All of the US Wars in the Middle East Are Wars for the Jews

US bases are in Syria occupying their land, stealing all their oil and setting all their wheat on fire. These illegal bases are now getting hit by rockets and drones fired by the Iraqi Army (see below) every day, and I support to the hilt! We have no business setting up bases on their territory.

Does Syria have a right to come over here, set up bases, declare that 1/3 of the country is under Syrian occupation and any attempts by the US to move into that region will be met by deadly force? Ok, they don’t. Then why do we have a right to be in Syria. A shitlib, my lousy Democrat brother who supports everything US foreign policy does and I mean everything, said, “Who cares? Syria is a failed state.”

So if some country is a failed state, the US has a right to go in there and set up bases? I don’t think so! You can’t set up bases in a foreign country unless you are at war with them.

The US has bases in Syria because the US War on Syria is a War for the Jews. We are getting attacked there as part of our Syrian War for the Jews.

The US has bases in Iraq. The Legislature voted to tell us to pack up all of our bases and leave, but we refused to do it! Trump said if they did it, he would freeze all $6 million of their money held in the US – basically steal it in other words. Why on Earth does any sane country that is not deeply allied to the US keep even one nickel in US banks? Is there something special about those banks.

The Taliban had $6 billion in our banks and we stole every penny of it.

Russia had $300 billion in our banks and we stole all of that too.

Venezuela has $20 billion in US and UK banks and both countries stole every dime of it. US banks are just not safe places to put your money.

There are so many other places to park your money that are not subject to seizure like money in the US and it’s puppet the UK is.

The Legislature backed down. They left the law in but refused to enforce it. I told my shitlib brother and I believe he simply disbelieved me. He does this all the time. Whenever I say anything that makes US foreign policy look bad, he either defends it or says it didn’t happen. My dear departed shitlib mother was exactly the same way and so was my late shitlib father. People really need to start looking into the extent to which Democrats, moderates and liberals both, support US foreign policy to the utter hilt. I don’t most people know about this.

Iraqi military has fired missiles and drones at US bases many times. Don’t buy this lie that those Iraqi groups are Iranian militias or pro-Iranian militias. All of those “militias” attacking US in Iraq and Syria are nothing other than the Iraqi Army itself.

Yes, there are a number of brigades within the Iraqi Army that are mostly Shia and are very pro-Iran. They used to be separate but the government thought they were too destabilizing so they wrapped them into the army.  Notice the MSM or the US government never tells you one single time that those “militias” are simply the Iraqi Army?

However things have gotten so bad that the spineless president of Iraq just ordered the US to pack up all of its military bases and leave! Let’s see if we obey the other or not.

In response to these attacks in Iraq and Syria, the US is bombing the Iraqi military bases where the attackers come from.

Why are we in Iraq? Because our presence there is part of the wars for the Jews. Why are we being attacked there? Because our illegal presence there is part of our Iraqi War for the Jews.

The US is now threatening Lebanon. We stationed a huge carrier group off the coast of Lebanon to threaten Hezbollah in case they upped the war against Israel too much. A while back, the US engaged in a regime change operation in Lebanon in order to throw Hezbollah out of the government.

Hezbollah has 6

But the US and France (a former colonial power) put so many sanctions on Lebanon that most of the banks failed. Lebanon is an extremely corrupt society and the bank failures made that obvious. The government had been robbing the people blind for decades and this is what caused the bank failures. The business class is just as corrupt and they are weaved right into the state. No one knows quite what to do about this but Hezbollah is probably the least corrupt group in Lebanon.

People have no idea what Hezbollah is. I’ve talked to Lebanese from that part of Lebanon and they told me that “Hezbollah” and “the people” are both one thing. Hezbollah are the people and the people are Hezbollah. It’s that simple. And they have a lot of support outside of South Lebanon too, especially in Southern Beirut and the Bekaa Valley. So all the US machinations in Lebanon are part of the Lebanon War for the Jews.

The US is now involved in combat with the Houthis of Yemen. This mostly-Shia group has pledged to help the Palestinians by stopping all Israeli ships or ships going to Israel. They are attacking all Israeli ships or ships going to Israel. Any ship that is not Israeli or not going to Israel is free to traverse the Red Sea in peace.

Many countries are consulting with the Houthis to tell them about their ships so that they might go through easily. The ships of these countries are going through with no problems. The most recent ship to be attacked refused to turn on its transponder and refused to answer Houthi warning calls.

Hence the Houthis fired on it and swarmed with small boats. A US ship nearby intervened and fired on the Houthi ships, killing 10 Houthis. So the US is now officially involved in the another war for the Jews, this one in Lebanon. Let’s call this the Lebanese War for the Jews.

The US is also involved directly in the war in Gaza by shooting down Houthi missiles heading for Israel. So the US is involved in another war for the Jews, this one in Gaza. Let’s call this the Gaza War for the Jews.

Most US hostility towards Iran substantially though not exclusively about Israel, so this is a cold war for the Jews. Let’s call this the Iranian War for the Jews.

The US has no interests in any of these places and all of our involvement there is primarily to protect the interests of Israel. Were Israel not an apartheid Jewish state, we would not be involved in any of these conflicts.

*Note: If you don’t like the phrase War for the Jews, then substitute War for Israel. The wars are really all about protecting Israel, not protecting US Jews, as they are doing just fine. So more properly instead of Wars for the Jews, a rather provocative term, we should use Wars for Israel instead.

We aren’t fighting all of these wars for the Jews of the US, though they definitely helped drag us into the wars via the money power of the Jewish Lobby. But even there, why target your average Jew on the street because of the machinations of Jewish Lobby? He’s probably not one of the uber-wealthy Jews that is driving this policy and he probably doesn’t even donate to the Jewish Lobby, mainly AIPAC. He’s just some regular guy. Leave him out of it.

I don’t want to see US Jews targeted for creating our involvement in these wars. I suppose you could target one of the ultra-rich Jews who is funding this mess. I guess you could yell at him. Maybe throw some harmless object at him. Heckle him. Make his life unpleasant. I see nothing wrong with that. We can treat the major Trumpsters like that if we see them on the street, right? Well why not give the movers and shakers in the Jewish Lobby the same way?

But I don’t want him to be seriously harmed or killed. We are a free country and you can donate your money however you wish.

Besides, you don’t know how they feel about this matter. Some US Jews are opposed to all of these stupid wars for Israel.

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