Ethnic Cleansing: A Difficult Subject

Fake ethnic cleansing.

Why? Most of those people were more than happy to leave and just about zero of them want to go back. How many Arab Jews want to go back to those Arab countries? A few have gone back to Algeria, true. And no one is arguing that Arabs in Israel or Gaza are being cleansed.

Sure ethnic cleansing is always a tragedy, usually because there’s mass murder usually involved. But it’s not so bad when the people were perfectly happy to leave and have to desire to go back? Why is this ethnic cleansing?

Fake ethnic cleansing.

Hindus from Pakistan and Muslims from India: None of them want to go home, I assure you. The tragedy was the mass murders, not the migrations.

Greeks from Turkey and Turks from Greece: None of them want to go back. The Greek expulsion was tragic because so many were murdered.

Ethnic cleansings in the Balkans: Problem is no one wants to go home. Once again the problems were the murders.

Iranians from Iraq: Few were killed and none of them want to go back.

Germans from Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, and Poland after World War 2: It was tragic because millions were killed, but no one really wants to go back. Anti-German sentiment is still high in Poland.

Native Americans in the Americas, Aborigines in Australia, and Maoris in New Zealand: There were a lot of deaths in the Americas, but most were due to diseases. In general these folks still live on their ancient lands and they are pretty happy about that.

Assyrians, Kurds, and Turkmen from cities and towns in Syria (first only in Syria) and Iraq (all three in Iraq): Yep, they were cleared out to make way for Arabs in both places as a consequence of Arab nationalism, which is fascist like most all ethnic nationalisms. I’m not sure anyone wants to go home and there were few deaths.

French from Algeria: Some have come back but most have no interest in doing so.

Afghans from Pakistan: Yeah. They got thrown back into their own country. Big deal.

Tibetans and Uyghurs in China: There were no ethnic cleansings.

Crimean Tatars, Ingush, Chechens in the USSR: Mostly tragic because there were so many deaths. All Ingush and Chechens were allowed to go home, and Crimean Tatars have mostly been allowed to go back.

The Palestinians want to go home! And they are the only ones demanding their land back! Hence the tragedy. And they’re pretty much the only ones demanding that they get their land back.

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One thought on “Ethnic Cleansing: A Difficult Subject”

  1. In a history lecture they were talking about Sumerian culture being absorbed rather than crushed.

    The question of crush vs absorb. Really depends on the culture. I would say Old Western Europeans (not today’s), Russians, and East Asians make the short list of people worth absorbing.

    The Jews’ character is more Eastern US than Western US. Some Jewish pornographers ran west for their lives. Nina Hartley is your classic Western US Jew, a progressive blonde hippy. The male version is Ron Jeremy in speedo with a gold Star of David chain.

    The Northwest is associated with the fur trade. Jews love furs to this day. Northern Jewish women wear so much fur that I wonder if Jewish men have jizzed on anything else.

    Jews rarely made it further west than Chicago for a long time though. Arabs filled the role of Jews further west at this time. In an odd way Jews are sort of Arab replacements.

    Jews were absorbed by the Anglo-dominated South. This is the best case scenario for Jews.

    The truth is Germans were typically big anti-slavery Black lovers in the US. In Kentucky, Texas, etc. they seem to stir it up with Old Southerners in way resembling what Upper Eastside Jews are known for doing.

    Assimilation can be done with Jews, but they are such matzah goofballs that why bother? I was reading how medieval Italy (north) was defined by infighting and backstabbing. Made me think of Jews. A Jewish commenter here noted the similarities too. A single Jew is fine, too many we have a world war on our hands.

    Israelis have a somewhat more respectable artificial culture and are basically Jews in name only. I believe Gilad Atzmon’s journey is a natural progression for Israeli blood Jews, even if not a very common one.

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