Is Trump a Nazi (Racist Fascist) or Just a Fascist (Mussolinist)?

Honest Guy: Donald Trump is indeed the modern equivalent of Adolf Hitler though obviously his main targets are not Jews but POC, Muslims, Mexicans etc. etc. and virtually anyone else humane and possessing a moral conscience. The “people” who still support him today are by any definition Nazi apologists/enablers.

I think he reminds me more of Mussolini than Hitler. He’s not mean enough to be actually Hitlerian, though I understand that Mein Kampf is one of his favorite books despite his Judeophilia.

I guess I disagree a bit with my comrade Honest Guy here. I don’t think Trump is an actual Nazi or Hitler type or racist fascist of the 1930’s variety, though in a way, I get where he is coming from. He’s definitely a fascist though! And not just of the Latin American Right variety.

Look at how he’s going after immigrants. Classic 1930’s fascism!

The Latin American Right (in general) couldn’t give two shits about immigrants.

But a particular sort of Dominican racist fascism has long opposed Haitian immigrants to the Dominican Republic on the grounds that they’re a bunch of n_rs. Dominicans are pretty Black themselves, although they are a pretty mixed race people, much more mixed than US Blacks. But as you can see, they consider themselves honorary Whites and see Haitians as a bunch of n-rs.

A similar dynamic is probably in play with the mulatto elite in Haiti, who probably see themselves as honorary Whites.

Probably something similar is going on in Sudan and Mauritania where Arabized lighter-skinned Blacks see themselves as honorary Whites and literally enslave and massacre actual Black people, who are just as Muslim as they are. Obviously the purer Blacks are just a bunch of n-rs to these Arab Blacks.

It’s interesting how a lot of lighter skinned Blacks more or less identify as the equivalent of White while n-rizing the purer Blacks and even genociding and enslaving them.

The Latin American Right is all about class war, rule by the White Right rich, and hatred and oppression of the poor, workers, and everyone who isn’t rich. Obviously this has been the agenda of the Republican Party from Day One, though they do rope in the upper middle class, but they often get roped in with the Latin American Right model too. Eliminationist rhetoric is said to be classical fascist, but the Latin American Right has always used eliminationist rhetoric towards the Left.

I guess Honest Guy and I differ just a bit. He says Trump is an odd sort of Judeophilic Nazi (racist fascist). I’m not sure I will go quite that far. I will say he’s a fascist though. That’s obvious! And his followers are clearly supporting fascism whether they think they are or not.

Honest Guy’s point is interesting though, and I will look into the weird “Nazi” element of Trump some more.

Trump did use some “Nazi” type language when he referred to immigrants as “poisoning the blood of the nation.” This is classic volkisch blood and soil nationalism (though that’s odd right there in an American melting pot context). The references to immigrants or non-nationals (those defined as outside the nation) as “poison” or “toxins” of the “blood” = blood and soil of the volkisch nation is classical 1930’s racist fascism or Nazism if you will.

Honest Guy also makes an interesting point that “Nazis” (racist fascists) can indeed be Judeophilic. Or even Jewish I might add. Look at Israel.

National Socialism can unfold in any society. The Jews are not immune to natural human tendencies.

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5 thoughts on “Is Trump a Nazi (Racist Fascist) or Just a Fascist (Mussolinist)?”

    1. I think you are correct, Mike. Thanks for stopping by, too! Had no idea you were a reader! How’s the homo electroshock business going?

  1. RL “National Socialism can unfold in any society. The Jews are not immune to natural human tendencies.”

    Do You think national social is a natural human tendency? I suppose it could be but I don’t see any socialism in Trump’s agenda. His protectionist policies don’t count as socialism in my opionion. I think he is more of a run-of-the-mill American rightwinger who is simply being honest about his opinion on the “Immigrant Question”.

    In any case, Polar Bear is right, the main stream media and Left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is quite pathetic. I find that attempts to put him in jail to prevent him from running to be a bigger threat to our democracy than any of his potential executive orders.

    RL, could you do a hit piece on Trump detailing specifically what you think is wrong with his enacted (2016-2020) and proposed (2024 to the end of the Fourth Reich) policies? All I read are ad hominems, but no news outlet or commentary, not even this blog, really get to the point of why they think he is so bad, save he hates immigrants. I am anti-immigrant myself so this is a plus for me.

    I get that as a Leftist you would not like rightwing policies, but Trump had been a life-long Democrat up until 2012.

  2. Trump would fuck his Jewish mistress like Mussolini.

    I recall Trump gifted a favorite book of his to Israel. Being a New York businessman, he always seemed to have a Jewish character. No other region could produce him, he’s New York all the way. I believe his last name even was de-Germanized to make Jews less afraid.

    1. His German grandfather’s last name was Drumpf but he anglicized it to Trump when he immigrated to the USA in the late 1800’s. It had nothing to do with Jews and everything to do with rabid White American racism at the time towards anything un-American, to include Germans lol.

      It must be noted there was beef between Anglo-American Whites, Hiberno-Whites, and Germanic-Whites up until the end of WWII. Not sure where the Scott-Whites fit into all this. There was beef between Scandinavian Whites and Finns in the Midwest, the former discriminating against the “Mongoloid” latter.

      Pan-Northern Europeans White Nationalism is a contemporary form of White Nationalism that has quite frankly embraced diversity. People don’t realize how much of a product of their times they are. If you go to Stormfront, their official policy is that all Europeans are White: Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, Greeks and yes, even Slavs like Russians. The last group would have been appalling to Third Reich Nazis.

      Conversely, though the official rhetoric of Stormfront is that embracing South European diversity is their greatest strength, rank-and-file forum members always question the Whiteness of Southern Europeans, especial Iberians.

      Why, may you ask? My suspicion is probably because they are a product of their times, thus they associate these Iberian Latins with the hordes of mixed-raced Spanish and Portuguese- speaking Latin Americans they detest. They are transferring their contempt to European groups who were outright fascist, and two formal allies of Hitler who he claimed were Aryan as well, though not as good as his beloved Volk.

      We also have the present phenomenon of rightwingers and non-ideological (e.g. not Neo-Nazi or Aryan Nation) White racists/nationalists siding with the Jews of Israel. This is all two common in history. George Orwell lampoons it with deadpan prose in 1984: yesterday Eastasia was our enemy and Eurasia our friend, today Eastasia is our friend and Eurasia our enemy. One century the Pope declares a crusade against Islam, another he kisses the Quran.

      You see how things have flipped-flopped in less than a century even within Nazis themselves? Once a cultural FRAMEWORK proves useful, everyone adopts it. “Embracing diversity” is like sort of like gunpowder in the late Middle Ages. Once one group weaponized it everyone else used it too. The only difference was the smiths decorating the metalwork on their cannons to suite the tastes and motifs of their respective cultures.

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