he liked them a lot in some ways. He definitely loved his mother. He nailed the female psyche perfectly.

Women always want the best

he wrote, nailing female hypergamy perfectly.

John Rechy is very narcissistic but in a much less toxic way than most narcissists. That said, many gay men are narcissistic. lt’s almost a “type.”

Philip Roth gets accused of misogyny a lot. I’m not sure how accurate the charge is, but he was definitely an asshole and narcissist.

You can say the same about V.S. Naipaul.

Jerzy Kozinski was a horrible pathological narcissist and a plagiarist to boot.

Vonnegut was just an asshole who hated everyone.

Philip Larkin was similar.

Shakespeare was the same. He didn’t hate women; he hated everyone. He was also a cruel miser who let his neighbors starve in a famine and hounded them for petty debts. But that’s not why read Shakespeare!

Then again, Marx wasn’t very nice either.

A lot of great man were assholes, but they’re still great, and we still need to read them.

If you want to go all the way back, Plato, Socrates and the rest of the Greeks were notorious misogynists, but that was the culture then.

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