Trump, National Socialism, Immigration, and His Psychiatric Diagnosis

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: Do You think national socialism is a natural human tendency?

Of course! Nazism was no aberration. That’s the scary thing. Fascism and even Nazism are baked right into the human tendency.

Read Trotsky on fascism. Some of the finest work ever done on the subject. Trotsky says the fascist is simply “the ordinary man on the streets,” or “the shirtless ones” as Peron put it. The fascist is the “regular guy,” and perhaps the fascist is also the “regular gal” too.

The middle classes are profoundly susceptible to fascism and even workers can go in for it. Look at Italy. Mussolini was a Marxist and his blackshirts were regular workers. Then in a couple of years, Mussolini did a u-turn and became a “pro-worker” corporatist and his worker blackshirts were in the streets beating up peasants and workers.

Keep in mind that Mussolini came into power in the 1920’s when there was a serious threat of Left revolution in Italy. Workers and peasants were literally marching in the streets in 1921. Look into the histories of the Italian immigrants to the US at this time and find out the conditions they were fleeing in Sicily and Southern Italy at that time. The poverty in the rural area was real bad, an outrage really!

Another great thing Trotsky said was that fascism was a last ditch attempt of the capitalists and the  ruling class to save their money, stuff, and privileges due to a serious threat from the Left.

And indeed, we are in such a state here in the US. There is an actual threat to the bourgeois from the Left that is probably greater than at any time since FDR. The workers of America, increasingly, feel they have nothing to lose but their leggings. No one is going anywhere with an anchor in place, whether internal or external. There will be only inertia and frustrated rage. Any boiling pot will blow its lid given enough time. It’s a law of physics, dammit.

They don’t have a majority yet, but the bourgeois can definitely see the dark clouds forming ominously on the horizon, eager to pelt the skies with angry rain. They shudder to hear the grumbling, thundering roar, recoil from the terror lightning splitting the sky.

A spectre is haunting America, whether people want to believe it or not. The bourgeois can see it even if no one else can. No one ever said the ruling class was stupid. They know a threat when they see it. I’ll give them that at least.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I suppose it could be but I don’t see any socialism in Trump’s agenda.

The thing is, Nazi type fascism or “national socialism” is really socialist at all! And of course national socialism or Nazi type fascism can probably unfold in any society, possibly provided it’s homogenous enough.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: In any case, Polar Bear is right, the main stream media and Left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is quite pathetic.

I have been watching the mainstream liberal news on MSNBC. When they talk about Trump they are mostly correct.

I don’t think it’s pathetic, but I sort of get what you are saying. They’re all just nodding their heads and repeating after each other. However, many recent news shows about Trump’s threat to democracy have been right on the nose. Of course, I absolutely despise Trump and his horrible movement but I don’t want to get in on the TDS stuff and turn into an anti-Trump raver. They’re all for the Nazis in Ukraine anyway. They all hate Russia and China, and they’re all the worst sort of woketards. They’re hard to take.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I think he is more of a run-of-the-mill American rightwinger who is simply being honest about his opinion on the “Immigrant Question”.

He’s much more authoritarian that a typical rightwinger.

Trump doesn’t even make sense on immigration. He hired illegals himself for many years. He just pushes the illegal alien bullshit because it gives him votes.

Exactly how many employer’s workplaces did he raid for illegals? Oh that’s right. Zero! Tell me again how this guy’s out to crack down on illegal immigration?

It’s all fake. He knows that all Republicans love that cheap illegal behavior, and he won’t do a thing to crack down on that.

I have more respect for DeSantis because he actually did something about illegals by instituting some real ID thing in the workplace. It was such a severe restriction that illegals have been pouring out of Florida like ants in a rainstorm. Trump never dared do anything like that.

I knew Trump was a hypocrite on immigration when he said he wanted to increase the number of legal immigrants! So he’s not really against mass immigration at all! He’s drinking the Koolaid like all the rest of them.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: RL, could you do a hit piece on Trump detailing specifically what you think is wrong with his enacted (2016-2020) and proposed (2024 to the end of the Fourth Reich) policies? All I read are ad hominems, but no news outlet or commentary, not even this blog, really get to the point of why they think he is so bad, save he hates immigrants. I am anti-immigrant myself so this is a plus for me.

I get that as a Leftist you would not like rightwing policies, but Trump had been a life-long Democrat up until 2012.

Yeah, I could do that. He’s such a catastrophe. Trump is just a walking train wreck and clown car combined. I was appalled during the entirety of his administration. Every week or month he violated some other norm in some outrageous way and did something that no other president had ever done.

I’d have to look into it though.

The main thing is that Trump is dangerously mentally ill, and that right there makes him unfit to serve under the 25th Amendment.

The diagnosis is Malignant Narcissism. These people are also called Narcissistic Psychopaths. I know a lot about it. In a word, it is “the personality of the dictator.” It is one of the worst personality disorders, and it is typically thought to be impossible to treat as the person is so far gone that there’s nothing that can be done with them except keep them away from money, power, and other people as much as possible.

It’s thought that some of the killer dictators of the 20th Century (some include Mao and Stalin in this category) had a personality disorder like this. I’m not sure which other ones might have. The theory is that people with this disorder once in power have been known to persecute and even kill a lot of people.

If I were to work with Trump clinically as a counselor (though he would never hire me), I would regard him as a psychiatric emergency! This guy’s like a runaway train on a track and you’re just watching it wondering when it’s going to hit something.

I would grab him and sit him down and the first thing I would ask him are two questions?

  • Number One: Who do you love?
  • Number Two: Who hurt you?

Any superb clinician, were they to see Trump, first of all ought to regard him as a psychiatric emergency once they get a handle on him.

At once treatment starts, they really ought to grab him right away and sit him down and ask him those two questions before they ask him anything else.

This is how you do it. This is how you start off therapy with a Trump type.

If you want to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with Trump in terms of psychopathology, look to those two questions right there. Those questions are, first and foremost, what he’s all about.

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5 thoughts on “Trump, National Socialism, Immigration, and His Psychiatric Diagnosis”

  1. The Romans along pretty much any old Empire was very fascist in character, even if corporations didn’t exist back then. Although a similar concept existed: wealthy aristocrats being in cahoots with the Imperial government.

    However, my point was that NS is not the only natural human tendency. Socialist collectivism is another tendency, especially among the lower classes and some educated elite. Christianity has a super collectivist character to it. Just read the New Testament and how they talk about having common ownership and helping the poor and shit.

    Fascism (Right) and Collectivism (Left) are competing natural human tendencies. As for the Romans, Christianity (Socialism) won in the end, morphing into an early form of Communism/Feudalism that in turn morphed into a Hyper-Fascism known as Mercantilism from which Western society only was liberated by Capitalism.

    People forget Capitalism was a liberating force in the early Modern period, a product of the Enlightenment, coeval with early Democracy. The fact that Capitalism later morphed itself doesn’t change this fact. Christianity itself was a liberating force for many in the Roman Empire that later morphed into the Papacy and Feudalism. It seems to me that these human tendencies come in cycles, and when one polarized version has outlived its usefulness, its complement usurps it.

      1. Neat idea. Elaborate.

        And, I might add, you might be right. Though the Romans were much less murderous for sure.

  2. I say Feudalism is Communism because it is in practice though not in theory. Collective farming and factory work is very feudal in character.

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