An Analysis of Adolf Hitler, Including a Psychiatric Diagnosis

We come now to the mental health of Adolf Hitler. Although a lot of people say he was perfectly sane, just evil (this was previously my own notion), a very good case has been made that Hitler had Antisocial Personality Disorder. That is, he was either a sociopath or a psychopath. I’m thinking possibly the former and not the latter as he had deep feelings about environmentalism, animal rights (he was a vegetarian) and he even enacted some excellent legislation along those lines.

Keep in mind that not everything Hitler did was wrong or even evil. He definitely did some good things for his people and even his society. It’s more that the bad vastly outweighs the good.

He was very kind to his pets and he was good to Eva. Further, while a homeless starving artist in Vienna in the teens, he did not display psychopathic behavior, nor was he a behavioral problem at school. Nor was his behavior all that psychopathic even in the 20’s, as he got along pretty well with his fellow plotters in his cohort. This all argues against a “born evil” diagnosis of psychopathy in favor of an “environmentally created evil” diagnosis of sociopathy.

There has also been an excellent argument made that Hitler suffered from Paranoid Personality Disorder. Not Paranoia or Delusional Disorder, as he was clearly not psychotic no matter what Jews or anyone else says.

Jews have gone on and on about all sorts of sexual pathologies of Hitler. I don’t know why they do this. Isn’t his documented behavior bad enough? But Jews or maybe humans in general feel the need to not only black and white everything but also to pile it on. So the Jews pile it on with Hitler.

He’s been accused of being a celibate or asexual, gay, and having weird sexual perversions, especially coprophilia (shit-loving) or corprophagia (shit-eating). There’s no truth to any of this Jewish bullshit. Why can’t they leave well enough alone!

Hitler’s sex life has been well documented, and he was apparently quite normal in his relations with his wife or lover Eva. He was neither over- nor undersexed and he was not a womanizer. Apparently he was very close to a younger teenage niece as a very young man, but that was pretty typical for his time and space. There are accusations that Hitler had gay sex or was even a gay prostitute while he was a homeless artist in Vienna in the teens, but that doesn’t seem well-documented.

He was just a typical starving artist like so many decent folks. Further, at this time, he wasn’t even much of an antisemite. Vienna was of course wildly antisemitic at the Fin de Siecle. Whole books have been written on this subject. This was climate in which self-hating Jew Otto Weinberger and the great Jewish psychiatrist Sigmund Freud grew up in. Many of the popular newspapers in the city were wildly antisemitic.

Hitler was socially normal and had quite a few friends and acquaintances. He stayed in flophouses like many homeless folks do. He sold his paintings to art stores to survive. He regularly ate and drank in restaurants and cafes with his friends. Many were huge antisemites and Hitler was known to have complained about this:

What the Hell you want to bitch about Jews all the time for? What’s wrong with Jewish people anyway? I don’t get you guys.

Apparently Hitler thought Viennese antisemitism was boring, petty, pointless, and silly. He didn’t see what the fuss was over Jews.

Jews and their allies make a big deal over Hitler being a “failed artist” but once again, it’s just Jews black and whiting and piling on as usual.

Guess what? Most artists are “failed artists.” Guess what else? Most writers are “failed writers.” Including your truly apparently. Guess what else? Most musicians are “failed musicians.” Everybody wants to be an artist, but there are but a few slots allotted for fame and money, so by the law of averages and the logic of the footrace, most, say 90-9

Hitler’s art is much-maligned by his silly haters piling on. I don’t like his human figures much, but his landscapes and in particular his architecture are both pretty nice! He was quite a decent artist, as decent as most any other “failed artist” out there.

So what happened to Hitler? Looks like he got wounded in the war (by poison gas?) and this drove him completely insane.

He wound up entangled with the Freikorps who were bitter ex-soldiers looking for someone to blame for Germany’s loss in the war. They settled on the Jews and made up a lie about the Jews “stabbing them in the back,” which wasn’t true. Recall how rightwingers use the same “stab in the back” lie about how the Left gave aid and comfort to the enemy in the Vietnam War and lost the war for us? It’s a pretty typical though rather nasty psychological mechanism for populations who lose wars.

On the other hand, you can also just have a revolution if you lose a war, like the Russians did.

The Freikorps turned into what boiled down to a brownshirt streetfighting gang who waged streetfights with Communists and socialists all through the 1920’s. By the early 20’s and the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler was already pretty gone into antisemitism. However, Hitler must not be seen in isolation, nor should the Holocaust be blamed solely on him. Let’s get real. Hitler’s Jewish psychosis was shared by many of his countrymen and sadly it become quite common in other places ion particular in Eastern Europe. Hitler could not have done it alone! He had plenty of friends and collaborators to help him along!

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4 thoughts on “An Analysis of Adolf Hitler, Including a Psychiatric Diagnosis”

  1. Hitler was first and foremost autistic. One of the many competing diagnoses for him is “autistic psychopathy” by Dr. M. Fitzgerald. Here is a very interesting short paper on Both Hitler and Napoleon.

    Nevertheless, psychopathy would be the main diagnosis, with a differential diagnosis of autistic psychopathy.”

    – from the paper. It gives primacy to his psychopathy over his autism, but it doesn’t really matter. It must be noted that autism just like all other mental health issues is more often than not comorbid with other mental disorders.

    Eliot Roger, who shot up those hot chicks a few years ago, also had “autistic psychopathy.”

    Hitler was obsessed with the technical specs of naval warships. NOBODY and I repeat NOBODY except an autist would have that characteristic. I have High Functioning Autism (HFA) as well. If all I knew about him was that he liked ships and their numeral stats, that alone would be an autism-defining symptom for me to label him as autistic. I do not need a Ph.D. in psychology. I know one when I see one.

    In addition to his autism, he had numerous Cluster B Personality traits, most importantly Psychopathy. Which Cluster B Personality Disorder would he have qualified for? That is much harder to say as they all overlap. He probably had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I doubt he had was Antisocial Personality Disorder because he was too well behaved. Some claim he was Borderline, others say Histrionic.

    So where did his obsession with the Jews come from? Not from his psychopathy but from his autism. Autistic people can became extraordinarily fixated on an issue for the entirety of their lives, especially if it bothers them. I am fixated on the IQ question, and low IQ people piss me off. Thank the heavens I am not psychopathic at all.

    Hitler also had numerous other autist traits, namely an unusual diet, very idiosyncratic speech, and a puritanical view of sex which in the absence of religious conviction. I can attest that all these traits resonate with my personality type though I do not share his specific manifestations. HFA is very misunderstood and underdiagnosed, especially in women, in my opinion.

    I must point out, that autism alone WILL NOT turn someone into a murderous madman. Autistic people are usually very nice, naive and child-like, albeit emotionally distant and coarse-sounding due to their socialization problems. But they generally do not lack emotional empathy, only intellectual empathy. A non-autistic psychopath is the inverse.

    Hitler being an autistic psychopath may have lacked both, but he probably had good intellectual empathy. Autism can manifest in many different ways.

    I am actual quite social and most people would not realize that I am autistic, as the only manifestation is that I can be crude. Whereas some HFAs are super introverted weirdos who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse.

    1. Are you actually diagnosed HFA? I ask this as so many folks are diagnosing themselves, probably incorrectly.

      1. Self-diagnosed. I am certain of my diagnoses. My mother is also as well, diagnosed by me. Using the older rubrics for Asperger’s/HFA, I did not meet the diagnostic criteria. I also have dyscalculia and severe ADHD, often comorbid with autism. I dropped out of school three times. Using more updated ones I certainly am.

        I have many of the fixations and neurological traits, albeit to a milder degree. I don’t think people are misdiagnosing at all. In fact I think way more people are autistic than previously realized. Autism is more like a personality type that can become a disorder if severe enough. Within the HFA range, I would say I am mild to moderate, with most of my symptoms being socialization problems. Everyone considers me weird but not in a geeky way.

        However, I will concede this growing trend of people embracing they “neurodivergent” label in the same way trans people do. Both autism and gender dysphoria are aberrations of the mind, not something to take lightly or pretend is “just different”. My autistic mind has blessed me with intense creativity and divergent thinking while also cursing me with the same. I treat it as a disorder with some interesting positive side-effects, not a badge of honor.

      2. As a side note, if you are smart enough and have enough experience with people, after getting some basic knowledge of mental disorders, it is fairly easy to diagnose other people even with very little evidence or interactions. You must be someone who can intuit though. There are very dense idiots who have Psy.D.s and couldn’t diagnose a paranoid schizophrenic during a fit pf psychosis if their life depended on it.

        You said many people with pure OCD are misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed. I have full-blooded regular OCD. I was professionally diagnosed as a teenager by different psychiatrists as my symptoms were very clear.

        As I age the symptoms have transitioned from being mostly compulsions and worry-free to mostly obsessions with hardly any rituals and just worrying about the stupidest things like my house burning down or being mauled by a random dog or getting run over by a truck and having my precious high-IQ brained crushed lol. Bizarre but you would know.

        I think mild pure OCD is also way more common. Many of the people I still see wearing COVID masks may have a mild case of pure OCD or GAD. I have a friend who still wears one and is somewhat of hypochondriac with no compulsions whatsoever. He might have pure OCD because he also worries about ex gf’s burning down his house in revenge and stupid shit like that.

        Research claims about 10% of the US population meets the diagnostic criteria for a personality disorder alone. Add in all those with non-PD mental health issues. And then add in all the SUBCLINICAL cases who have some symptoms but not enough to qualify an probably 1 in 3 people are nuts to a certain degree. 100% of the population who lives past puberty develop physiological conditions. Why would our minds be any different?

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