What’s Behind the Bizarre Extreme US Support for Israel?

This post is a comment from this article by Philip Giraldi, Biden’s America Surrenders to War Criminal Netanyahu.

The comment attempts to explicate the rather bizarre extreme hold that the Jewish Lobby seems to have on the state. Why is our government almost fanatically pro-Israel?

The state is a lot more pro-Israel than the people and it is very important to note this. However, Americans really love Israel! That’s the thing that everyone leaves out. A poll just recently found that 7

The whole Anglosphere is pro-Israel: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK. In the UK, it’s all down to a very wealthy Jewish Lobby that’s bought off the state.

I don’t know about what’s behind the strong support in the other countries. I’ve also never seen any polls on these or any other populations about their opinions of Israel. I know I saw a list of polls a while back with a list of European countries and figures for how many were pro-Israel and how many were pro-Palestine. I recall that I was shocked at how low the figures were across Europe. Europeans don’t like Israel much at all.

Two other countries, France and Germany, are also strong supporters of Israel. I don’t have a back story on either one, except that Germans are overcompensating for their extreme guilt over Nazism and the Holocaust by going overboard in the pro-Israel stance.

Speaking of which, when is Israel ever going to stop this blackmail money scam they’ve been running on Germans for their WW2 crimes. Germany has been paying reparations to Israel for decades now. Don’t you think it’s well past time to put an end to this? I’m sure they’ve paid up whatever they deserved to pay up. Until the German people demand it, the Jews will just keep on milking this gravy train forever. They will never voluntarily give it up just to be nice. I know what these people are like.


So you see, when politicians go pro-Israel, they’re only following public opinion. Going against Israel and certainly going pro-Israel is a loser stance for many politicians. So it’s not all about Jewish money having bought off and menaced the US government, although that is absolute fact. I’m just saying that the money trough isn’t the only reason politicians vote pro-Israel.

From the Net:

All this is due to the triangulation strangulation (strangulation of our culture) among these three elements:

Faux Western corporatist globalism.

Dumb American hegemon brutishness.

Israeli interests via the US Jewish Lobby.

This dynamic is upheld by huge ethnic tipping of the scales among both poles of the globalist leg of said triangulation strangulation. The poles are made up of billionaires on one side, and the top technocrats in each silo of technocratic cultural control on the other side.

These top technocrats all aspire to be billionaires themselves. Note that each pole uses the other for selfish purposes. Both poles consist of 2

There really is no other way to see it.

I like how he focused on the dumb American hegemonic brutish militarism aspect. Americans are bizarre like this. They think we have the best military in the world, we can kick anyone’s ass just like that, and Americans are proud of this disgusting arrogant mindset. Even liberal or centrist Democrats think like this.

I doubt if we have the best army in the world, but we certainly have the biggest defense budget. Which leads to another insane problem. Why do both parties including Leftists like Bernie Sanders, vote every year to increase the already insanely bloated US Defense Budget by some huge amount? This almost feels like a mental disorder to me.

And there’s nary a soul out there calling foul on this militarist crap. It’s a disgusting bipartisan militarism. It does indeed have a dumb or stupid character or more properly loutish character about it. And the US military has deep ties to Israel.

Adding in the US corporate factor was also nice. US arms corporations make a lot of money off of Israel. Israel and Israeli corporations have penetrated almost the entire US Homeland Security apparatus which to me seems utterly insane. Why don’t we just hand over the keys to the whole damn nation to that shitty little country?

Probably the entire US corporate apparatus is behind US support for Israel. For one a lot of the biggest companies (think social media) are run by Jews. For another a lot of US corporations are probably entwined with Israeli corporations somehow or other. Ever see any anti-Israel corporations or even high ranking executives? Of course not.

Bottom line is, sure the Jewish Lobby has bought off, extorted, and terrorized the government into doing its bidding on this one particular issue of  Middle East foreign policy.But that’s not the only factor behind extreme US support for Israel. There are plenty of other ingredients that go into making that foul dish. As with so many things, it does not just have one cause. Instead, it has many causes and they’re even hard to identify, unwrap, understand, and discover.

Please note that US Jews don’t control the government in any other way, so saying that the Jews are behind everything and certainly everything bad the government does is just crazy extreme or obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism. Worse, it’s not even true.

This sort of “Jews control everything in society” as in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion idea is nasty stuff. That’s pretty much what the Nazis in Germany said. It was one of the major reasons they went after the Jews.

The result was the murder of millions of completely innocent people: men, women, teens, little children, toddlers, elderly, and disabled people. They didn’t spare a soul. It was simply a massacre. Worse, I would call it an actual extermination like what happened in the Armenian or Rwandan genocides.

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