Why Are the Houthis Attacking Shipping in the Red Sea?

From the Net:

This is the ship that was attacked by the Houthis the other day:

Commenter: The Denmark owned, Singapore flagged, 10

— Loaded with cargo at Chinese ports. — Stopped at Singapore

It was going to Israel! So far, 10

Commenter: IIRC the vessel was was headed to a Greek port, but if someone has more detail on the non-Israeli destination it would be appreciated. The currently shown route is to an Egyptian port, but that is probably an inspection stop.

Nope it was headed to Israel, and that’s why it got attacked. That’s what the Houthis said in their statement afterwards.

Lots of shipping companies from all sorts of countries are going through problem-free. They are all just negotiating safe passage with the Houthis. Real simple! Also, these ships going to Israel turn their transponders off and do not respond to warnings by the Houthis.

Solution: Keep your transponder on and go talk to the Houthis when they give you a warning shot.

The Houthis have stated repeatedly that if you are not going to Israel or you’re not an Israeli ship, then you have nothing to worry about.

Commenter: Xi’s strategy (via his puppet Not-The-President Biden) is not working. CCP containers must continue to go around the long way delaying deliveries for more than a week. Europe has little reason to attempt intervention. The delays and extra shipping costs are effectively an EU “tariff” on CCP goods. If this continues, European producers will displace Asian ones.

Biden isn’t Xi’s pet. See how insane Republicans are? They’re lunatics. They think Biden is in with Xi and does whatever he wants. Actually is as bad as Trump on China and worse he is itching for a war on the contrary. What the Hell are you talking about CCP containers must continue to go the long way to get to Europe? Chinese and Russian ships transit the Red Sea all the time.

Commenter: Xi’s only hope is curtailing Khamenei’s unhinged aggression towards global commerce. Iran is quite weak, so eventually their Houthi proxies should capitulate

So you consider Jewish ships and ships going to the Jewish state as “global commerce.” I guess the Jews control the world a lot more than I thought they did. It’s not Khamenei’s plan anyway.

My sources in the resistance have told me this:

Commenter: The Houthis don’t take orders from Iran and Iran doesn’t give them orders. All the Resistance is like that. The Houthis submit their plans to Iran and either get a thumbs up or thumbs down. If Iran approves, it may help with planning and even execution.

But I’m not sure Iran is on the ground helping the Houthis carry out these attacks.

Iran is very strong. The US wargamed a war with Iran and we lost! Have the Houthis capitulated in this long war against the Saudis and UAE?

It’s just another War for the Jews. Biden is fighting this whole war 10

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