The Worst Person You Can Elect as President of a Country Is a Businessman

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I find that attempts to put him in jail to prevent him from running to be a bigger threat to our democracy than any of his potential executive orders.

He broke more laws that I can count. He’s the worst president we’ve ever had by far and he’s by far the most criminal president at least in my lifetime. Few presidents in the past willfully broke as many laws as he did. He broke a lot of those laws as a businessman though, and businessmen are crooks anyway, especially the wealthy ones.

The two previously most corrupt presidents? Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover.

Both businessmen!

Electing a businessman as president is one of the worst things any country could ever do. There’s a time and a place for business for sure, but the presidency is the last place you want any businessman to be. Really all business types should be kept out of national politics or at least the executive branch. They just ruin everything and they’re all unbelievably corrupt once they get into government. Ordinary public servants who are not businessmen are corrupt enough, but businessmen are on a whole other level.

What are businessmen good for? How about making stuff? Like, real stuff. I’m not talking, FIRE, finance, insurance, real estate and all that parasitic BS? Tell me one thing those people make, and dwellings don’t count because they don’t build those things for humans to live in within their means but instead only as a particularly sleazy investment vehicle or gambling casino in the sky.

Particularly sleazy because you are making money off the ability or more properly the inability for people to put a decent roof over their head. See those homeless clogging our cities? Want to blame someone? Blame the real estate parasites, especially the banksters (finance sector parasites). They’re getting rich by throwing those humans out of their very own dwellings! Sickos!

Businessmen are good for making real stuff, as in widgets, that humans use and need. Not for making robots and machines to replace humans and put real people in unemployment lines, immiseration, or the streets. Not AI insanity to replace every human creative or thinking profession with unbelievably stupid machines, as dumb as rocks if truth be told.

Stuff. You know, widgets. Things. Especially useful thing. Like, stuff people need. To a lesser extent, stuff people want.

Keep the businessmen the Hell out politics. Capitalism is a tool for the development of the productive forces and that’s it! It’s not a form of Politics as in most capitalist societies, and there lies the problem with capitalism right there – the transformation of widget makers into an actual form of Politics itself. The only real politics in most capitalist countries is Capitalism. All else is dross.

That’s why I like what the Chinese are doing. That’s why China is not a capitalist country. Notice how the Chinese keep the capitalists out of politics. Instead the country is run by the CP, a non-capitalist and actual socialist and in fact, anti-capitalist organization prepared to restrain the profits of the capitalists at any time they see fit.

The Chinese have also done another ingenious thing. They’ve kept the capitalists out of the media! Capitalists are not allowed to own any media organs in China.

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One thought on “The Worst Person You Can Elect as President of a Country Is a Businessman”

  1. Nixon and Reagan were even more corrupt than Hoover and Coolidge and certainly greater war criminal (the two Bushes also). Of course, none of them quite approach the orange-haired Nazi in any of these areas.

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