Collective Farming, Feudalism, Adam Smith, and the Idiocy of Liberatarians

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: But in practice communal farming is serfdom. The farmers are forced to do it and can’t refuse, and they must meet production quotas just like in feudalism.

In feudalism, you were fucked. You hardly got to keep much of what you grew. Just a bit of it.

Collective farming is life on easy mode. Production quotas are never hard to reach. The whole problem with collective farming is people don’t work very hard.

Serfdom was Hell on Earth.

Collective farming is life as permanent vacation. Like the workers in the USSR used to say:

We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.

And any job you have what boils down to a “production quota.”

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: Regarding Adam Smith, most libertarians are too dumb to read his magnum opus.

Of course they’re total idiots but some Libertarians have it figured out, agree with Smith, and even say that the basic mechanism behind capitalism is one of the most evil ideas known to mankind: the ultimate in pure, utter, near-homicidal selfishness.

The smarter Libertarians say,

Yes, this is true, but the thing is that consumers and even workers can just take their business to the capitalists who act good and refuse to patronize the shits who follow the capitalist maxim to the letter.

Problem is this never works because in most cases, they’re all shits LOL. Anyway, a capitalist who tries to act decent is soon out of business, and the lowlifes following Smith’s maxim are outcompeting him.

Evil always outcompetes good in capitalism. So evil is the basic driver behind innovation, plenty, wealth and all of the goodies we get with capitalism. It’s all paid for with the wages of a pure evil mindset.

Also, if the bad capitalists’ goods are cheaper than the good capitalists’ goods, you think consumers will punish the bad guys and burn a hole in their wallets? Pull the other one.

This “consumers will reward good businessmen and punish bad ones” is really groovy in theory. Problem is it never works, so it’s pointless. But Libertardians keep pushing it anyway.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: He also advocates for heavy taxation of addictive substances and state control of the currency.

Well, even Milton Friedman was a monetarist. Some ideas are just so sensible that even Libertardian idiots have to agree else lose all moral and intellectual integrity.

You are one of the few liberals who are aware Adam Smith has more in common with social democracy than he does with libertarianism.

Well, I’ve actually read him! Probably few liberals have bothered. Chomsky praises him too. That’s where I got a lot of my info about him. It also shows that Chomsky’s Leftism has true integrity.

Libertarians think Ayn Rand is Adam Smith. LOL.

Yeah, the Libertarian intellectual landscape is pretty barren. A moonscape really. They’re all just hacks and ideologues. None of their theories or propositions even make sense economically. I like them on social liberties though.

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2 thoughts on “Collective Farming, Feudalism, Adam Smith, and the Idiocy of Liberatarians”

    1. Yes,l this is not good at all. This crap never works anywhere. Sooner or later, it always causes a crisis. That’s not a bug either. It’s a feature! Whatever he’s going to do isn’t going to work. They tried something a bit similar in Chile and it was a huge failure.

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