Americans Are a Deeply Reactionary and Fascist People


There’s no other conclusion. Donald Trump is the most rightwing president the US has ever had. And the American people not only support him (5

So the American people in 2023 are the most rightwing and reactionary as they’ve even been in their entire history. Show me one president who was more rightwing than Trump, taking into account his times? I can’t think of one. At any rate, Trump is by far the most reactionary president since 1900.

All of the talk in the media is nonsense. There’s barely any left in the US, and what’s there is simply a minority. The majority of Americans remain wildly reactionary, more rightwing than at any time in since the start of the 20th Century.

Furthermore, Trump is worse than a reactionary. He’s actually an out and out fascist. Furthermore, the Republican Party in general, while moving towards fascism for a long time now, is now an openly fascist political party. And as Americans support Trump by 5-8 points over his centrist opponent, Americans themselves are now an objectively fascist people. Let that sink in for a moment. It’s possible that the Never-Trumpers are not objectively fascist. However, they are also extremeley undemocratic and authoritarian.

The US type of fascism is along the model of a third world rightwing dictatorship that we saw in the Cold War. It does not look like the 1930’s Mussolini and Hitler versions of fascism and racist fascism flowered in Europe during this period.

Trump is a fascist of the Latin American rightwing authoritarian type. Although this is not classic 1930’s fascism, one definition of fascism that we on the Left use that is that any rightwing authoritarian government in the last 100 years is basically a fascist government. Can you show me a rightwing authoritarian government somewhere where this would not apply.

The model here is the typical Latin American and Third World dictatorship we saw so much of during the Cold War and before in Guatemala under many governments until recently, Haiti since 1993, Dominican Republic under Trujillo, El Salvador until very recently, Nicaragua under Somoza and before, Honduras under the military coup, Colombia under every government since World War 2, Chile under Pinochet, Guyana after Cheddi Jagan was ousted, and Cuba under Batista and before.

We also saw it in Peru under Fujimori and the new government, Brazil after the 1964 coup and under Bolsonaro, Argentina and Uruguay under the generals, Paraguay under Stroessner and recently, Ecuador under Lenin Moreno and the new government, and Bolivia under Banzer.

In the rest of the world, we saw governments like this in the Philippines until the present day, in Indonesia under Suharto, in Vietnam under various governments from 1954-1975, and in Iran under the Shah, in Morocco under King Hassan, in Turkey under various military-linked governments including Erdogan’s Islamist rightwing authoritarian regime.

They also existed in Zaire under Mobutu, Liberia under Samuel Doe, South Africa under the apartheid regimes, Pakistan under Zia, Burma under the military government, Taiwan and South Korea under various rightwing dictatorships, including Syngman Rhee in South Korea and Chang Kai Shek in Taiwan.

The modern “illiberal democracies” in Poland and Hungary may also be a good model, however, neither country is for the rich and against the poor as Trump is. Instead, they are both populist regimes who support the majority, including the workers.

The various dictatorships in Africa, the Arab World, the Stans, Belarus and possibly Russia don’t really apply because they aren’t really rightwing. In fact, they tend to be more on the left. Anyway, they are often popular and in general, they are not against the majority of population. In other words, they are popular or populist dictatorships.

However, Trump’s government would be a far rightwing popular or populist government, which isn’t typically seen among recent or Cold War models although they existed in South Korea, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Taiwan and exist today in Poland and Hungary.

The Republican Party is a fascist political party along the lines that we have seen in rightwing authoritarian Latin American governments recently. Donald Trump is absolutely a fascist. Americans support Trump, so Americans are fascists at this moment in time. And if you support Trump, bottom line is you are a fascist. After all anyone who supports fascists is a fascist himself.

I would say that if you are very much opposed to fascism in most of its obviously existing and most noxious forms, including the various models of rightwing authoritarian anti-populist, anti-people, and anti-worker governments in the Third World, you really need to oppose Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

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2 thoughts on “Americans Are a Deeply Reactionary and Fascist People”

  1. I never thought of Trump as a fascist on the level of Latin American fascists, which’s quite fascist undeed. Yes, he’s not as racial as a black or brownshirt. I actually think the cultutal Left is more racial, sexist, ageist, ect. right now.
    Here’s an example:
    I’m against the murder of the innocent gal too but note how old White cis gendered heterosexual men are seen as evil in nature. This is the backwards thinking of the cultural left.

    I guess Colorado Supreme Court says Trump can’t run. Politics basically look like Trump haters and Trump lovers. The Left almost seems leaderless, likely sticking with Biden even. Seems late in the game to support Trump too, han’t he betrayed his voters even. I actually believe the racial fascists had more integrity. Hitler, for all his faults, seemed to love his people. Many old folks say it’s the craziest time they’ve lived in. I prefer social conservatives right now because they seem less crazy and backwards.

  2. Americans have become more Jewish than Jews themselves. Jews aren’t cold and logical. They’re warm and emotional like women. Most support for Israel I see is from non-Jewish Whites. I’ve long seen Americans as “stupid Jews,” and sadly I believe that’s an accurate description.

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