Why on Earth Are US Fundamentalist Christians Rooting for Genocidal Talmudism in Israel?!

Polar Bear: Americans have become more Jewish than Jews themselves.

I’ve been saying this for a long time now. Americans are a “Jewish” people. By that I mean “Jewish in spirit.” I dated an Iranian Assyrian woman recently for a short while. I said the US was a Christian country and she laughed at me:

No, this is not a Christian country. America is a Jewish country. All you care about is money.

It’s not necessarily an antisemitic remark. Karl Marx himself said as much.

She was also an Israel-hater and it’s possible that she may have been a bit of an antisemite. Sadly, antisemitism is pretty common in that part of the world, and it’s not just the Muslims who partake in it. Middle Eastern Christians are well known for not being extremely fond of Jews, though calling them vicious or hardcore antisemites in many cases is a bit of a reach.

I did meet one Syrian Christian who was a hardcore raving obsessive and conspiratorial antisemite though. It would be more correct to say that they’re not wild about Jews. This isn’t real uncommon in that part of the world for whatever reason. Armenia is an extremely antisemitic country and I have no idea why that is. And few people know that Greece is very antisemitic.

Perhaps there is a problem with Orthodox Christianity and antisemitism because both of these groups are Orthodox. Certainly the Russian Orthodox Church has had a troubled history with the Jews, however, under Putin, the leaders of the Orthodox, Jewish, and Muslim communities of Russia are all united under Putinism and there is little religious strife between the groups. Putin himself has excellent relations with the leaders of all three of these Abrahamic religions.

And a lot of Middle Eastern Christians are hardline Israel-haters. US Christians can’t seem to figure that out.

She had a point. Like Hell this is a Christian country. Get real.

Sadly, the Christian spirit I’m afraid is quite different from the Jewish spirit, so I think this idea that Americans are true Christians are ridiculous. Why are real Christians rooting for Talmudic barbarism in Israel? Or rooting for Talmudism anywhere on Earth for that matter.

For better or for worse, Talmudism, especially the Orthodox or fundamentalist brand, is contradictory to Christianity. In fact, they make no bones about saying this themselves. This sort of Judaism might be seen as the “anti-Christianity.” Talmudism is much more anti-Christian than Islam at least in theory.

Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. What do I know? Maybe Christianity blows and Judaism is so much better. Honest Guy makes a case that Christianity sucks, but Christians have persecuted his people for a long time, so perhaps he has a bias. Certainly the hard Right form of Christianity we have here in the US leaves me awful cold as a very secular Christian.

I guess my point is that whether or not Judaism is correct about Christianity (and perhaps it is), the truth is that Talmudic Judaism is in utter opposition to Christianity, and there are many quotes in their books that lay this out for all to see. In many places, their books say that Christians are their worst enemies. Certainly we haven’t been real nice to them in the past.

But I guess my point here is that seeing how hostile Talmudism is towards Christianity, why on Earth are all of these US Christians falling all over themselves to worship people who sadly boil down to some of their worst enemies? I’m not getting it.

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