Trump is a Black Hole: A Detailed Analysis of the Frightening Rise of the Donald Trump Cult Phenomenon

Another superb comment from Francis Miville!

Trump is Far Right, Farthest Right for sure, but for an even more frightening reason than mere fascism. He is a political black hole into which even the pure light of Christian prayer gets sucked into without the ability to reach Heaven.

The USA up to Nixon’s time had followed a more or less rectilinear course in the direction of a certain progress. But from the 1970’s onwards the US started circling in an orbit.

That was at the time most baby-boomers were sold, as hippies and others, philosophies from India as supposedly much more advanced and progressive than the dream about indefinite progress that had up to then been quite mistakenly called American.

For the older generation, the news of our actual conquest of the Moon was proof that America had set up for eternity a technological standard that could no longer evolve and instead could only be subject to incremental betterments.

Though Nixon in his very gross way still stood for a very gross idea of progress, his infamous Southern Strategy marked the acceptance of the American trajectory as essentially circling, ever going back, around what was thought to be a star.

And it was not only a star but also the best star discovered by the HMS American Enterprise. But it was not a star at all. Although it appeared to shine orange bright, it was a black hole, lit only by the mass of matter from outer space crashing onto it.

With Reagan coming, the choice was made to make America supposedly great again, great as it was taught to have been before the New Deal. By this time the US mainstream media was slowly being converted outlet by outlet to the Chicago School of Economics.

That school of Economics presented itself as a return to the “sounder” economic conceptions that had reigned in the Anglo world up to the advent of the Russian Revolution.

But they refused to notice that even before there was such a thing as Marxism, with the US economy dominated by the slaving Southern economy, there were already various sorts of socialist ideals to be fought for even if that might take centuries.

Once more the impetus towards the “conservative revolution” came from the South, the land of Biblical fundamentalists and slave wages.

The Chicago School of Economics together with its associates first decreed that the science of Economics reigned supreme as theological not utilitarian as had been the case with Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill. The End of the World was touted as a more worthwhile and realistic objective than the age of capitalism.

First of all, this school had properly noted that the US economy was circling around a black hole, not a star, and that it would one day engulf the whole planet. They posited that entire trajectory of American and more generally human progress had been towards orbiting that black hole, spiraling around ever narrower orbits as a way to obtain the kinetic energy to get the economy going.

That was right at the time Reaganomics was turning the US from the creditor nation that we had been a debtor, thriving only on its capacity to incur ever more debt by being too big to fail since it had in the US dollar a monopoly control of world currency defended by its imperial army.

The Republicans’ adversaries, the Democrats, were starting to freak out that nation’s fall into the black hole would come sooner than expected and would be mortal, though hopefully that would happen after the spoiled generation had enjoyed their pensions and died out.

But the only response the Democrats would provide was to cause the orbit to remain relatively static while slowing down the progressive narrowing of its orbit.

What needed instead was to get the out the orbit of the black hole back into to outer space at any cost ASAP via a strong component of central planning as had worked to win WWII against Japanese and German fascism. Those who shouted that message were dismissed as old school Stalinists and antisemitic Holocaust deniers.

The only debate allowed was between those who cried for faster spiraling down around the black hole to get increasing amounts of kinetic energy and those who hollered for a stationary orbit.

Finally came 9-11 and the choice was made to spiral down as fast as possible to make the economy buzz from the heat. At any rate the end of the world was to happen as predicted by the Bible, and Israel had to be supported in whatever they said and did.

The first big crash caused by this rapid spiral downwards towards the Black Hole’s occurred in 2008. It happened to be twinned to the fact that global warming was getting bad enough that people could no longer dismiss it or at least some of it.

The newly elected president Obama was asked to stabilize the planet’s as much as possible constant as possible not out of idealism but instead for the very survival of the

The black hole in the form of a person arrived in 2016. His name was Asshole Donald Trump, and he got elected in an unforeseen way supposedly by a frustrated and impoverished working class and rural populace. This was false.

The red (or orange in the case of the Trumpsters) states are those who rely on their natural resources instead of their labor force to try to avoid the ongoing world recession, although most of America’s money lies in the Blue States.

Interference in the election by Putin’s Russia was given as another reason for the Orange One’s ascension to the throne. This was also not true. Sure, there were Russian oligarchs involved in the election for sure, but they nearly all were of double Russian-Israeli nationality.

Hence the foreign head of state that contributed most to Trump’s mistaken glory was Netanyahu except that you are not allowed to make that remark, therefore you had to accuse Russia and Putin instead.

With the black hole’s event horizon being so near, black starry outer space has been diminishing in celestial surface to a smaller and smaller region of the visible firmament. Most people are attracted to the peach orange light emanating from the Extreme Right.

The event horizon will be crossed when the last patch of black starry space is left behind like the last vision of hope in the Divine Comedy‘s Inferno. That will happen if Trump or one of his more Machiavellian and charming partisans he might designate as successor; for instance, Fucker Carlson, is elected.

Why is Trump essentially a black hole? Because he attracts religious prayerful energy into his own person while being the most complete opposite of a religious person you can imagine. He redirects and sucks into his self all the light his crowd sends to the highest heavens in order to bask in it as if it were the sun in Mar el Lago.

He acts as this black hole object because his crowd continues to dote on his every word, and he is forgiven every fault, crime, social and political outrage, personality defect, and even act of treason by his entranced followers.

I am not condoning Biden’s government at all, except for one specific quality: there is no chance in Hell that Biden might become the object of a of personality cult. Every one of his supporters accepts him only as a lesser evil. In fact, he represents the last narrow circular orbit the nation can remain in before crossing the event horizon for good.

Now this alignment is heading for a showdown. Netanyahu has just started a genocide he is not ashamed to show up on TV not so much as to make Israel win a battle as kill vast numbers of civilians and children as a kind of Clockwork Orange reality show. His doesn’t care if he fails to win a single battle against Hamas.

His soldiers are not good at any battle except on consoles or when dealing with stripped civilians. But they serve their purpose as props in this fake war to appeal to the White fascists of the decadent West who are frustrated with mass immigration from Third World countries.

Now they can see the brown stand-ins for these getting at long last their comeuppance right on TV for all to see. This time, if fascism is unavoidable on the frustrated Whites’ part, Israel intends to play the massacring role in that all-out return to racism.

Trump is a fascist while also being Israel’s most devout servant in the US. That is not a paradox at all. During WWII Israel actually existed de facto. It was already a self-sustaining state on the verge of victoriously achieving its sovereignty except that it was fighting on the Axis‘ side against Britain. Let that sink in.

Later Israel would achieve a more formal independence in 1948 right at the exact moment the South African state of apartheid was being proudly declared. These two apartheid states quickly became the closest of allies. The kind of Calvinism practiced by the South African Whites is actually more a kind of rabid “Judaism for Warrior Jesus” than the most pro-Israel Christian fundamentalist church. They even both fought against imperial Britain.

In purely Machiavellian logic, Netanyahu, by committing what is actually a mass human sacrifice is also signing the political death warrant for his country.

Intelligent Israeli Jews who work in Israel’s Silicon Valley are now scrambling to get the Hell out. It is now abundantly clear that Israel has renounced any trace of democracy even for Jews only and is on a course where the only only two forces allowed any freedom of expression will be the military and the Jewish religious fundamentalists who are even worse than Iran’s Muslim version.

The the only democracy in the ME, my foot! It is both the most autocratic state of the ME as of now and the bitterest enemy of all democracy everywhere in the world. It is also realigning itself country back to its pre-birth when it was fighting alongside the Axis against the Allies.

If we are going to call Trump a fascist, we must realize that he is neither a Hitler nor even a Mussolini. In fact, he is much worse. Instead, he is a Mobutu, Bokassa or Duvalier “Black Republic” kind of fascist.

In that odd sense sense Trump is America’s first truly Black president as neither Clinton nor even Obama quite reach his heights. As a matter of fact all those Black Republic Presidents for Life were coincidentally Israel’s best clients especially for weaponry and special police training.

These Black Republic dictators have the essential characteristic of never fulfilling any of their promises to their people and instead do the geometrical opposite. We can see the similarity with Trump.

Trump promised to bring back decent salaries, especially in the Rust Belt. He brought back not one industrial job from overseas to the US, though he did return some from China to Mexico and other friendly nearby countries so as to bring them closer to US white-collar headquarters.

Trump promised to end American involvement in further wars. But on the contrary he attacked Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, and Venezuela. He militarily intervened in Brazil to get Bolsonaro elected, and he did his very best to start a world war against Iran. The reason Trumpsters sing the “no wars under Trump” praises is because all of his wars were defeats were hushed up and made to seem as if they did not exist.

Trump built a show-off wall as a cheap stunt for his voters. But a lot of cheap labor comes by truck or plane, and Trump greatly improved the transportation privileges for companies to call in the manpower they need by granting tax breaks to the higher bracket in the country. Trump is as real estate mogul, and he managed to pass many facilitating measures for rent extractors.

The reason why he came to be barred from Twitter is not what you imagine. In fact the reason was that his own groupies were starting to complain loudly on his Twitter site, especially noting that he had not fulfilled a single campaign promise. He phoned Twitter and asked them to close his account.

Last but not least, let us speak of the matter of “draining the swamp.”

Never forgive, never forget that the real brain trust Trump employed in his White House in order to disabuse the world of the voluntary Idiocracy he created was none other than Henry Kissinger, the ultimate Mister Swamp Person, who toiled for longer hours in the Oval Office than Trump did himself.

In fact, hiding behind a populist such as Trump to work his magic was Kissinger’s last Devil-given chance to fulfill his role in this world not withstanding the utter indecency of his mere personal presence in any role he might play in the state.

In particular, we can note Henry the K’s poorly known powerful role in the drafting and selling of the infamous Abraham Accords with ME leaders without the desires of any of their populations being taken into account.

Trump won’t make America great again because the word “again” in an American context can only mean the Antebellum South or at best the Gilded Age. The first “American dream” – this one having deep roots in the South – was simply the dream for a shrewd Southern commoner frustrated in not being an aristocrat to become a sort of faux version of one by building an even nicer mansion than most European chateaux via the labor of working slaves.

America as a futuristic social experiment was the only place in the West where one could hope to revive either slaving Antiquity or feudal lordship.

Trump’s main achievement would be to have America seen by the rest of the world as a giant African post-independence republic where the excessively intelligent or educated need not apply. Netanyahu has clearly implied in more than one speech that America should be treated like a cow to be milked to death to the point it is an empty husk gone with the wind.

Netanyahu is planning to align Israel with the Populist Right in the US and the rest of the West. It is not lost on Netanyahu that these are very same folks at greatest risk to turn antisemitic in “normal” fascist times. He simply doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, the horrified Center and Left in the West will be resigned to parties that are to be at least somewhat pro-Islamic on world affairs, this by default in response the anti-Muslim rightwing populism Trump and his like are mining.

The end result here will be the US being fractured. When a planet has been sucked for good into a black hole it refused to do anything to escape from, when it has passed then passed the event horizon, it will crumble into pieces. First two, then ten, hundreds, thousands of warring kingdoms, and later millions of fiefs that have no common language yet nevertheless recall Trump as a sort of supernatural being.

That scenario seems a little bit extreme, but Albert Pike envisioned that precise future as his sweet vengeance for the loss of the Civil War. After two world wars, the planned unwinnable third and longer world war between Jewish Zionists and their supporters and Muslims and theirs one would exhaust the West irretrievably and smash the American Union into medieval states.

The leadership of the ongoing modern world would then pass to a materialistic technocratic non-Western state like China, leading to another Cold War between it and a less rational and far more occult-minded civilization like India.

A truly amazing essay. So much thinking to chew over here.

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