A Few Asides about Current US Political Party Politics

Polar Bear: I never thought of Trump as a fascist on the level of Latin American fascists, which’s quite fascist indeed.

He’s a far rightwing authoritarian, basically a dictator or wannabe dictator. How on Earth is that not like a Latin American rightwinger? That’s exactly what they are like? I’m not getting it. How do you figure he’s not one of them?

Polar Bear: Yes, he’s not as racial as a black or brownshirt.

Yes, he’s not a 1930’s style racist fascist or Nazi. Or as nationalist I might add. He’s not really for some racially pure state with assimilation of all minorities.

Polar Bear: I actually think the cultutal Left is more racial, sexist, ageist, etc. right now.

Not in the same sense. They’re more like radical Communists than fascists.

I’m against the murder of the innocent gal too but note how old White cis gendered heterosexual men are seen as evil in nature. This is the backwards thinking of the cultural left.

Sure but is that really the same as the racist abuse Whites have dished out to minorities? I’m thinking no.

Polar Bear: I guess Colorado Supreme Court says Trump can’t run.

Obviously this decision is absolutely correct. Of course he fomented a rebellion against the US government and he tried to overthrow the government. The Constitution says if you do that, you can’t run for President. The decision was 10

However, my brother is very worried about it as he says that now the Republicans are just going to start doing this to us. They’re going to start saying that we Democrats are fomenting rebellions to overthrow the government and they are going to try to throw our candidates off the ballot on that basis. He also said the Supreme Court is going to overturn this decision, which is really too bad.

Politics basically look like Trump haters and Trump lovers.

That’s exactly what this idiocy called US politics is.

The Left almost seems leaderless, likely sticking with Biden even.

Correct. And Biden looks like a serious loser.

Seems late in the game to support Trump too.

People are with him. Most Americans are with him, so we Americans are definitely fascists.

I actually believe the racial fascists had more integrity. Hitler, for all his faults, seemed to love his people.

It’s hard to praise one of the world’s worst mass murderers, but the nationalist fascists and Nazi types of the War Years did love their people, however narrowly defined, I will give them that!

However, they labeled so many people as outside of the nation that they ended up killing a lot of their own people. And they murdered a lot of their own opposition. Further, they were so vicious and murderous that in many nations, a good portion of the country took up arms against the racist fascists, and the Nazis ended up killing a lot of those people too. In quite a few countries, the Nazis were so horrible that all they did was set off civil wars quite quickly that raged throughout the war.

These people like Trump don’t even love their country. Like the Latin American Right who ran every country they ruled into the ground, he cares only about money, his class, and all out class war against the lower classes. The racist fascists of the War Years at least were not classist, I will give them that.

Many old folks say it’s the craziest time they’ve lived in.

It’s probably the weirdest and nuttiest US politics I’ve lived in. And I lived through the 60’s, the Vietnam War, Watergate, etc.

I prefer social conservatives right now because they seem less crazy and backwards.

Yeah, but they’re all with Trump and the Republicans, so I can’t get down with them at all.

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4 thoughts on “A Few Asides about Current US Political Party Politics”

  1. “…racist abuse Whites dished out.”

    It was bad, “was” being the key word. They haven’t had it bad in my lifetime.

    My thoughts on murders like the one referred to are, “A White guy did that? You serious?” Of course, White men are capable of evil, but it’s far from typical, and I’d argue not very White of them.

  2. RL: Yeah, but they’re all with Trump and the Republicans, so I can’t get down with them at all.

    Yup. I’m still a hardline Trumper.

    Though I will concede, the more I get to see of him, the more his Narcissistic Personality Disorder becomes obvious. The man is clearly nuts.

    I don’t agree that he doesn’t love America though. I think Trump is a blend of grandiose and communal narcissist. The latter quality stems from his love for America as he thinks it ought to be. Ardent religious people are often communal narcissists, but I don’t think their faith is in question. The asshole behavior of Trump like his fucking-over of his crew, such as Steve Bannon, come from his general narcissism.

    I think Republicans, conservatives, rightwingers really do love America. They are just tired of the immigrants from shitty countries, Black crime, wokeness, and Idpol.

    Is voting for things that are against their own economic self-interest (i.e. Libertardianism) really hate for America? I wouldn’t say so. It’s just them being misinformed about some social realities, namely that the corporations are more brutal than they think. People on the Left can be very misinformed about economic realities. Both sides have their blind spots. I personally think many liberals, including some White liberals really do hate America. White liberals who vote Left but live Right tend to be patriotic.

    Regardless, conservatives are idiots. Why are all the smart people liberals?

    Emil Kierkegaard has a more nuanced point of view regarding this:


    1. Tards and geniuses are liberal, conservatives more in the middle. A huge sweeping generalization but from what I’ve seen is typically true.

      The crust of intelligence is basically liberal. But conservatives can certainly melt over the crust like cheese.

      Personally, “We hate him” referring to Trump isn’t exciting to me at all. I roll my eyes at most Normies’ anti-Trump obsession. It can be quite pathetic to be obsessed with another man. Robert’s the smartest person in the anti-Trump camp I’ve seen so far, and he brings up some interesting parallels.

  3. Donald Trump is indeed the modern equivalent of Adolf Hitler though obviously his main targets are not Jews but POC, Muslims, Mexicans etc. etc. and virtually anyone else humane and possessing a moral conscience. The “people” who still support him today are by any definition Nazi apologists/enablers.

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