Is Radical Islam (Whatever That Means) Nazism?

R. Toney Brooks, PhD: Radical Islam is Nazism – both have a genocidal goal to exterminate the Jews. Period. The German Nazis sought efficiency, as all things German do. Radical Islam takes things a step further; their intent is both genocidal and apocalyptic.

Creating chaos and killing Jews will hasten the return of their Mahdi, a savior figure. Unlike Nazism, they approach genocide with (inefficient) barbarism and blood lust. They were absolutely gleeful over killing so many civilians (Jews), including children, and they always will be.

Me: What is radical Islam? None of the major Arab resistance groups – Islamic Jihad, Hamas, etc., the Shia resistance in Syria, Hezbollah, the Houthis, Syria, or Iran have as their goal the extermination of all of the Jews on Earth. If that is so, why don’t the Iranians start with the Jews in their own country – Iran? There are 6,500 Jews there and they are quite happy.

Bashar Assad and his father protected the Jews of Syria very closely. In fact, for many years, they were not allowed to leave the country!

Saddam was also very good to the Jews and protected them very well. The Iraqi Shia have the same view as Iran, as do the Houthis and Hezbollah.

The Tunisian government is going to considerable lengths to protect its Jews.

Bahrain has welcomes a group of Jews who wish to settle in their country and will even built a synagogue for them.

There are reportedly 2,500 hidden or converso Jews in Saudi Arabia. Nobody bothers them.

Algeria has been encouraging its Jews to return. There are now 400 Jews in Algeria.

Morocco protects its Jews well.

Turkey does a good job of protecting its Jews.

There are a fair number of Jews in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq, and they are well protected.

There is a significant Jewish community in Dagestan, and they are in general left alone.

There are Palestinian Jews who identify as Palestinians and live in refugee camps in Lebanon. Nobody ever bothers them. There are 400-500 Samaritans living in the West Bank. They are left quite alone. Samaritans are considered to be Jews. There have been a number of Western leftwing Jews who have gone to live in

Not one of these groups have ever stated as their mission the extermination of all of the Jews on Earth. The only people who talk like that are the groups that the US and Israel support like Al Qaeda and ISIS, however, both of these groups are closely allied with the US and especially Israel.

I’ve been on the most extreme of their bulletin boards and discussion groups for years. It’s quite rare that you here anyone saying kill all the Jews in Israel, and when you do, it’s often a neo-Nazi White person. In contrast, even the most radical Arabs and Muslims simply state that all of the Jews in Israel have to leave. They will put them all on boats and planes and make them leave. That’s terrible, but it’s not genocide.

The agenda of the Nazis was exterminationist. That of the Muslims and Arabs is not, and anyway, neither one poses an existential threat even to the Jews of Israel. Very few Jews have been killed by these groups above even in 75 years of war.

I am on a very antisemitic Telegram channel run by an Iraqi Shia who talks about the Mahdi coming a lot. He never talks about killing all the Jews as a prerequisite. In fact, he never talks about killing all the Jews even in Israel. Actually, he has specifically stated that he does not support that and instead he just says they all have to leave.

The Nazis were full of barbarism and blood lust. Read a book about them sometime. The Nazis also delighted in murdering Jews. And these Genocide Jews in Israel seem to be quite gleeful in murdering Palestinian babies, kids, and pregnant women.

This line you are pushing is Jewish fear porn. They’re always screaming that everyone’s on the verge of exterminating them. It’s almost always BS and it’s just the boy who cried wolf and Chicken Little yelling about the sky collapsing. The Jews are full of it. Jews are victim addicts and will almost kill to prevent their sense of victimhood being taken away from them. Nothing is more precious to the Jew than that.

You’ve fallen for a load of nonsense.

R. Toney Brooks, PhD: This is your space and out of respect I will not challenge your points save to quote from a Hadith considered authentic by Sunni Muslims, who attribute this quote to Muhammad.

“The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews. When the Jew will hide behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say, “O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.”

Me: Yes, this is correct, but this only refers theoretically to some End Times, which to me will obviously never happen. So we are talking about some event far off in the future that obviously is never going to happen. This isn’t a very nice fantasy but obviously they’re not talking about anything they are going to do right now.

Anyway, a very radical form of Islam, Caliphate Islam, coexisted quite well with Jews for 1,300 years. Yes there was some fighting a few pogroms here and there, but they never exterminated the Jews in any of those countries to the best of my knowledge.

The type of Islam that existed from 700-1900 was much more radical than most anything that existed since, and they didn’t even massacre the Jews. In fact, they allowed them to live amongst them for 1,300 years and they never got around to killing them all in even one country!

How does your argument make sense?

This is just fear porn. If you’re talking about Al Qaeda and ISIS, indeed, they are not good for the Jews.

The Taliban are about as radical Islam as you can get. In fact, they even call themselves an Emirate of Afghanistan, a Caliphate term. However, two Jews lived for 10-15 years under the Taliban with very few problems. The Taliban pretty much left them alone and all of their neighbors liked them.

They put them in jail a few times for fortune telling because that was against the law. If the Taliban couldn’t even kill two Jews who lived with them for over a decade, what is this BS about “radical Islam is going to exterminate the Jews.” When is this extermination supposed to start anyway?

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