Delusion, Believing Bullshit, and Dismissing Obvious Truths Are Luxuries of Only the Most Intelligent Creatures

Have you noticed that people dismiss absolutely true facts that do not line up with their emotional bullshit? Every single fact that makes their “bad guys” look good in any way is false and is labeled as “propaganda.” People really are not interested in knowing the facts about any emotional issue.

Does it make my side look good? It it true, no matter how false it is.

Does it make the other side look good? It is false and propaganda, no matter how true it is.

This is the way the vast majority of “rational humans” go about acting like “rational higher mammals.”

I actually think lower mammals are a lot more rational than humans are. Think of your average lower mammal like a dog or a cat. How many of them voluntarily choose to believe complete bullshit that is obviously false due to some emotional need to do so. I don’t think these critters do that very much. So lower mammals are actually far more rational than human beings!

Their only limitation is that they’re not very intelligent. The problem is that as they get more intelligent, they will start to gain the ability to dismiss obvious truths that conflict with their worldviews while believing complete bullshit that feeds into their values. So as you see, as we mammals get increasingly intelligent, we also become, probably inevitably, far more irrational.

On the other hand, stupider lower mammals don’t have the luxury of refusing to believe obvious truths and swallowing obvious lies whole. Think if a cat tried to do that. A cat is crossing the street and sees a car speeding towards it. Using human thinking, it would say, “That car speeding towards me is something I really do not want to believe is there, so I’m going to say it’s not there.” And then get run over.

See what I mean? As critters get dumber and dumber, they lose the luxury of believing nonsense and dismissing obvious fact. It’s simply too dangerous. Delusion is probably a luxury of the highly intelligent. Incidentally, have you noticed that only humans even have the ability to go psychotic? Cats and dogs are basically “too stupid to go nuts.” The ability to go completely insane is probably a luxury of only the most intelligent of creatures.

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3 thoughts on “Delusion, Believing Bullshit, and Dismissing Obvious Truths Are Luxuries of Only the Most Intelligent Creatures”

  1. Delusion is probably a luxury of the highly intelligent.

    So true.

    Housecats can afford to be a bit more silly and often are. The most well-behaved cats I’ve had were rescued from the wild outdoors.

    Declawed cats tend to have more issues. Claws are such an essential part of a cats identity. I’d never declaw one. Of course, declawed housecats are fucked in the wild.

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