One of Marx’s Greatest Contributions: Under Capitalist, the Ruling Class Creates and Then Reproduces the Actual Culture of the Country

These are the two deadly ways that capitalists destroy any capitalist country.

First by transforming an economic process, capitalism, into a political process, at which it disastrously fails.

Second, by taking over the media hence controlling the mind of the working people of the country and turning them all into capitalist fanboys and in effect creating culture itself.

It was very much elaborated upon by the great Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks written when Mussolini imprisoned in the 1920’s. He talked about how the bourgeois creates what he called “cultural hegemony” in capitalist countries. That is, of course there are competing cultures out there, but the capitalists with their money power, transformation of economics into politics and especially monopolization of the media (and entertainment?) end up edging out or overwhelming all of the competing cultural narratives, hence the notion of hegemony.

Note that Marx said that under capitalism, the culture of any country is the culture of the bourgeois or ruling class. This is probably one of Marx’s most brilliant observations. Under capitalism you end up with vast numbers of workers and maybe even peasants who adopt the culture of the ruling class for themselves. Though it fits like an ill-fitting suit one one is always trying to shrug off one’s shoulders, the workers, due to actual false consciousness, think it fits just fine! An Emperor’s New Clothes scenario.

The culture of the ruling class in any country may well suit the bourgeois just fine (I won’t argue with that) but it’s toxic for anyone else other than the upper middle class who make their beds with the capitalists, even though the bourgeois typically don’t give them their fair share either.

In this class we also find the supremely deluded folks called white collar workers who refuse unions out of a sense of superiority over the blue collar crowd, who they see as inferiors, men in dungarees and lunch pails. For an office worker to join a union means he transforms himself into one of those lunch pail guys he feels superior too, so that’s a climb down he won’t take.

Highly paid workers like tech workers also ally with the capitalists who nowadays are reaming them as hard as any worker has ever been fucked. Yet they’re all capitalist fanboys to a man, and their screeds against immigration and Indian workers are economically and politically incoherent, typically rants against “the Left” (who are trying to help these moronic ingrates) and “Communism and socialism” (LOL).

Supposedly the capitalists who are reaming them so expertly are all socialists and communists (LOL), so by voting out the left socialist and commie corporate exploiters, everything will go back to fine and dandy.

That these workers are supremely confused is clear. They know they’re being fucked. It’s only obvious. And it’s clear who’s fucking them. But somehow due to the size of their paychecks, they can’t see that it’s the fact that their oppressors are capitalists that is the cause of all of their misery. So they thrash about tilting their lances at this odd windmill and that, in a pathetic joke of a war, making all sorts of angry noise and almost no sense. A sound and fury scenario, in other words.

This also shows how one’s privileged economic status actually prevents rational thinking about one’s own condition. It’s almost as if the more money a worker makes, the less he can make sense about his socioeconomic condition. The money’s getting in the way or the frontal lobes.

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