The “Biden Is Corrupt” Bullshit

I don’t believe in the “Biden family is corrupt” bullshit, and I’ve been studying it for a long time. There are simply no legitimate corruption allegations against Joe Biden. He plays it pretty fair and square as he’s an old school politician.

Hunter is a dirtbag and a wigger on steroids but is not involved in any corruption either. He’s only guilty of a stupid gun crime and cheating on his taxes. The first charge would not have been brought and the second charge would probably have been settled out of court were he not famous. The “Biden impeachment hearings” are 10

I’m disgusted by this crooked partisan bullshit. We really are a Goddamned banana republic now. The Democrats impeached Trump twice on absolutely valid charges. So the Republicans vowed to impeach the next Democratic president regardless of what he did or didn’t do! It was just paybacks and the Republican Party acting like a street gang in one of our cities. You know what they say on the street.

Paybacks are a bitch.

In other words, no matter how squeaky clean he was, they would find some way to impeach him anyway.

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