More Judeo-Bolshevik, Etc. Anticommunism and Antisemitism

The commenter below is from He’s an antisemite and an anti-Communist, and the combination almost always adds to something like “Nazi,” sorry folks. It just does.

Once you get on the Bolshevik Jews murdered 25 million Christians bullshit, you’re straight off into pure Nazism. Face it. And almost all rightwing antisemitism and now in some cases Muslim antisemitism is starting to tread down this soddy road too. You need to hand in your “I’m not an antisemite” card right away.

Interestingly, almost all hardcore antisemites play the Judeo-Bolshevik card, though I haven’t heard any Arab Communists doing so, not that Arab Communists are not antisemites because the Palestinian Communists I knew were absolutely antisemites!

Commenter: Why did the Bolsheviks, as early as 1919, passed a law prohibiting antisemitism while practice of religion was forbidden; because they viewed being Jewish as a race.

Religion wasn’t forbidden.

Russians had had a lot of serious problems with antisemitism. Let’s face it, though almost all of the pogroms were in Ukraine, Moldova, or what is now Poland. The hated Czarists had been very antisemitic. I don’t agree with killing minors, especially kids, but prior to their execution, the Czar’s family would stay up at night reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to the whole family! Nasty people!

Westerners who went to Russia during the Civil War were shocked at what they saw as the preposterous, over the top antisemitism of the Czarist Whites. Keep in mind that this was at a time when antisemitism was pretty normal in US politics. After all, it was the era of Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent. The antisemitism of the Soviet Whites had a very, Protocols-like, “Jews control the world” feel about it. As I noted, even American reporters thought it was preposterous and bizarre.

So outlawing antisemitism was one of the earliest moves of the early Bolsheviks. Lenin gave a famous speech about how antisemitism was against the working class. Antisemites will argue that Lenin was Jewish, but he was only 1/4 Jewish, and that doesn’t count. We are getting into “there’s a little Jew in every German” territory here, and it’s just silly.

The Soviets attacked the Jewish religion as much as Christianity.

Aren’t the Bolsheviks responsible for at least 25 million Christian deaths? Ah, the insane anti-Communist lie again.

LOL! Nope. Even if you call Stalin a Bolshevik, you can’t get to that figure. It’s 2.5 million dead in peacetime from 1926-1954, and that leaves out the real Bolsheviks, whose count was much lower. That’s the final figure.

The “X million Christians murdered by Bolsheviks” figure is bizarre and a fake because frankly, just about everyone in Russia was an Orthodox Christian except for

Also, a lot of Russians, especially workers and peasants, started abandoning their religion as Communism moved on, so calling all of those people Christians is a misnomer. Also a lot the murdered were Communists (de facto atheists) themselves and many were also Jews and Muslims, especially later on for all three under Stalin.

Also, those killings prior to 1926 probably had mass support. Many of them were in the context of the Civil War anyway where both sides were massacring each other, including civilians on both sides.

The vast majority of the workers and peasants in the USSR supported the Reds from the Civil War on.

Most of those who didn’t took off by 1924 or surrendered after the war. Many of the people opposed to the Bolsheviks were the rich like Nabokov’s deeply reactionary wealthy family, who hightailed it to Paris. Note that the Russian upper class had been Francophones for a very long time. Note the long sections in War and Peace dealing with the ruling class written in French. This was part of a “Westernizing” tendency among the Russian ruling class starting with Peter the Great’s opening to the West even earlier.

About the “Bolshevik Jew” BS: in 1917, 7

Most Russian Jewish Communists left their religion and probably their ethnic identification behind. Trotsky would not admit to being Jewish. He stated he was an “ex-Jew.” This guy was killing people for his tribe?

In addition, the “Bolshevik Jew” line is straight up Nazism of the most pure variety.

The pogroms were real but the Jews were the perpetrators while the Christians the victims.

Huh? The anti-Jewish pogroms ended in 1924, I believe. The Reds put a stop to that once and for all. And you wonder why Russian Jews supported Communism? There ya go.

There were “pogroms” against “Christians” being perpetrated by Russian Jews? What kind of BS is this? What persecution of dissidents there were in the early USSR did not have an ethnic character. They were going after traitors, not “Christians,” and just about everyone was a “Christian” anyway, so what’s the point?

My passed-away uncle and godfather who was a Christian spent 18 months in a Russian internment camp when we was 19 years old during WWII, being a young Polish National. We know how horrible it must have been because he never whispered a word about it… never. Because he never whispered a word about it… never.

This was not a fabrication, wasn’t a construct, wasn’t a lie as his silence was the proof to it. And which strands of DNA did his tormentors carry in their blood, I ask you the question.”

Who on Earth this “Polish national” got rounded up by the Red Army after the war is a mystery to me. You sure this Pole didn’t have anything to do with the Nazis. An awful lot of Poles collaborated, you know.

You are demonizing the folks who run these camps while running interference for Germans. Let’s see who was worse.

  • Of the Germans sent to Russian camps, 1
  • Of the Russians sent to German camps, 8

I told this statistic to my Russia-hating brother who was on the “Soviets murdered all their German POW’s” bullshit, and he dismissed it immediately. He said it was “Russian propaganda.” Maybe so, but it also happens to be true. Similarly, this same brother labels anything that makes Palestinians look like anything other than total monsters “Hamas propaganda.”

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One thought on “More Judeo-Bolshevik, Etc. Anticommunism and Antisemitism”

  1. Most older folks in the West are not very nuanced on Commies. They’re seen as red devils.

    Russians are also demonized. I’ve heard the craziest thing said about Russians. Racial slurs by typically anti-racist people, among other odd things. I try to understand early Russians and feel I’m only scratching the surface. It’s seems odd how hardcore Orthodox Russians were, and then, Bam! “atheists,” just like that. I believe there was a push for Jews in Russia to get over to Poland at one time. Maybe Jews belong more in unoccupied Poland.

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