Feminists Say All Men Hate Women – Are They Right?

Well, like with everything else, feminists are mostly not correct but neither are they completely wrong.

Here’s the problem with your ex-girlfriends and I assume ex-wives. They know you too well. The woman who loves you looks at you through a microscope and figures you all out, everything about you, right, wrong, and indifferent. Good, bad, and ugly. The whole nine yards.

Women with Cluster B traits, especially Borderlines, are excellent at this and clinical studies are even proving this. The problem is that your girlfriend tells you what you are really like, who you really are. Which, in a lot of cases, is quite contradictory to the probably-fake blown-up images so many of us have about ourselves. A girlfriend once told me I was a “little bit” evil. I’d never want to admit that either, but dammit, she’s right. Emphasis on the little bit! Not that that’s a bad thing for a man.

I’d never thought of myself as “conservative” or “serious” until a Borderline girlfriend insisted I was. I’m not happy a recent girlfriend told me I am passive because I know how much women hate passive men. But I guess all those things are just true.

Feminists keep saying all men hate women. Well, most women hate us men on some level provided they’ve had enough experiences with our crap selves. I think most men are ambivalent about women. I’ve met a number of men who’ve had sex with a lot of women, say over 100 women and girls. They were all pretty cynical about women and I suppose a feminist might call them misogynists. Most Chads are the same way. You might say they know women too well.

The problem here is that most men probably have had girlfriends or wives who know them inside and out, all their warts, the whole nine yards, you name it. And of course they’ve all told these men all these true things about themselves that they don’t want to believe.

The problem with our loved ones is we have nothing to hide from them, and in society, after all, we only survive via obfuscation, concealment, and deceit. But we are laid bare with our women. And I think on some level we really hate them for knowing those things about us, our eternal shames that we cover with the silliest of lies, the basic fakery and inadequacy of our petty existence.

So if you ever hear a feminist insist that “men hate women,” this is what it means. Not what she thinks it means, but on the other hand, like most ideologues, she’s not completely wrong.

Pursuing this further, I think most men hate their family members, their own kids too, not just their girlfriends and wives. Your kids know you too well too, at least once they get to a certain age. They see through all your crap and all the bullshit facades you put up to see your pride through another day. They see all your fakes, frauds, and horrendous faults.

You want to know why family members scream at each other, and, yes, of course even hate each other, pretty regularly, even when they also love each other very deeply? It’s for this reason. They’ve got all your secrets and you know they do and you can’t take them away. You have to be yourself in front of them no matter how hard you try to fool them, they see through it all. The shame is unbearable, especially for a man. Hence we rage at our loved ones like typhoons and the next day, fall to our knees and love each other more than we love ourselves.

It’s the shame, baby.

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