The Latest from the Gaza War at Home and in Gaza

When I refer to Jews below, I refer to Jewish nationalists, super-Jews, and strong Israel supporters or Israel-firsters  in the US and Diaspora. I also may refer to Jews in Israel. All of the rest of the Jews out there not included in those definitions, I ain’t talking about you!

I read about this stuff all day long, so I really don’t know where to begin because I know so much. Where on Earth do I start?

I’d be the first to admit that the 10-7 attack was terrible. Further, I think Hamas completely blew it. They should not have killed many civilians at all. They may have had to kill a few just due to the nature of the incident, but there was no reason to kill so many innocent civilians. They just gave Israel the excuse to commit this genocide in Gaza, one that the US is supporting, by the way.

Why did they need to kill all those civilians? What on Earth was accomplished by doing something that stupid? Was it really necessary?

What would have happened if Hamas had decided not to kill all of those civilians and maybe sequestered them instead.

It might have been a security risk to let them drive away as they would quickly notify the military where the Palestinians were. So tie them up and leave them wherever you found them or sequester them away.

The people at the rave could have been tied up too. There was no reason to start shooting at those people. Just fire a bunch of warning shots in the air, maybe shoot one or two people to make a point if they won’t stop running, then tell the others that you won’t harm them. Then just tie them up by tying their hands and feet together and leave them on the ground. What’s going to happen to them? The police will be there soon.

What about all of those cars on the road? Hamas had roadblocks set up. What on Earth to do with the people on the road. Probably same thing. Point guns at them and tell them to do as they’re told or you will shoot them. Get them out of their vehicles and put them by the side of the road and tie them up. If you let them drive or walk away, they will meet the military and give away your position to the soldiers.

Or you could just take their vehicles and their keys and commandeer their vehicles. With so many Hamas fighters out of uniform driving vehicles with Israeli plates, total chaos would soon ensue. Bottom line is there were a lot of ways to do this without out and out murdering a bunch of civilians.

The American people continue to support Israel as they have for many years. The latest poll showed that by 55-45 per cent, Americans support the way that Israel is prosecuting this war. In other words, most Americans support genocide, which is not surprising to me at all. US support for Israel has been 55-60 per cent for many years, possibly decades. Support for the Palestinians has been ~10-15 per cent for the same period.

However, recently support for Israel has dropped. The most recent poll found that 43 per cent of Americans support Israel. That’s a drop of ~ 15 points in a very short period of time. Support for Palestinians is at 13 per cent, the same as its been forever. The remaining 44 per cent say they support neither or both.

So what happened here is that no Palestinian supporters changed their mind either way. Israeli support lost 15 points. However, none of that went to support for Palestinians. Instead people went from supporting Israel to supporting both parties or neither party. So there was a shift away from Israeli support towards a more neutral position.

This is interesting. The assumption, portrayed by paranoid Jews, conservatives, and society in general that support for the Palestinians is booming is false. It’s just as pro-Palestinian as its ever been, which means hardly at all. However the new young generation is much more pro-Palestinian than my generation. So why does it seem like there is so much more support for the Palestinians? Perhaps they’ve simply become a lot louder.

A similar thing happened under Trump. Surveys continued to show yearly drops in racism among Whites all through the Trump years. However, everyone seemed to think racism got a lot worse. But it didn’t. The existing racists simply got a lot louder and people who had been quietly racist now became openly racist.

What about antisemitism? Is the US becoming antisemitic?

4 thoughts on “The Latest from the Gaza War at Home and in Gaza”

    1. What’s up with that? The lying? It must be part of the religion or the culture or both. There’s no way on Earth that the Jewish culture and religion places as strong a proscription against lying as the Christian religion or culture does. One thing you’re not supposed to be in Christian culture is a habitual or pathological liar. That’s known as “lying too much.” People do NOT like it. If people are telling you that, you need to dial back the lying or at least be more careful in the things you lie about.

      Jews growing up in Jewish culture must get some sort of a message that lying your fool head off is a-ok. There’s no way they end up like this without their culture putting as stamp of approval on it.

      I don’t see how this benefits them though. It just makes people dislike or even hate them and it leads to the typical antisemitic complaint of the swindling, lying, cheating, thieving Jewish con artist or white collar criminal.

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