American Christianity Is No Longer Proper Modern Christianity; Instead It Is Calvinism or Better Yet, Noachidism

Excellent piece by Francis Miville!

American “Christianity” should stop being called such. It should be called Biblical Zionism.

These people are Calvinists.

The biggest effort these so-called “Christian” denominations have always deployed against adversaries is against Catholics, and more generally against any Christian denomination older than Calvin and not considering Calvin as the first and only “real Christian” of the times he was born, the rest of the population being peasants to treat like animals unless they embarked on the right boat, preferably to America.

Actually, for all practical purposes, they are Noachides. In principle Noachidism forbids any form of Christianity as idolatrous. But that applies only in as much as one believes in the Holy Trinity, equating Jesus in a certain way with the one God.

But the Trinity hasn’t been a hot topic among Evangelicals and Born Agains for decades to say the least. If they let go of divine status for Jesus and make him into a perfect Zionist rabbi and nothing more whose real message was the ultimate in Jewish supremacism, there is no contradiction with them and any Noachide law or by-law.

American Calvinists have always been ordered to spit on Catholics the same way Jews do against Christians.

When I went to Israel, I met Jews who were proud to spit on all Christian sanctuaries they encountered.

But they made a big exception for sects as Jehovah’s Witnesses and most Bible Belt denominations that contributed to Reagan’s triumph in 1980. They considered these sects as imperfect but searching in the right direction, though many less intolerant Jews also think that the Catholic church since Vatican II has similar, in particular acknowledging the Jews as elder brothers in faith.

Noachidism is the same thing as Judaism except that there are only seven Laws among the Ten of the Decalogue.

They have laws against murder, theft, adultery, blasphemy and cruelty, as well as a stringent demand to believe in an intolerant monotheistic faith with a Jealous God admitting no other deities. The Decalogue commands the lack of other deities. Those Jews were part of the covenant passed between God and Israel only.

They also keep the Sabbath. Whether non-Jews are allowed to keep it too is controversial among rabbis. Half of them assert that the Sabbath was part and parcel of the expression of faith practiced by pre-Jewish Biblical characters. The other half assert that the only act of faith demanded from righteous non-Jews is to:

  • Work seven days a week for Jews.
  • Honor one’s parents together with legitimate elders and authorities.
  • Not bear false witness.

In other words Noachides can lie and are expected to lie and be lied to since their own speech has no value and they are never to be employed in any position where it could.

They can and should rebel against their parents and their ancestors because they are non-Jews and any respect to one’s ancestors would be tantamount to paganism. Similarly, nationalism one of the cultural activities outside Judaism banned as a form of prohibited paganism. Instead, they should labor full-time for Jewish interests.

From 1980 on, starting with Reagan, all US presidents implemented or reconstituted measures calling for the teaching of Noachidism to all non-Jewish US citizens at some time in the future.

Among the more powerful and incestuous adjucational circles of US Protestantism, Noachidism has been mandated for all freemasons as the zeroth degree of initiation and hence established Protestant religious leaders as seen as practicing masonry as their own peculiar and esoteric form of mysticism. Evidence for their practice of masonry is based on three things, being their

  • Insistence upon the work ethic at the expense of the practice of forms of meditation
  • Devaluation of all activities based on the pursuit of the truth, i.e. science and anything related to that, including the belief that there even is a valid form of universal truth, hence the “alternate facts” of the Trumpsters
  • Transmission of a strictly utilitarian American culture

For the Evangelical movement promoting these ideas, Reagan appeared on the scene as as a booster shot deriving from cultural mores resembling those of the pre-Roosevelt US.

Let us make no mistake about it: America in 1776 and 1791 was already a Jewish-subservient society, with the difference that these Jews were all Sephardic and concentrated around the Southern plantation economy.

America was by then opposed to the glorification of Anglo-Saxon tradition itself as part of the British heritage that they wanted to divorce themselves from, and that went as far as to prohibit the celebration of Christmas is many Southern states as a pagan custom. Instead, Christmas was supposed to be a working day.

Jews by then were

When they decided that came to see that the war was being lost, they migrated to New York City (An actual “neutral” port city in the conflict!) and hid their Jewish identity as much as possible in order to successfully involve themselves in international finance and export-import trade.

At the same time, they left the role of Cultural Jewry to the newer, poorer and often left-wing immigrant Jews who later came in large numbers to that very city, often fleeing pogroms around the Pale of Settlement in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

As I said, great piece!

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